Why ALINITY Has So Much Power Over Twitch

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      If they indefinitely ban alinity they are going to lose all the controversy and drama she brings to the site which in turn would mean twitch would lose all her simps....I mean fans.

    2. Frozen Wafflez is Cute

      Alinity: *throws cat and gives it vodka* Twitch: *eh not THAT bad* Random Streamer: *cat accidentally runs across keyboard while playing a game, and the cat scratches them* Twitch: *BAN- YOU ARE A SICK HUMAN*

    3. Klara Gustafsson

      well she gets a lot of views which is good for twitch so maybe that’s a reason they doesn’t do anything.

    4. Criegrrunov

      I am ashamed to have the same nationality as her, good thing she isn't known at all in spanish speaking countries.

    5. Jose Hernandez Martinez

      Good thing that I don't really use twitch that much, much less to watch streams from people like alinity.

    6. ALArts

      A Brazilian stream got banned because he said "megazord" Other case was another brazillian recently got got a *30 DAYS BAN* because he passed out in the middle of a stream. (*HE HAS PANIC SYNDROME*) but the fans and staff thankfully were able to change twitch's mind Ps: we are lost

    7. Cookiesnmemes

      Twitch=simp city

    8. PaperCrafter

      So basically, a twich thots channel is the best place to scope out simps?

    9. 魔MURDER

      “alinity is a raccoon”

    10. George H

      Honestly I do think Alinity has pushed it too far. And I'm surprised she escapes with no consequences. Throwing and abusing her cats, twitch does nothing, she did something insanely inappropriate with showing her breasts and twitch still doesn't care. But what annoys me the most is the marriage fraud. This for me is straight up knock-off of "90 day before marriage" or however it's called there. I'm not racist but almost everyone is marrying Americans just to get a green card and escape the hard life. But, let's not forget that whatever you do it comes back to you. She will get what she deserves Edit: even her voice is annoying, you don't need to be a genius to tell this is a straight up whore voice


      Watch out bro, Shes gonna "Copyright Strike" you

      1. dolimi jotoo

        Well I mean she doesn’t deserve to be deported that’s kind of too far I am an imagrant that came to America in 2006 and I know the struggle but we came legally

    12. Rosa Li

      She is even threatening them

      1. dolimi jotoo

        Hahaha she claimed the vid

    13. Jeff Gitter

      jesus now i know what Ree kid was talking about

    14. La Mancha Noctámbula

      Problem is people still pay attention to this horrible human being. She bring money to the platform and people keep eating it up.


      what will happen when she finds this

    16. AsmrCocaCola

      *the twitch moderator team are just simps for big ol’ Alinity*

    17. SamBam Animations

      Now we wait till she copystrikes this video

    18. krishnan agrawal

      There's a limit to hypocrisy twitch

    19. pillullis

      She is totally dating someone in Twitch.

    20. serar infinity

      Me: Ok She is a Thot I dont care Alinity: cat abuse Me: NOT ON MY WATCH ! *Except im too lazy to do anything About it*

    21. Skull-Kingz YT

      If you wanna twerk or show your weird stuff there's something called Instagram

    22. Jeeko Arangcon

      Man, youre one of those... the quality channels. Youve been sleeping in my Watch Later playlist which has about 2k videos.

    23. Gert de beuker

      Lets boycott twitch and spam Alinity's sponsors

    24. LazarPal

      Twitch doesnt care about Alinity because the mods watch her

    25. bob

      Alinty be like: 'ight gu(a)ys, today we're gonna do a getting banned on twich slowrun

    26. Slofick Yt

      Hahaha she claimed the vid

    27. Slofick Yt

      Well I mean she doesn’t deserve to be deported that’s kind of too far I am an imagrant that came to America in 2006 and I know the struggle but we came legally

    28. Bryan Littlefield


    29. Kenan Berk

      ''can we copy-strike him''

    30. Dio

      Thicc Andrei is my sleep paralysis demon

    31. Karl Kok

      What i think is she is a moderator herself. Infact the leading moderator. And she is.doing what she wants since she has that power PS: I dont really know how twitch works. But this is a geuss

    32. Rednaxela

      Andrei animated her way more attractively than she actually is.

    33. DualWave

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="460">7:40</a> this scene just makes my day

    34. That's your boi Easy

      Was waiting for this video

    35. Mathieu BOUDEAU


    36. Mechalock

      You don't need a 10 min vid for the answer: Money. She brings in more money than is worth banning her.

