UPDATE CORNER: Paul Speaks Out

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    We're in the update corner talkin' about Paul. Or should I say... TROY.
    I don't know. I honestly don't know anymore.
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    Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on EEsel, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.


    1. Ivan Garcia

      ... we all picked up on the fact that he’s eluding to being a psychopath who killed his brother, right? Are we ... just gonna ... skip over that, or ... ? 👀

    2. Dead Slushie Walkin'

      I think Paul's real plan was to make Danny's knees hurt as his revenge.

    3. PxndaNights

      *He is a Craig. Bring the torches.*

      1. alisuo toko

        Aaaahhhhh I used to watch him and Danny Edge all the time and I didn't even make the connection 😳

    4. Princetoncreeper

      "<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="805">13:25</a> or something" he touched the lens

      1. alisuo toko

        Hah no body like u XD



    6. CREAM

      He sounds like the Paul brothers

    7. weebo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="753">12:33</a> 😂😂😂

    8. Frankie Soleil

      Please make another update video, I’m so fascinated by the psychology behind this like weird scam Paul has created.

    9. Iron Grape

      Renovate the update corner

    10. Kamilla 0

      paul zimmer has a kid

    11. victoria o’brien

      For your next update corner you NEED to talk about how he got a whole wife and child now lolol

    12. Tracy Bouler

      👍 good work with the videoes

    13. Geena Gutierrez

      Waiting for Troy Becker/Paul Zimmer a dis track ☺︎︎

    14. Colleen King

      You wear a yellow shirt today.

    15. Margaret Lytle

      "Paul's" hair looks SO fake to me..... Is it just me?

      1. Margaret Lytle

        also I keep laughing and my mom is getting sus about if im doing my homework or not

    16. Storm Six Studios

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> “Paul” says cool beans, BUT Danny also says cool beans. To me, Danny is making fun of Paul because he is insecure about coming out BECAUSE...DANNY IS PAUL ZIMMER.

    17. Subbrina Khan Sumi

      Hey danny, I have a request for ya. Plzzzz say less swear words in ur vids. I love your videos. But for those words, (mostly fck) my younger brother is forbidden to watch your videos. I will copy and paste this to all of your videos untill you see this. Bye!

    18. Ino Suke

      Hah no body like u XD

    19. Jenna May

      Aaaahhhhh I used to watch him and Danny Edge all the time and I didn't even make the connection 😳

    20. Hamza Asif

      Dislikers Should just try sitting on their knees for 40 minutes before disliking.

    21. Lula Rod


    22. xd TerrySimon

      He has a kid now

    23. Emily Martin

      The carpet be muchin on some kneecaps.

    24. Tristan Parham


    25. Melissa Murphy

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="898">14:58</a> teenage girls: first time

    26. Kaitlyn Hetsko

      Anyone else feel like Danny is Becker’s internet dad at this point?

    27. najeeb alkindy

      Kaneki to Sasaki haise

    28. Plainfood 523

      Roses are red violets are blue Paul eats planes and he’ll eat you

    29. Plainfood 523


    30. Sophie Schroer

      Danny Mentions ExclamationPointYT *immediate flashbacks to 12 year old me watching 2013 EEsel when all the videos were like “10 things guys like about girls”*

      1. neejoy sola

        oh my GOD it keeps getting better

    31. Kira Yoshikage

      Diavolo is a character that has been created by Doppio

      1. Kira Yoshikage

        neejoy sola what?

      2. neejoy sola

        I love the fact that in your videos, you cut just when you start to laugh. So since I am drawing, I am only paying attention to the audio. So every time the video cuts to another

    32. Kira Yoshikage

      No one: Diavolo:

    33. Floria S

      My ADD: Ring shiny

    34. The King of Stanule

      What's wrong with calling a little girl cu... Oh right! He's an E-Boy.

    35. Gacha Ivy

      @jackjerry why do he look like Troy Becker, Ik he probably isn’t but I’m mean.....

    36. Meagan Haynes

      If this was Criminal Minds, I’d be ready to deliver the profile on this unsub.

    37. Zyphaniah Davis

      *Noice* _Noice_

    38. - mvk -

      *s l i m j i m m e r*

    39. Dyllan Smith

      I had turned notifications on am i really Greg now?

    40. Judy Damas

      I'm gonna be so honest right now. if you search up paul Zimmer it'll come up as some poet from the time photography was black and white. and if you search up Troy Becker it comes up as this guy

    41. Luana T

      Danny I- I don’t think u have jUsT a fLu... heard of coronavirus?

