The Twitch Safety Council is पागल...

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    Not even a week has passed and what I believe is a decent idea if done right ends up leading into a situation where it ends up making the service look quite foolish if left unchecked. Thanks for watching!
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    1. jbukuts

      Heroes of The Storm. People take that game seriously? That’s worse than fucking league

    2. b b


    3. qugo

      Gamers are white supremacists : i sleep *twomad 360 exists* : *REAL SHIT?*

    4. Sherkiesnoop43

      Only mutah is allowed to have stretched out face

    5. jerseysleuth

      gotta remove him/her

    6. skeylinktenking

      Gamers are a white supremacist Me a gamer: laughs in white supremacists

    7. Lorok The-Great

      Steph is so ridiculous can't believe twitch is even thinking about adding this person to their "Safety team, and even after this had happened Twitch defended her.

    8. Wolfgaming142

      FerociouslySteph looks ugly as fuck doubt someone would date them

    9. badtime101

      its so wholesome seeing him growing everyday

    10. Jake Patel

      “Gamers are white supremacists” Me, a human: *laughs in homo sapien*

    11. LilSixFlags

      we should ban writing for all because it could contain something not nice.

    12. Aiden Snew

      "VOICE CHAT IS UNFAIR!!!" you mad the estrogen didn't rais you're pitch enough? you mad...

      1. Ella Mayo

        I don’t think estrogen raises your pitch, but I could be wrong. I do know that testosterone makes your voice deeper though.

    13. Snavels

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="524">8:44</a> I fucking died at "You look like a fucking ewok"

    14. Aidan Carrillo

      "Gamers are white supremacists" Me, a Mexican: *laughs in deportation*

    15. Sou7

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="514">8:34</a> how did you find a bad ps4 gta5 car meet party after a 6 year old kills someone because they don't like purple, and you're on XBox?!?!?!1414?!

    16. Mister Mr

      it worked for twitch, they got mad advertisement and its a freakshow.. but welcome to the New World

    17. Mister Mr

      izza joke

    18. Definitely Cheese

      _<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="660">11:00</a>_ *me: ***

    19. Geal

      Tbh mixer is going to overtake twitch and twitch will regret their obvious poor decisions

    20. rio fata

      "Gamers are white supremacist" *laugh in bahasa jawa krama alus*

    21. BlackDolphin90

      She is a sissy white male originally. Don't forget that dude.

    22. The Diamond you missed

      Ain’t “she” a white male tho

      1. Ella Mayo

        The Diamond you missed It was sort of implied, since it’s pretty disrespectful to put her pronouns in quotes and call her the gender she isn’t, since she has a straight up mental condition where people experience significant distress from things like that, but a lot of people don’t know that, so I’m not going to swear at you and call you a disgusting bigot and all those other things people like her shout. I’m just glad that wasn’t your intention. To answer your question, she is a white female, unless you’re referring to her sex assigned at birth. But, as a transwoman, you would think she’d have more respect for dudes since she likely had to live as one for a while.

      2. The Diamond you missed

        Ella Mayo wasn’t criticizing her because she’s trans

      3. Ella Mayo

        There are things to criticize her for. Being transgender is not one of them.

    23. Captain Chair

      I am a supremacist, a HUMAN SUPREMACIST, we need the final solution to the Reptilian Question!

    24. GG_SON

      "gamers are white supremacists" Me a Middle Eastern : * laughs in Ak-47 and my stolen Oil that goes to usa*

    25. Peter James Villegas

      Gamers are White Supremacist: Me, a Doomer: Racks Shotgun with Malicious intent

    26. Xi Nis

      "Gamers are white supremacists" Me, a white supremacist. * Laughs in gamer *

    27. Mr Fantastic

      I swear to God most a them are white supremacists fr bro behind close doors that doja b done exposed them

    28. caliditi

      Well I mean, sure take voice out of the game. Xbox and Ps4 have parties. Pc has Skype, teamspeak, discord. Also, everyone can call eachother. So what now

    29. Sixdv

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="337">5:37</a> why does this man smile so widely like Jesus

      1. Ella Mayo

        Sixdv That’s not how that works. You’re correct, you can’t change gender, but this person isn’t trying to change their gender. She is changing her secondary sex characteristics to match her gender, which is female. Gender is biological, so your perspective goes against modern science. Sorry. But, look on the bright side! Everyone likes to be right, correct? Well, now, you can stop being wrong and start being right! Cool, huh?