    37. chaos2601

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="609">10:09</a> S U C C

    38. Rasmus Andersen

      it pains me that ur giving her this much attention. you're just increasing her giant ego

    39. The lebbon.

      Alinity: show’s inappropriate stuff Twitch: nothin wrong with that Some dude on twitch: gay Twitch: die u mortal

    40. NoLuckNathan

      alinity is like umbridge from harry potter

    41. Maxpickle TheFirst

      Hehe twitch simp lol

    42. A degenerate weeb

      Guess she had sæx with twitch's staff

    43. WhatDoPolarBearsEat

      You don't want to be a doctor in Colombia. You save a lot of lifes but you don't make any money..........

    44. Issy H

      Ok. Cat abuse is too far

    45. Isa Hussain

      Why do they make videos about bad things

    46. jaś drążyk

      how do you write the Coffe side you were Talking about?

    47. my guitar pedal Is mad at me

      I agree with PETA wanting to ban allinity and if you agree with PETA you know stuff is bad

    48. Qvisty 3000

      Alinty: DoES SoMeTHiNG StUPId Everyone: Waiting for PewDiePie to make a Pew News episode

    49. Finnley Richards

      Twitch thots are just the daughters of Karen's.

    50. Iced falcon

      "alinity flashed her entire left boob" that made me laugh

    51. Adrian Kovac

      She is like a virus when she spreads like in twich it wont stop and the infected people will get erased

    52. Idhant Bikram Shah

      the 2,000 dislikes are simps

    53. Phlmn Rbn


    54. Adrian Pavic

      Cuz she a whamen Whamen have privileges over mehn Meanwhile we got Twitch banning Simp stickers while they slide with her flashing her tit lmao

    55. Watermelon Demon

      1: twich thottery *plays a gordon ramsay masterchef ad*

    56. the deeniel

      Can we copystrike Andrei Terbea?

    57. 全粒パン

      how dare she dare attack pewdipie 10 yr old army we must fight (i know im late)floorgang ouh

    58. onerisk

      but you didnt actually explain why you just listed the things shes done

    59. Lindo Kan

      50% PETA IS DA BEST 49% TWITCH BAN ALINITY YAY 1% what am i going to do

    60. Warionator

      Short description: Because Twitch staff are SIMPS

    61. Fox Roy

      me seeing PETA's tweet: "then that's not important!" after their activities (complaining about not important things (don't fish on animal crossing!), doing the opposite of their job (killing pets) and...) i don't take them seriously!


      Simps are not gonna like it when Alinity gets suspended for a week lol

    63. Truu

      Can anyone please remove her from this world?

    64. K0ALAz

      Haha SIMP

    65. Fnaf in Gacha life

      PETA:helps take alinity down Thank you -from satan

    66. shrek slayer

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> Yeah... You're welcome

    67. BassGaming

      It has been a long time since I've felt so clickbaited. Your video is a recap of her history on twitch and when you finally get to the reason why whe has so much power you just mention the common speculations like blackmailing an romance. This video is disapointing to say the least. The topic in the title makes up around 5% of the video.

    68. TNinja0

      Animators got an easier time reporting, because they can illustrate their points pretty wildly without breaking dem rulez.

    69. stavoAD

      just saw this vid pop up on my recommended feed, and I love how you make ur vids. and i think Alinity is def dating someone whole works for twitch. Subbed

    70. Ben Metzger

      I think the reason twitch wont ban alinity is because of how popular she is, she's practically the face of twitch due to how many people know her. so i believe that all of the people who still put up with her bullshit and love her for it will get so angry that she gets banned that they will leave twitch and that's a pretty big hit for them still doesnt make it right ofc but if thats the reason i can see where theyre coming from

    71. Something or Other Inc.

      Hey, at least raccoons are fucking cute

    72. Chips _AJ_Ahoy

      Can you do a video on Lily and Albert on OfflineTV? I’d like to hear the full story. It was a while ago but I don’t know the full story

    73. Ben

      Twitch is most likely a liberal leaning corporation. Perhaps populated by sjw minded individuals. In their minds "white men bad, so all fringe culture identities and women get a pass as reperations"

    74. Monokuma

      Aliniwho? Oh, the Pokimane competition who shows her feet on stream? yeah, Twitch is full of feet-girl ew

    75. Illphaqup

      Lets see: Tits? Check Vagina? Check Superiority Complex? Check Animal Abuser? Check All around good natured person? *Crickets* Do you even have to wonder how she gets all the power?

    76. Angelo DiMeo

      The reason why they didn’t ban here for nudity is because the twitch staff have already seen her nude

    77. platform14

      i was here before this video got copystriked

    78. Opu Ofbengal

      You kinda left out the part about all the really sexest and demeaning comments real females in any streaming service get on a daily basis. This woman seems dispicable but Pewdi Pie and others have also gotten their share of "special treatment"

    79. Cloaked Deity

      The only time I actually AGREE with PETA. If you did that, your doing something wrong

    80. Omar Morfin

      Andre can you make merch like a wilfur plush