Why I Don't Like Reading

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    does this make me dumb :(

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    1. Long Phan Văn

      Child: look dav pilkeys captain under pants Dad: no underpants is for chidren Child:f u

    2. overpumpshotty

      i read a 500 pager in one day

    3. timothy li

      This was me

      1. timothy li

        Literally Percy Jackson books finished in 2 weeks

    4. Sean Dawson

      You should read this amazing book called manga

    5. Mason Schmidt

      "When applicable". Does that mean ur gonna get married, or....?

    6. Georgi Milev

      "Of course, you don't want your child to play video games their whole life, that leads to failure" *shows recording of Bugha winning the 3 million dollar fortnite cup*

    7. Zighi Zag

      Can crush 300 pager in 2 days Hmm yes I can so that in half an our Note:this is a joke ignore it if you want

    8. An account just for commenting

      20 percent of your grade mine are 50

    9. Lord 1337

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="252">4:12</a> Yeah, sometimes I did that too)

    10. Procake Cipher

      I'm same I love book but the school force me to read different books and doing test of it....and love my picture books but after school I lost my taste in book but I read manga still lol

    11. Howlongcanimakemynameohwaiticankeepgoingomgsolong

      I like reading, but not a 500 page book of some random thing I don’t need to learn

    12. Sophia Olmos


    13. Dragon Fire

      I remember when I read a 300 page book in 5 minutes!

    14. Mi Mi

      When i read i can't stop i literally close the whole world out and dont stop reading until im done with the book or im FORCED to stop ive sat in one spot reading for 3-6HOURS i read like 100 pages in that time and i can read a 300 page book in a day and as a kindergartener i would read all my books in the little basket we had and then just sit there because i already read or id go and help the other kids read; help with words and sentences...... I COULD TALK AT 2 YEARS OLD and not gibbrish id go up to other kids and ASK IF THEY COULD TALK "hi im miracle .... can you talk?" And the perant would be like " oh this is _ they cant talk....how old is she?" My mom " two"......... *walks away* HAHAHAHAH oh i also chased people then hugged them thats how you make FRENDs :D ..... o man ive been typing for awile..... k ByE

    15. Cool dog cheese

      I have one word: Swanky.

    16. Sebastian Scaling

      jaiden: i knew i wouldn't like it when i saw the cover me: never judge a book by its cover

    17. Halle Cothran

      Do you see the book it said warriors with cats on it! I love.warrior cats! I am on book 27of you like cats killing echother that is the book for YOU

    18. Jacob Anaya

      I dont like reading books too :V

    19. Simon K

      does any one here read on a ipad

    20. vigacha gamer

      I dont like books either

    21. Iggey2000

      school reading ruined everybodies experience of books :(

    22. Mr. Black

      I am the globglobgabalab, And I love books.

    23. flame feather

      Dialectic 😀jee

    24. Job Martinez

      I don't like reading I think it's boring

    25. galaxy_ girl playz

      Na I like reading but I only read with being I like being in a living room

    26. SpaceSloth707

      When I was younger, I used to love/like reading. Recently I've been trying to start reading books again. But somehow I just can't keep it up.

    27. edgamer64

      she clearly likes it

    28. Bassproofarmor

      HOW DARE YOU CALL WARRIORS BORING!!! (Unless you count the second series)

    29. Missy Miller

      I’m the opposite with music I clean my room while listening to music

    30. I WANT A OWL now.

      I like Harry Potter but I don’t like to read it… I like it read TO ME.

    31. Leena Rose

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="348">5:48</a>AnImAl CrOsSiNg!?Note:I have EVEY animal crossing games but ONE

      1. Leena Rose

        @Gabreile Green thanks Yours to

      2. Gabreile Green

        Lol like your name

    32. ringersol

      i call reading word watching

    33. Colleen Blankenship

      I've watched this video a bunch of times and just realized she was talking about animal farm and it just brought bad memories back lmao it sucks (to me)

    34. Cotton Ball

      When you are a huge warrior cats fan and sees a jaidens version of the cover- Me: Y e s J a i d e n. Y o u H a v e N o t D i s s a p o i n t e d M e

    35. Veneta Dimitrova

      reading is the best also it does kinda>3 >>..

      1. Veneta Dimitrova

        ... jaiden is super bad like hell i read 90 books a day

    36. Actually not funny

      Jaiden describing a lesbian in the begging is making me scream.

    37. Otaking Mikohani

      This is extremely relatable. Sure, some of the books I was forced to read while growing up were enjoyable, such as Huckleberry Finn and 20,000 Leagues, but I still really dislike reading books. It's probably a mix of having a really short attention span and not being able to easily visualize stuff in my head, which leads to me not understanding a lot of important plot details.