      2. Sixdv

        Ella Mayo no that’s a man.A person can not change there gender sorry the world doesn’t work like that

      3. Ella Mayo

        Woman. She’s a woman. A crazy and annoying one, but still a woman.

    30. Rafalgahr

      I learned two words in Hindi I won't pronounce or write correctly for another 5 years, bless you Mutahar. Also fine and smart video.

    31. kj matson


    32. augustus plebeian

      😄 gamers are self supremacist 😆

    33. El Zhan

      God I honestly hate stuff like this. As a trans woman myself, I know and honestly see a lot of the stuff she's talking about, but also a lot of her solutions and ideas are... not good. But the way she goes about it, and the way she handles her position is just... Why? She is a fucking representative of trans women, and moreso the general LGBTQ community. She are here to represent us in a professional and unbiased manner. And this woman has been everything but professional. On a sidenote: I watched this channel when it was mostly haunted gaming and only recently got back to watching your content. Holy shit this feels like a nostalgia trip, keep up the good work man!

    34. LIQUIDSOLE Games

      “Gamers are white supremacist” Me, a white supremacist: wait hol’ up..

    35. Is That a Spider?

      “That’s a cute bird out there” *looking at a closed curtain in a dark room*

    36. Toon

      as a transperson i think she should be more careful when saying people have cis voices. Saying a trans woman has a manly/cis voice could be quite upsetting for them

    37. Urxity


    38. Darius Strat

      "Gamers are white supremacists" Me, a Romanian: laughs in gypsy

    39. athausand dollahs

      "What does it really mean to be equal?" -Dave Chappelle

    40. Bruh Moment

      "how you gonna talk about me not being marginalized enough when im dyslexic" "hOw aBoUT yOU TaKE yOuR dYSLexIc AsS oUt oF mY mEntIonS"

    41. Sepulchre13

      "Non-marginalized voices" Well boys, our voices are racist now

    42. Nishant

      "Gamers Are White Supremacist" Me an Indian : Laughs in Microsoft tech support Scams.

    43. Graveyard Cutie

      I'm trans and definitely agree she is as ignorant as a doorknob. Some people just want to be "more equal" than others. Opinions like hers are not fact. No opinions are inherently factual. I'm tired of all the ignorant people that act like what they believe to be true is true. It's just a constant degradation of what what being human means. I hate that I'm clumped together with all of these idiots. I guess that is the price for being true to myself and my values in this society full of greed and hate towards our fellow man. With that being said, this isn't me saying "oh poor me" or whatever the fuck. It's just sad to see such blatant idiocy. There came a point where instead of educating themselves, people instead opinionated themselves to the point of selfishness. It's now more apparent than ever with the world running rampant during this virus outbreak. Everyone who doesn't see it now, is too far off the deep end. It's time to make amends and just accept everyone as what we really are. Human beings. The only reason I or any person with the mindset of true equality would disagree with another human being is if those people put down others just because of a view they have personally. Society as we know it sucks 74 dicks and counting, and yet, we live in one.

    44. Bruh Moment

      how the fuck you gonna talk about including when you call hundreds of millions of people white-supremacists

    45. Jacob Andrews

      “Gamers are white supremacists” Me an Indiana resident: Laughs in Hoosier.

    46. Sianostrakarenrenren

      Whomever decided to put that fucking idiot man on the safety council also needs to be fired

    47. SaNdSoN4040

      Gamer: white supremacist Me, an Irishman: *laughs in leprechaun*

    48. Kai

      "gamers are white supremacists" the comment section: "write that down, write that down!"

    49. Stanky Spud

      "Do the staff at twitch even play video games" ofcourse not, they don't wanna look like white supremacists

    50. Kingofpie854

      “Gamers are white supremacist” Me a japanese person: Laughs in rice

    51. Evan Park

      HOLY FUCK SOME ONE ELSE GETS IT, IT AINT RACE/DEMOGRAPHIC, ITS MONEY/CLASS! i knew there was a reason I've stayed subbed all these years.

