SwaggerSouls Is Making a Porno With Mia Malkova

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    1. GenikaXVI

      A guy that wears a mask should not even appear to public in anyway, shame on yourself

    2. Emil B

      now i want to jerk off

    3. Pebulz Buddy

      When the popular girl sits with the nerds at lunch

    4. Piggy God

      swagger nuts in mia *YEET*

    5. Mad Mike0082

      This dork doesn’t even have the balls to show his face. Dweeb.

    6. turtlepower 1

      I wonder who's got bigger boobs him or her

    7. MistaCoffeKid

      Let's test something, If you're over 18 like this comment if youre not over 14 comment. Let's see if misfits have more of an adult or horny teenagers community.

    8. Shellour

      when the full clip showed swaggers' face, but can't find the full video anywhere on youtube :(

    9. Levolys

      Swagger is idiot

    10. Tyson Hyatt

      “Swagger gets his soul sucked out of him by hot bitch”😂😂😂😂

    11. Brandyn Cozad

      Sleeping with a pornstar would either be very satisfying or slightly gross, haven't decided yet

    12. Colin Bell


    13. Milan Sekulic

      when did swagger get so fat

    14. Hentaii

      i lowkey want to see this lmao

    15. Anthony

      She's very cute in a girl next door way.

    16. Vicodyn

      Oh, thought she was a tennis player. Guess she does bat around balls all day, but still.

    17. Raj Singh

      Did you get .... her, You know?

    18. Kiro

      I was in the living room with my mother and dad, and I was watching this and my headset just unplugged

    19. BatmanTheGamer67


    20. Invidious

      What a fine slice of pussy.

    21. That One Dutch Man

      I actually see swagger do this with her, NGL

    22. hi Adler

      Thx EEsel

    23. GrungyAssCinema

      He sounds like Howard Stern

    24. Dankus

      I’m more happy about seeing swaggersouls get naked

    25. Tamsyn Gray


    26. 3nzo.

      he'll have the right to say "Sorry but the helmet stays on during sex"

    27. vali

      I dont want to brag but I saw her naked

    28. Emil Marian

      What's with the mask?

    29. Dan Drieberg

      I honestly don’t know why this on recommendation..

    30. Jon For short

      Did swagger just pitch a cucking to mia?

    31. ManosToroRosso

      Is she a Firekeeper?

    32. ManosToroRosso

      I m trying to find ELDEN RING news, is this the Elden Ring panel?

    33. Donny

      Wtf am I watching

    34. Knight

      Live dub sounds great

    35. maccajoe

      This whole fkn concept is fkn sad. Reminds me of a bunch of losers trying to hang out with the popular chicks and they do to get the answers of the next test. All the while they are fucking the jock. You escaped these fkn hoes in highschool why are you simping and propping up their careers once again?

    36. AlphaLeader772

      from youtube to pornstar, that escalated quickly.

    37. G Welsh

      So why has this random porn star just started making Twitch appearances? Have I missed something?

      1. maccajoe

        She streams and has gotten her way into a lot of streamers daily things because shes appeared alot on variety shows. Made a appearances here and there and has become a staple. She hsnt just started shes been doing it for a while. You have missed plenty.

    38. carpentero

      He sounds like Howard stern

    39. Tony Chapin

      The things i want to do to Mia Malkova

    40. Sam B

      C U C K L E V E L S O F F T H E C H A R T S

    41. Tom Palmer

      Wheres the link tho

    42. fimicolos

      Howard Stern bangs Mia Malkova in chainmail

    43. GoogleJim

      Basically Incel High Command HQ.

    44. eliroh G

      This dude sounds like a mix of Alan Alda and Howard Stern.

    45. heinz elias4999

      cant wait to watch the full 30 sec of it

    46. WillyWanker

      Friend asking for a link to video, if someone know let me know.

    47. TheDarkApex

      Not gonna lie man, no one should do porn :/ it's a horrible disgusting thing and business and the people that are in the business are just horrible to be willing to do all of that stuff with someone they don't love and on camera :/ call me a loser or lame or that i'm uptight but I have strong beliefs on this stuff

    48. Aarron AJ hughes


    49. Pedro Dumper

      That’s someone’s daughter

    50. r3a1ityGamezZ

      Make it 6’4 black guy and I’m your guy 👀😂

    51. SaBeR

      so were gonna see swaggers pp before his face


      Thank you youtube for recommending this

    53. Darren Price

      Alan Alda?

    54. chad schulze

      i dont understand your fascination with gettn me to acknowledge porn..yea i watch porn. you can tell people i watch, those people can tell others...i dont give a fuck about it....but sending sluts to my house for whatever reason prob won't go the way you think....there will be no way ever to gain trust from this point on...ever. dont even bother....

    55. Hebdeba V

      he should dress up like solaire and just watch in the corner

    56. GreedAndSelfishness

      Whats up with american whites glorifying black dudes and their dick?

    57. Chop Suey

      If there is no plot, I ain’t unzippin and whippin

    58. ThatTempesTGuy

      Wtf is wrong w all you people?

    59. John Taylor

      Look I love misfits but I don’t need my mom going through my phone and seeing this...EEsel I said don’t recommend this kinda stuff

    60. Cliff H

      i feel like im listening to Howard Stern

    61. PV Extended

      Swagger reminds me of Ted so badly

    62. youtube account

      Is that Howard Stern under the mask and chainmail?

    63. Renzo Van montfort

      She has a weird but

    64. YouAintOnJob

      He sounds like someone of the simpsons

    65. Reviewing Tv

      So Swagger not have sex a big 6,3 black dude is wow

    66. zepole87

      Was that really Mia’s mom in that vid? Lol

    67. Deep Sea


    68. Islombek Begijanov

      guys this ideia is so stupid....

    69. That Guy

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 My man

    70. Nlahblah23

      What is this podcast? Stumbled onto this but my guy with the chainmail on is a baller 😂💯.

    71. CJ Destruction

      Porno titles: *Swagger Souls for Mia’s Holes*

    72. studybeats

      This guy talks like he’s putting on a front

    73. Şevki Furkan Kel

      One question. Did they gangbang her

    74. OmeaonSapion

      whats the link'

    75. Pschy Psycho

      did he really did that lmao

    76. Daniel Taylor

      Dude sounds like Howard stern

    77. Modify

      anyone else realize that swagger is red as a fucking tomato

    78. Jeop

      Cheesy dialogue like what, “I hate the way this fucking bit talks”, “This is fucking boring”, or “Japanese girls exchanging bodily fluids,please?”

    79. soviet noodle


    80. Fable