NEVER Buy These Used Sports Cars!

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Ideal Media

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    Used car disasters! Lemons! Engines blowing, check engine lights, poorly made electronics, HVAC, and terrible owners have RUINED these potentially great sportscars!
    #fastcars #boringcars #awesomecars
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    1. Ideal Media

      *LIMITED - SAVE THE MANUALS TEE 👉 *** What s the WORST car you know of?! 👇

      1. Gt r34

        Clearly hard to trust someone when you say the b6 s4 has a timing belt. Someone doesn’t know their cars

      2. Brian Burkhard

        89 ford mustang 25th anniversary. Had two clutch cables, the main and a 3 or 4 inch cable. Kept snapping the small cable every cpl weeks. Luckily they were only about 5 bucks. Just kept a few in the glove box.

      3. Stuart Campbell

        Great video man...I have a E46 csl and it has never gave me any problems...I will never sell my car it's the best car I have ever owned and I saved hard for it,and it also took me 2 and a half years to find the right one.

      4. atrain132

        I would rather have paddle shifting.

      5. Edward Baladinakis

        worst car ever Yugo

    2. Rudy

      Easily the 2004 Mazda RX8. I was adding a qt of oil every 100mi’s. It got 13mpg. I was replacing all 4 $20 spark plugs every 2000mi’s. Ask me for a pic and I’ll show you why. The cat was so clogged from that burning oil that I ended up hollowing it out because it couldn’t rev. I spent more time under the hood than having fun

    3. Shift Gears

      I rather have Lamborghini $70k v10 than $5k BMW v10 that gona be like money pit of rest of ur life turn in to $50k

    4. Rod Korn

      Another video riddled with ads. No thanks

    5. Destyn Chvucky

      If I ever get an E60 M5 If it's possible Put on a rod bearing failure sensor so that I wouldn't have to replace the engine

    6. Kenneth Cline

      Buy Japanese.

    7. W. SG

      Noooooooo not the Alfa Romeo😓😰😫😱😂😓😓😓😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

    8. Aero Vapor Trail

      The worst car I ever owned was a 1982 Audi GT! What went wrong? EVERYTHING! The very last time I picked it up from the shop, I drove it straight to the Toyota dealer and picked up a 1985 Supra.

    9. Kevin Karbonik

      Your mom's car. It smells like your tears of cars you will never have. Go get a camry if you want a car that's boring and safe... Any high performance car is going to come with $$$ attached.

    10. boolerfam36 6

      My grandpa has a 2012 rt with around 120000 miles with no issues at all lol

    11. Peter M.

      Worst car I've ever been in was an early 2000s Subaru Outback I was looking into buying. I'm five foot seven and no matter how I moved the seat, my head rubbed the headliner. It just felt cramped and uncomfortable. The engine sounded like it was ready to detonate if I did anything but let it sit and idle. Honorable mention, the Chevy Aveo hatchback I took my road test to get my license in. It felt like I was driving a coffin. Way too small, the shifter is a pain in the ass that didn't want to cooperate and sweet 8 pound 9 ounce baby Jesus was it slooooow. I could have ridden on the back of a tortoise and gotten my road test done faster. At one point I had to do a three point turn on a hill and the Aveo did not want any part of it and I had to put my foot to the floor to even get it up the hill at all. While they aren't too bad on the eyes, I'd never want to own one.

    12. Black Harvard Man

      Yup -- the Alfa is "still an Alfa."

    13. Barry Kennedy

      My favorite car was my hot-rodded 1980 VW Rabbit pickup. 0-60 in 6 seconds, 35 MPG, reliable daily driver - with 1986 euro-spec GTI 2.0 liter (bubble block), Scirroco downpipe, and super-close ratio 5-speed. It was super reliable - other than age related electrical issues, which I fixed by rewiring the whole thing. It topped out at 95 Mph, but that's fine ;-) Oh yeah...CV joints. That's a thing.

    14. Mike Fouts

      I had a 2004 BMW X5. Over the 5 years I owned it, I spent 1.5 times in repairs from the purchase price

    15. Sply 350

      Should i buy an used 2013 hyundai genesis coupe 3.8L?

    16. Marius Bim

      bought my m5 v10 years ago, just replaced the variators and few gaskets and clutch, put a new exhaust in total with labour is 6k euro, it really depends on where you live and who is working on your car. go to bmw and they will charge you a lot more. After almost 4 years of abuse, launches, drifts it runs great, dyno run showed me that i have 498hp, after 14 years and 143k km. All these cheeky scrubs telling that this is unreliable, they probably expect the m5 to be cheap as the 530d or 520i are in terms of servicing. You are driving an v10 sedan that is a gallardo killer, the money are really justified!!! Stop spreading this rumour, cost / km is really lower compared to a lambo that would have the same issues.

