The Road to PS5



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    PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.


    1. Logical Phallusry

      I'll pass till you sort backwards compatibility for PS3, thanks. Been waiting for it all of PS4's lifetime.

    2. axcel zedd

      is this fake?

    3. GoPro Ray

      When does it come out then

    4. DubplateSuitcase

      Did they really just slap a fake silhouette of an audience on here? Why?......Just why.....🤦‍♂️

      1. Eric Wu

        I think those are real people; they do move from time to time.

    5. DOLKEW

      PSSD 5

    6. Haydar Başar

      BİTCOİN Winssssssssssss Mining 😁

    7. Allan Bundi

      he finally stammered <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1184">19:44</a> TO <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1188">19:48</a>

    8. Benji Valle

      Whoever thought they would get to see the ps5 is dumb the video said road to ps5 not ps5 reveal road to ps5 means how they got there and how ps5 became ps5. Basically how they created the ps5 and how it would be better then any other console

    9. Mark W

      I really enjoyed this Dana Carvey ASMR

    10. スターコフグレブ

      *I like this guy’s tone. His voice is perfect to make long speeches or be in the audio books.*

    11. Eddggressive

      So bored!!! I prefered math classes!!

    12. David Geru

      Maybe a bigger fan

    13. Sascha S

      Sony war noch nie dafür bekannt , eine einfach zu handhabende Hardware zu haben . Jedoch mit Erfahrung und Geschick der Programmierer gelang es über die Jahre hinweg immer beeindruckende Spiele für die jeweilige Playstation Plattform zu entwickeln . Ich sehe großes Potential als auch die Gefahr das Sony gegenüber Microsoft die weniger potente Hardware ins Rennen schickt . Blanke Zahlen haben auch noch niemals irgendwas über Spielspaß ausgesagt . Das sieht man bei jeder Konsolengeneration bei Nintendo . Die zaubern aus vermeintlich Leistungsschwacher Hardware einen Spielehit nach dem anderen . Das ganze erinnert mich sehr an die Playstation 3 wo man auch mit Zahlen beeindrucken wollte . Am Ende zeigte Microsoft Sony trotzdem was in ihrer vermeintlich schwächeren Xbox360 steckte .

    14. wimer gamer

      Can u put roblox game

    15. Spiral Gamer

      We still waiting PS5 to come out this year Sony I really enjoy PS4 PRO so I can wait for the next gen console

    16. Juamee Cuasay

      When will ps5 come out?

      1. 25 Billion

        Juamee Cuasay Most likely November 2020

    17. Xuyang J

      For people looking for speech mistakes. Here is one <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2158">35:58</a>

    18. Badreddine Wreqs

      The secret to not make mistakes while showing a presentation? Practice it for 1000 times or be a robot, i think this dude chose the 2nd one.

    19. Kybo 65

      Backwards Compatibility? When will they talk about that. I have a PS2/3/4 a lot of games just sitting there.

    20. hidd3n 1

      What can I say RIP XBOX BTW

    21. Tommy D.

      What is up with this guy? He seems like some NPC

    22. Tommy D.

      They're robots They live

    23. Jordan Richards

      Is he a butler or a librarian?

    24. Razek XD

      Road to lose against Series X

      1. Razek XD

        @25 Billion xbox still better

      2. 25 Billion

        Just wait till a real reveal boi

      3. Razek XD

        @25 Billion bro you have to admit that this presentation is too boring, i even think the audience on the vid is fake or they got paid to listen a man talking during 52 mins

      4. 25 Billion

        Razek XD no

    25. DarkSeanSamm

      Suscribe to my channel

    26. Maksim O

      I have the feeling that it smells like a gamestop in that conference room

    27. Matthew Lombard

      Why did Microsoft and Sony throw in 16 g of memory? Throw another 8 gb in and it will make a huge change.

      1. 25 Billion

        Matthew Lombard 399 vs 499

    28. Vladimir Vasilev


    29. Rayan Ighil

      Sony will once again win the generation

    30. VEGETUBE

      To lazy to watch everything can someone tell me when do they release it

    31. mr. bear

      Finally the price for ps4 will get lower so the price for ps3 will get lower so the price for ps2 will get lower so the price for ps1 will get lower so i can finally afford to buy ps6.

    32. JamesCloud

      Came here after watching SAMTIME ps5 parody. Oh boy, this PowerPoint presentation is absolutely dull and monotonous. Another epic level of lifelessness 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    33. NeuTrooヅ

      Dislike 👎

    34. Super Anonimo

      Xbox series X is better.

      1. 25 Billion

        Super Anonimo You dont know anything about ps5 nor xbox abojut performance, games and more so you can’t say its better

      2. Super Anonimo

        @25 Billion yes is the true bro.☹️

      3. 25 Billion

        Super Anonimo no

    35. SirDripAlot

      Is it weird I got asmr tingles off this

    36. faburisu

      Sony don't make the loading screen too fast , it's the only moment i talk to the actual people who live around me

    37. ஓ Øceสn ஓ . . .