    52. Voodooprince

      We must secure the existence of our race and a future for gamer children

    53. Andres Garza

      Im from Mexico and we hate her (him), I hope twitch gains some sense

    54. vendetacos

      Im a brown skinny mexicano gamer, what the actual fuck is that thing "she" is talking about?

    55. TheKHfan358over3d

      "gamers are white supremacists" literally every gamer that isn't a white supremacist: "Does this person know the facts?" the KKK: "I wish that were true"

    56. Toni Kacurov

      shes the CEO of Karen incorporated

    57. ShaHawGin

      *gamers are white supremacists* Me a ginger: *laughs in souless*

    58. GAMER JAG

      पागल... = mad...

    59. Br0wn Dynom1te

      If my race is Hispanic but I identify as white, does she hate me because I'm a white or Mexican gamer?

    60. Tzion Dudley

      not gonna lie he/she not that worng i cant tell you how many racist comments i seen on twitch till they started banning people

    61. karlmarcs31

      Their was a study done to see how races view themselves. Every race viewed their own race favorable except white people. Marxism has been effective at brainwashing them.

    62. Caelum

      Gamers are white supremacists! Me, Me: Laughs in me

    63. Xuan Yi

      "gamers are white supremacists" Me a an asian " ຂ້ອຍເດົາວ່າຂ້ອຍຂາວ " "

    64. doc crowley

      how to run a gaming site that's inclusive = polygon, how not to = twitch

    65. fouoii gyhh

      "Gamers are white supremacists" Me a cuban person: Laughs in communist

    66. Mason Gregerman

      It's easy for people to say the ridiculous things when you have the voice and others only have text.

    67. Mercury

      So bang on, refreshing to hear someone else say that money is all that matters, race, sex, sexualitiy etc are just nonsense distractions from the most real privilege which is money

      1. fouoii gyhh

        “Gamers are white supremacists” Me a Chinese :哈哈哈哈

    68. Luke ShitTalker

      im sick of these people. they are so goddamn useless and their "social progress" is ironically moving in reverse. ive never seen so many people obsessed with skin colors and sexual preferences and stupid shit like that. skin color and racial differences dominate all of their thoughts, and yet all they do is call everyone else racist.

    69. Michael

      I think FerociouslySteph is colorblind

    70. Korvich

      “Gamers are white supremacists” Me, a Norwegian: *laughs in fish*

    71. fancy p3sto

      Translation/synonyms for the word in the title: mad, insane, maniac, raving, wild, demented, loony, pixilated, possessed, frantic, daffy, batty, moron, screwy, unmindful, loopy, frenetic, moonstruck, bereft, phrenetic, daft, scatty, loco, dippy, lame-brain

    72. Fjodor Stift

      As a female gamer with an accent when speaking English, most people don't care. Sure there's that one troll but most of the lobby wants to win. People gotta stop being dumb.

    73. Lil zoop

      I like the wink at the end, Gives me pedophile vibes💀💀💀

    74. HH Dude

      Every council needs a person NOT to listen to. A lightning rod for poor ideas so they're controlled. Maybe that's her role on the twitch tribunal

    75. Isacc wewee

      She's white and she plays games, therefore she is a white supremacist, and a hypocrite.

    76. Cornbread

      Plain and simple, if you’re making cat noises while being “petted” I don’t think you’re human enough to be apart of any council. Sorry. Edit: I’m going to be real. Let’s say she gets on voice chat and someone says nigger. Okay yea that’s not appropriate but 99.9% of people who say words like that online I guarantee you are not actually white Supremacists but edgy kids who get a kick off of posing people off. And that’s the actual fact.

    77. DoomGuy

      honestly giving a snowflake transgender any kind of power is a bad fucking idea.

      1. Ella Mayo

        Transgender has nothing to do with the issue. Transgender people are perfectly capable of not being a fucking nutbag like her. Don’t know why she was given power, though.

    78. Black Kakashi

      "Gamers are white supremacists" Me, a Jamaican: laughs in machete

    79. keekermojo

      -thinks most gamers are white supremacists based on how their voices sound over voice chat -has a voice that would still be perceived as a white male over voice chat 👏👏 great argument you have there deer chick

    80. MarioFan99

      how can a voice have a race?