    17. Francesco D'Antoni

      Any alfa Romeo

    18. Paul Rodger

      hi from Toronto Canada, hybrid 90% city driving and not every day. EV cannot have as no charging station nearby nor condo is too old - won't install. Used: make model year reason for the couple of ideas... Thanks

    19. Jeffrey Desormeaux

      Tbh.. the worst car I've ever own was a 2012 cord focus because it was a great car but it was automatic. I heard the manuals are better for I'll give it another try in a manual trans in the future

    20. saptarshi bhowmick

      can u do 1 just for lexus+toyota under 5k and 10k

    21. Gursaab Gill

      buy acura,toyota,lexus,honda if you want to go for reliabilty

    22. Anton Frolov

      Hey ;) What do you think about Nissan 370z? Should I go for it? :)

    23. Curtis Vines II

      Chrysler sebring was my worst car ever. 🤢🤮

    24. Ned Ware

      So nobody's gonna mention the plagued RX8

    25. riccccccardo

      I learnt hard way bought two Audi A4 se 2.0tfsi awd B7’s and both the engines went within 6 months (oil chain pump failures) was expensive to fix never German cars again my next car will be Japanese.

    26. N S

      I own a S4 B7 convertible which had an oil change every 10k km and it is flawless. Love it!

    27. Boomstep

      ok so i can be the 4th person who owns a challenger

    28. Jonathan Williams

      As someone who has actually owned 2 Dodge Challengers (the original 6.1, and a first year 392), this guy couldn't be more wrong. The Challenger engine and platform are old, but from a reliability standpoint, this is a good thing. Pretty much every single thing that could be wrong with them has been fixed and tweaked to the point where they are stupid reliable. I never had a bit of trouble with either of mine. And as for being bad on snow, I've also owned two Mustang GT's and C7 Corvette Z06, and the Challenger's were by far the best in snow...for a sports car. They're heavy and with good/weather appropriate tires they stick pretty well to the road...assuming you don't drive like a complete idiot. I think somebody has simply formed his opinions based off other people's stupid EEsel videos.

    29. Gary Leibitzke

      My worst car...……...……. 1963 4 door Chevy Corvair. Check the gas and fill up the oil.

    30. Eric Matzelle

      The 1985 Chevrolet Chevette, 2 door hatchback. With it's 1.4 liter, 4 cylinder sohc "power plant" under the hood & a 3 speed, rear wheel drive, automatic transmission! It's BY FAR the sloooooowest & ugliest pos I've driven EVER!

    31. Anj B

      Before watching this video, I bet audi and bmw made the list lol

    32. mazda man 09

      all cars with too much tech, are reliability nightmares

    33. Bavarian Motorsport

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="305">5:05</a> All the muscle car fanboys salty about the Audi passing by.

    34. Indian Viking

      2012 BMW 750 LI the 4,4 liter 408HP engine was a nightmare

    35. The Mythic One

      The worst car I've been in is my dads Toyota its dirty and the seats are ripped and its old and my mom always complains that its dirty

    36. Blue Jay

      "The clutch on my 700hp+ vehicle is too heavy". How else are you going to put down all that power?

    37. InfernoCZ

      German cars are good only if u work on them yourself

    38. MidNighT JZ

      Glad I bought a Lexus.

    39. I’m Luis

      I'm thinking of buying a Mercedes s550 2007 🤔

    40. Steve Robinson

      I just bought an 04 s4 with a 129k timing done and clutch done lol for 3800 and my insurance is 200 for 6 month lol

    41. Denny Jacobs

      e60 best sound ever.

    42. Ashley Haine

      Suzuki Vitara sux balls

    43. Infxmous

      What about the bmw m3

    44. Elite 4 Champion Josh

      2006 chevy impala ss. Bruh. Recalls, electrical issues, suspension issues, stupid ignition issues, and.... torque steer from massive engine, motor mounts can't support it and break often

    45. allen allen

      As a owner of an Alfa, i can tell you for sure you won’t hear from most of the owners cuz it won’t be with us in another 50k miles, ppl who can afford it will just either move to another ride or switch to a current model. Ppl needs to understand that nobody buys these cars money was a big issue. Reliable or not, it’s gone after a couple of years. Why do you think all these so called” money pits” come from? All first hand owners aren’t concerned with car money!

    46. Derrol Price

      He's not bn by the junkyards lately and seen all them fords and Chrysler minivans at the scrap metal spots waiting to gt crushed so they can get maybe enough money to get a six pack of cheap beer for that American junk

    47. GuanZe Liew

      What is the worst car that I've ever been in or driven? Me: Well I say, not having or owning a car at all!!!😬

    48. Mini Meee

      I wouldn't buy an Alfa even with your Money.

