Tik Toks Only GIRLS Will Understand



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    1. SSSniperWolf

      should I do Tik Toks only guys understand next???

      1. Pink Pig

        Yes please I wanna see that

      2. Vi Ziel


      3. XxShadowWolfxX _016


      4. Lx

        With Digitalnex

      5. Lyshje Zapata


    2. AlohaVibes209 P

      I got everything in less than a second😭😂

    3. Noice Man

      Nahhhhh jazzy he wearing that over OVER sized anime hoodie -_-

      1. Noice Man

        Uhhhh ....jazzy drinks ketchup from the bottle :/

      2. Noice Man

        Jazzy can fit in A FREAKING CABINET PERFECTLY

    4. IWannaSleep 123

      At my school EVERYONE is short so you get made fun of for being tall

    5. iiRxinyRxsesii

      I really feel that cranberry juice tho-

    6. Lucy Girdler

      I’m a female I cut my hair to a pixie cut when I was 5 and kept it that way all the way now. I wear shorts and shirts to the point people call me a boy wen I walk into the girl school bathroom. Really I could walk into the boys toilet and no one will know (unless they in my class) . I’m with my friends random person: Hey is that your girl friend Me: no. Sooo I make no point or be yourself. Yeah.

    7. Song ÒwÓ

      6’3, bish where’s my tall guy at Im 5’2!

    8. reem abbass

      Congrats for 20 million sniperwolf 😁

    9. rainbow gaming

      Yes omg I loved this video

    10. DemRobloxGamerGirls

      As a short girl.... im hurt

    11. Loretta Wooten


    12. Bill Jacobs


    13. Loretta Wooten

      Why would you put urself in the other picture?

    14. i._xkioxz

      This just proves more that women aren't funny 😐

    15. slime for fun

      i dont get the brush

    16. Jayden Doty

      EWW GIRLS ARE GROSS😷😷😷😷😵😵😵

    17. Karen Seely

      Opps my neck when boop

    18. AddysWorld

      Hi plz reply

      1. Niya Perez

        I will reply 💅☀️💕😂🌺🌈🧚‍♀️🌸🛍

    19. WarHawk

      not all guys are idiots

    20. Symiah Jackson

      Who's watching at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="200">3:20</a>a.m

      1. Niya Perez


      2. Sugarbxyy


    21. Jazlynn Johnson


      1. Jazlynn Johnson


    22. Lisha NaturalBeautii23

      My mom gave me a purse

    23. MocKable


    24. Jamie B.

      im 4'11 im sorry if no one likes me but the tall ppl who look like rats

    25. Edwardo Gomez


    26. willywonkaswife

      “we got nothing but a flap of lies”😂😂😂

    27. Rei kidd


    28. Rei kidd

      I don't get it

    29. iixally.

      It bothers me if they have beards lol

    30. Leslie Leal

      Do I have a dirty mind or is clay and gel and the BRUSH mean something I do t wanna say but involves hands

    31. Jalani Simmons


    32. Angelina PHX

      Congrats on 20M , Lia

    33. andrew carson

      I'M GAY

    34. V. Rodriguez

      my mom's 5/2

    35. Kammie Baty

      Guys actually have deep safe pockets and we just have a flap of lies😂😂

    36. Morgan Owens

      I love ur content PLZ NOTICE MEEE💕❤️💕❤️

    37. Garson Klein

      YAYU HIT 20 MIL

    38. K. Amanda Stanton

      I'm a girl I understand them all and umm I am short to

    39. K. Amanda Stanton

      I understand them all because I'm a girl wow

    40. Adelynn Moreno

      Does anyone know what she googled because im a girl and I don’t even know

    41. XxCheese CakexX

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="148">2:28</a> I don’t even have to open my mic(because I can’t in a game I played) and random guys and girls will start hitting on me. Then I started acting like a smol’ boy and it was better

    42. Pinkpumpkin 2083

      Am I the only one who notices her earrings? It's a freaking safety pin 😂 lolz

    43. gacha_kit_kat

      I swear when there was school. When us girls sit down, we basically make a river! Like. I hate that.

    44. Kairi Finley

      I understand all of these......and I'm ten......

    45. Strawberryboba Gacha

      where did u get ur glasses?

    46. Liv I.

      * me being to young to understand most of these * what is going on im 10 btw

    47. _enanathe furryBTS_

      The tik toks where it says: let confuse boys I didnt get them at all lmao and im a girl 👈💩👈

    48. Claire Alexis

      That brush is for yo cucchie) why people do that tho


      When your technically a 7th grader now but your school is a k-8 so there is girls who don't understand in the restroom hEaRt BeEn BrOkE sO mAny TiMeS

    50. DJ B

      I’m a boy

    51. Nathalie Morgan

      Cranberry juice helps with uknow cramps

    52. asmr lemons lemons asmr

      im the youngest in my grade

    53. ramy nasser

      Congrats On getting 20M subs

    54. JW Fremont

      Has anyone seen "MY FAVORITE FRENCH EEselR???"

    55. Egg Soup

      Im 5'8" and only 15 and still growing 😭 me and bf same height

    56. 𐂂〘Mɩɖɳɩɡɧʈ Sƙɤɛ〙𐂂

      I have allergies and i always sneeze so- im still young haven't start the yoi know- i think i eh would eh be hell

    57. Cierra Dunham

      Jokes on the 5" 1' girls I'm 4" 10' and I won't grow anymore lol

    58. Tamsin Miller


    59. Gwenns Place.

      "So I can fart" FELT THAT FOR FUCKING REAL

    60. Littlest Kitten And Proud

      I just too put a pad and walked to the bathroom 😂 I didn’t get 3 feet without 4 girls jumping up and hiding me hissing, “put that away boy aren’t allowed to see that “ I just shrugged and kept it out cus I was already the biggest girl so did care about boys. But they fallowed in a possy all the way to the bathroom

    61. Gavin Narwal

      koochi cotton

    62. Itz Londyn

      i wear a fanny pack

    63. binh anh nguyen

      Wait waaa

    64. Sadie Travis

      Comment if you’re a boy watching this and now you regret it………

    65. Brienna Cotie

      Cranberry and prune juice help with bladder infections

    66. • Honeybunch Studios •

      When I clicked the video a tik tok add came up lol

    67. slime pros with uny and Xavier

      Same that happens to me on fortnite

    68. T0xic_queen

      Someone on tik tok said your a boy-

    69. Soul_ Playz

      toothBRUSH, eyeLINER, and.... Wait who is that?

    70. Peighton Henningsen

      I remember when this guy asked me to be his fortnite gf, I had to accept because the level of awkwardness if I said no, oml.

    71. Brianna Budd

      Cranberry juice helps prevent kidney problems and urinary infections

    72. YoungMasterMan_YT

      Good job on hitting 20 mil

    73. Isadora Chavarria

      I'm ten and have my period 😫😭

    74. me._. playz


    75. Dejanae Wilsondyke

      20mil yeyeyyye

    76. Layoo

      If 4'11 is considered short- I am 4'7- 4'8 and I'm going to highschool- *what does that make me?*

    77. Alex gh

      Jokes on you I wear boys jeans and I buy shirts from the boys section =^=

    78. 4geraRS `

      Men pockets are the best i can fit my phone my wallet some coins and keys all in my 2 pockets im happy to be a guy

    79. Beer Thief

      I used to wear a a sweater put my hand in my backpack and shove tha pad up my sleeve , like while my hands were in my bag 😂 it worked thoe I didn’t need to bring my whole bag with me lol

    80. Fospy

      Imma girl but i dont understand most of them lmao