      Wow ps 5 will be The Next Generation Beloved Game Machine, great! Continue to evolve, sony! Can I have a free one?

    38. xXMetalHeadXx

      I'm a PC gamer, but I left this open for some awesome ASMR!

    39. Super Hammy

      Check out channel for the pricing of upcoming PS5

    40. SilentGuy

      I actually like this form of explanation better than some of the more “show room” type of lectures. Also this man could easily could do a technical explanations ASMR segment

    41. Markus Deleon

      Linus tech tips what am I lookin at herw

    42. Rodrigo Torres

      Nobody understood anything, the presentator was a ps5 npc, thats what they where trying to show us

      1. Rodrigo Torres

        @Keith Snaer 😂😂😂 man you are the stupid, you cant even understand a joke

      2. Keith Snaer

        Rodrigo Torres uh, actually its pretty easy to understand what he is saying, you're just stupid sorry dude

    43. Slumped_ Kevin

      Whatever Xbox series x still gonnna f$&@ y’all over

    44. Freakzontour

      so. the fkn xbox is again stronger.. way to step it up. ...

    45. kross keyy

      Sorry what ?

    46. Jason Hoang

      This is like ASMR to my ears.

    47. Lefteris Ntalipis

      I want to freeze myself until PS5 comes out, just like Cartman!

    48. Heartless Pezo

      His tonsils and hydration are on crack

    49. Zamin Musayev

      What if he and all reporters are simulation by PS5 . He is absolutely perfect. No wrong words. No drinking water. Non stop without mistake and pause.

    50. sir murder facee

      Please fix my VR. I have a warranty!!!!!!

    51. Eini tv

      En español cojones

    52. Blacula Playz

      Is anyone gonna actually buy the ps5? Just get a pc. Wayyyyyyyyy better investment

    53. Lyrics

      Why so many dislikes man

    54. Clusterpantz

      What's the price ?

    55. Just My Two Cents

      no Knack 3 gameplay? 0/10


      Let me know when the PS5 Pro releases. K thanks 👍

    57. David Stevens

      More ps 5 content please!

    58. AX_ draws 2

      What is going to happen to fortnite?

    59. Jit

      Ok cool,but when is it coming out?


      talk a lot and show nothing🤦🏾‍♂️ 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

    61. Ddh Kwony

      Currently watching this to fall asleep 😭

    62. Dave G

      This isn't the real Mark Cerny this is a rendering of him running on PS5 doing the presentation

    63. BOSS of ALL


    64. свинохряк :3

      Haha haha GayStation5!

    65. Ebel Korah

      His voice is so soft and soothing.

    66. O. Rothe

      featured by Weyland-Yutani corp

    67. Wick

      Mark Cerny sounds like a mix betwen Michael Cera and the G-Man.

    68. frosty

      I hope the ps5 doesn't sound like a jet plane taking off

      1. bron lebron

        PS5 is said to have super advanced cooling solution

    69. Ankur Ghosh

      Helo dont release ps5 now because now because some people is buying ps4 now also

      1. Minion_ Bazz

        So? That's their own choice.

    70. MrFusha1

      Can you guys tell us an approximate time the ps5 is coming out

      1. Minion_ Bazz

        @Lyrics we'll see what happens.

      2. Lyrics

        @Minion_ Bazz he'll no that's what they said for 2019 wait till late 2021 for ps5 to be released

      3. Minion_ Bazz

        Somewhere between August-December this year. (December included)

    71. CooLeo701vit Mza

      Why does this look fake for some reason

    72. GamingCanBeFun

      He messed up in his speech. Im surprised no one caught it. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1030">17:10</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1040">17:20</a>. He said "simple, uuuuuh similar". He also stuttered at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1573">26:13</a> "suh, succeeded". 😬

      1. GamingCanBeFun

        @Lyrics have u read the comments? They're all saying he never made a mistake. Just pointing out he did? Still a fantastic speaker tho 🤷‍♂️

      2. Lyrics


    73. Damien Scott

      That’s my playah potna from Master of Disguise 👌🤓😂🤣

    74. HoaX ZF

      Why does this look so fake?

      1. Lyrics

        No it doesn't

      2. HoaX ZF

        @bron lebron that's not what I mean

      3. bron lebron

        yeah, it is unreal how fast that ssd is

    75. visarut mu

      what.dafuq with so many dislikes?

    76. Fortsquad

      Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed Please

    77. Tommy pallie

      Give Mark a payrise, he needs he it!

    78. MARTINtops zz

      No pueden con la 4

    79. Tye Zechner

      Kinda sounds like deadpool