    38. Harriet Green Bean

      I get why some people don't like reading, especially about how schools force it, but I must say I'm very much a book person 😁

    39. mahuua sharma

      ik she won't see this, and even if she does she wouldn't, but she should read 'I'll give you the sun'. ud get it if u read the book and like that kinda stuff. (:

    40. Brian Grems

      Me to Jaden

    41. Hjönk Hjönk goose

      Yo does anyone wanna join my discord

    42. Big Mistakes

      Yas buster

    43. Meghan Kathleen Tampus

      But reading is good i like it

    44. Stupid Person

      Ever since I got animal crossing new horizons reading has been poison to me

    45. Techiyew

      damn your videos are fun

    46. Farel Suryadi

      *Coffee name:* Keurig *Me:* Wait you can speak dutch

    47. Goutam Das

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE

    48. Goutam Das

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="73">1:13</a> SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE

    49. Carunii

      “Everyone thinks school should die.” *but I like being productive*

    50. Blast to The Past

      I personally like to read manga. Regular books and English story’s don’t always get me interested. Like the office.

    51. PaperFoxcraft 27

      I have the same opinion about reading as jaiden, and i'm super picky about books i like

    52. Lily Ramirez

      School ruins everything but it does give us friends

    53. Evelyn Debevec

      I was that one idiot in 3rd grade who would read the Harry Potter books in a week and then forget to add it to my reading log.

    54. Evelyn Debevec

      Two books a day?

    55. Sir Linkachu

      Wait... You're a furry? Huh... Oh well! Time to go on with my life!

    56. Wizard Dawn

      I saw I HAD TO POOP NONSTOP😂😂😂😂😂😂

    57. Greyson Jones

      I feel bad for you Jaiden, reading is AWESOME. I pity you.

    58. madi

      I'm the Globglogabgalab,I love books! And this basement is a true treasure trove [Verse 1] I am the Glob-glo-gab-galab The shwabble-dabble-wabble-gabble flibba blabba blab I'm full of shwibbly liber-kind I am the yeast of thoughts and minds [Chorus] Shwabble dabble glibble glabble schribble shwap glab Dibble dabble shribble shrabble glibbi-glap shwap Shwabble dabble glibble glabble shwibble shwap-dap Dibble dabble shribble shrabble glibbi-shwap glab [Bridge] Oooh, ha ha ha, mmm, splendid Simply delicious Ooooohm, ha haa ha ha [Verse 2] I am the Glob-glo-gab-galab The shwabble-dabble-wabble-gabble flibba blabba blab I'm full of shwibbly liber-kind I am the yeast of thoughts and minds [Chorus] Shwabble dabble glibble glabble schribble shwap glab Dibble dabble shribble shrabble glibbi-glap shwap Shwabble dabble glibble glabble shwibble shwap-dap Dibble dabble shribble shrabble glibbi-shwap glab [Outro] Ahhh

    59. DrakeAnimates

      you missed ari's birthday

    60. Soldier Skeleton

      SoMe Of Us LiKe EaRl GrEy TeA.

    61. Colin Wyvill

      I like reading.......... I hate reading

    62. juke puppy

      What's wrong with communist animals

    63. No toch meh im angy

      I used to read the twilight saga until my school forced us to read it but well... let's just say I refused to read it and ended up on discord until five in the morning. I know not what is sleep.

    64. Salikha Tabib


    65. Phoebe Miller

      Lol I love reading but I don’t wanna be forced to read that sucks and I kinda like school Jadien : school sucks Me : umm is it oki if I kinda like it ??? Jadien : mhmm

    66. Kailynn Hoyt

      "everyone thinks school should die." respect

    67. Ur Butt

      Yes! Death 2 school!

    68. temina usmani

      I thought Jaden was such an obedient child.......

    69. Spookims Digimon

      Didnt you get introduce to camp operita by books

    70. chrisk and fara gaming

      Jaiden: doesn't like reading Also jaiden: has to make a script for a video and read over it

    71. Quentin

      this is exactly me as a kid

    72. Ruby Newman

      I think if I used reading as a parenting technique, I would reward my child with desert on the weekend if they manage to read 300 pages by the end of the week

    73. loki is the bome

      My friend code is 2528-0258-1506

    74. Rydsuustisuaisura Igsjfsjfsjfsjfsjfsjsjfsjss

      I have watched this 15 times so far XD

    75. Random Vids

      Why is everything on this channel so relatable?

    76. Jodie Evans

      That si my Molly

    77. Mannat Gill

      do an uwu face if yor'e a gacha person

    78. ImaginationSuperHero528

      Also email you! Ok... we're is your email?

    79. ImaginationSuperHero528

      We're is your friend code?