    49. Mini Meee

      Why Would BMW use a a VW engine in there M5 nope wrong matey....

    50. Zyad Najjar

      Lmao Bmw e60 m5 does not cost $40,000 to change the engine , my friend go thro them like hell bc he’s pushing 1000hp and he gets it for 7k or less every time lmao it’s a habit for us to work on that m5 and all u need is to change the Rod bearings when u get the car and there cheap as fuck , just keep doing that every 40k miles and you’ll be all set

    51. GillespieZoneStudioEntertainment

      cars get any way is not like get 10 cars at once sadly set on my cars list.

    52. btc 420

      audi a4 b5 1.8t with a good tune

    53. זה אני

      I had an extended vw caravan, thats a passengers car. And every week I had to take her to the dealership garage. It was 8 months old when I bought it and it was falling apart. And they sell you a screw at the cost of its wight at gold. Never buy german, it is a trap. Great show !

    54. BRAINSOUT 1

      Lol <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="290">4:50</a> said Chrysler instead of Challenger

    55. Patrick Anthony

      Without a Doubt the 2009 BMW X6 550i... holy hell. The frigin... biturbo... from hell. Worst compression ratio. It spindles! And ohhhh there’s the malfunction power reduction. That car can go straight to the hot hole!

    56. 717jess

      B6 s4 has chains not a timing belt clown...

    57. Syed Ali Shah

      The worst car I ever been in is a Camry.

    58. TheTrueCanadian

      Ive only had 3 cars in my life and the worst i had was the Nissan Sentra Spec V... i think it was a mix if bad mods and a shitty engine in general but that car was terrible. Broke down every month. Fix ine thing then there a new one. Got a 2009 Caliber SRT4 now and i love it. Low mileage, decent power, hatchback and one kick ass sound system for a cheap price lol

    59. steve james

      basically i avoid anything german and fords. stick with hyundai and my chevy camaro

    60. jmhellison

      B...b..but Superior German engineering!!

    61. Arsenal Gamer

      My bicycle

    62. Richard Ward

      This guys videos are super crony

    63. Rush1

      My worst car: 2005 VW Passat. Next Audi 5000 CS.

    64. Frequency7

      the B6 looks so good though.

    65. Donnie Baynard

      The v6 challenger is a shitbox. The r/t isn't much better.

    66. Ken Gray

      🤣 @ the rx7 at the beginning. How tf does that happen??

    67. Djar leeng

      1968 MGB Convertible, bought used, total money pit. Even worse was a 1977 Pacer wagon that literally had parts falling off in the first 5k miles. The manual transmission linkage failed about twice a month the first year. Luckily my ex got it in the divorce

    68. jabanoba

      So how does buying a t-shirt from you help to "save the manuals" seriously, I wanna know

    69. Curtis Vines II

      Chrysler sebring is the worst. Transmission is horrific. 🤮

    70. Illuminati 2626

      He talking through his @$$

    71. sallevador Radman

      Both my first driving experiences were Ford's. I absolutely hated driving the Driver's Ed Ford Torus. The break pedal wouldn't respond until you pressed it 3/4 of the way down. Fucking ugly as hell. I really hated the foot e-brake. The mother fucker was almost as high up as the dash meaning I had pull my leg up to my chest to engage the thing. The first car I drove was a Ford Focus Station wagon. Loved it!

    72. Syed Haroon

      Tata nano

    73. rahmat matt

      The worst car... U have try to check out Proton Wira

    74. Elmin Murgic

      B6 S4 V8 not a fan, but the B6 A4 1.8T Hek yeah

    75. Leart 03

      Americans dont know shit about german cars bro im so sick of y all

    76. Bruce Lee

      Every time I see that red rx7s wheels fall off I die a little inside.😔

    77. theodoros1231

      Worst car: 2007 Opel Astra 1.6 turbo

    78. Maros Kozej

      peugeot 308 2015 3cyl 1,2l 130hp i dont need to say nothing more

    79. American Patriot

      The worst car I’ve ever had was the 2011 BMW 750i because, my wallet constantly hemorrhaged money constantly. I refer to it as my Big Money Waste aka BMW.

    80. Beaker's Garage

      Worst car experience: 1st gen Saturn SL1 at 110mph. Damn car shook like it was going to fall apart right there on the highway. It was bittersweet however, bc it was my first car and of course (like every teen in the late 90s/ early 00s) I had it modded with short ram intake, custom cat back exhaust and 16" AR split 5 spoke rims.