    42. LPS Sparkle Bright

      If he was sixteen in 2014 he would have been 9 in 2014 making those youtube videos like wuh 😂

    43. Nobody In Particular

      danny. please. GET A CHAIR

    44. Leah Bloxx Gaming

      Paul zimmer called me cute once... i still have nightmares

    45. iheart BTS kookies

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> “ I’m actually.. *Slim Jimmer* “ literally dying rn

    46. The Vortex Of Pequeños

      I love the fact that in your videos, you cut just when you start to laugh. So since I am drawing, I am only paying attention to the audio. So every time the video cuts to another scene, I just hear a lil laugh. I needed to point this out because: it makes me smile and I get a lil chuckle out of it. And I hope it does to whoever else is reading this.

    47. Tits McGee

      I find it nothing short of fascinating that this guy seems to think that this story explains anything or adds up. Like it’s actually really hard to imagine his reasoning. In what world does “perfection is impossible” justify going to such great lengths to lie about your identity that you legally change your name. He’s basically saying “technically it’s not a lie” because he, after the fact, changed his legal name to make what was a lie true and omitted the truth about his former identity. Using a different name on your social media means nothing....people, even those not trying to be influencers or anything, do it all the time...typically because their actual last name is hard for people to spell in order to find them. Even if you want to say you were “playing a character” the actions of that character are still your actions. Like what? All the dude needed to do was issue an apology & refund or make good on the duets and whatnot.

    48. hessin bulea


    49. Levi Shingeki

      Bae = Shit

    50. GriffinsWing


    51. The Bobinator Bill

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="813">13:33</a> The “psychopath” touched the glasses lense

    52. Meredith Sosik

      ßůţ, ï əåť płäņə§ ąñđ ïm ä řűşşįāň şpý

    53. Kaden Webb

      Troy is 16 right now in 2014 he would be 10 and looks like he’s 18 there lmao

    54. sercio5

      am i the only one who thinks Paul looks like Conan Gray

    55. Sarra Ben omrane

      Btw he’s married and has a baby now and his wife has a huge depression so yeah quick update ✌️

    56. Caileigh Barton-Kashmer

      Wow Judith Ford could never 👀👀

    57. Master of Disguise

      Wow, the fact that this came out 5 days before Troy's youtube video. Please go watch that and dislike it.

    58. cOMfγ


    59. ImOnlyHuman

      Danny: “I got the flu” Me: You mean Coronavirus

    60. George Washington

      *pǝɯ ʞuǝǝs poǝ*

    61. Just Jordanio

      So that's why all of the airplane trips are low priced! They're trying to make them go so they wont get eaten! Oml bro it makes so much sense!

    62. I hate jumpscares

      As a Georgian spy I can confirm that Paul Zimmer ate the American u-2 spy plane

    63. herjeanger

      Please don’t hurt your knees :(((( I did and there is no going back anymore :(((

    64. Mini Pritch

      The question is if you are truly Greg

    65. The-lesbian-next-door

      U just quoted Hannah Montana! “Everybody makes mistakes Everybody has those ways” It’s a Hannah Montana song and it made me want to subscribe again lol You are cultured 👌

    66. Asmita Kundu

      He should be slapped with legal.

    67. Grubby

      “Troys” new Tik tok To show you how I’m onto Paul AAHHH!! Destroys table top bowling game

    68. Emily Chan

      "yes i'm paul. yes i'm troy. we exist"

    69. M Wall

      Paul Zimmer did something crazy he actually killed me

    70. Aaron Pupuke

      When a Danny referenced Hannah Montana is giving me life 🤣

    71. kels!

      i really feel what we’re seeing is paul having a mental health issue. creating an entirely different person isn’t normal behavior, i think. idk maybe i’m thinking too much about it but it’s just really really weird.

    72. A Comment

      The biggest bombshell of 2020 isn’t that the government made corona to keep everyone inside but that PAUL ZIMMER IS TROY BECKER

    73. MrRichManGuy

      Gutowski is a Polish name)

    74. Lps Peachy Tea

      “Slim jimmer” 😂🤣😂🤣

    75. Marshmellow Moon

      What a fucking monster, he disgust me, eating _planes_ you gotta know that he isn't paying for those planes

    76. Andrea Shore

      Your knees must hurt that corner looks painful

    77. I'm not sure

      I'm Russian... waaaaait a minute so in America all Russians are spies? здорово я хотел быть шпионом!😁

    78. Things N' More

      thanks greg

    79. Rocco Pistella

      Troy Paul Potato potawto Danny drew Tomato tomawto Their all the same things

    80. Kommander Pie

      You can tell he is lying because he is deflecting most of the questions into making him look like a victim and not even answering the question. Kinda like trump