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    Extra special thanks to Jimmy for coming on and enduring such silly nonsense!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. JonTronShow

      Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! > ridge.com/JONTRON

      1. DARK WOLF


      2. LinnSTERLINGCURE belief in a Dumpster

        Those witty wallets will haunt us until we are in our 70s lol

      3. Clark Miller

        @Christina Afton 6

      4. Leo Chon

        dude what happened to your game reviews?

      5. Soappao

        Who found this comment is a god

    2. Zod

      For some of it I can't tell if Jimmy is acting to be disgusted or is actually disgusted


      Dude this was awesome. Do more fucking interviews man

    4. Roby 7001

      Can we get a Tier List on kid nation?

    5. EoinnyToast

      R u secretly the messiah BTW???

    6. origamipein18

      I don't know what made people thought that Kid Nation was a good idea. :|

    7. Drab Majesty97

      Kid nation was a state experiment

    8. Liggliluff

      Psst, Jimmy, have you heard of a site called Mega? Just put the DVD in your computer and bump all the content on Mega.

    9. Melonarche

      Chad Jimmy. Hero of Kid Nation !

    10. Weird Weirdo

      Jimmy glowed tf UP

    11. Autumn Leaf

      They have all the episodes on EEsel though?

    12. Joanna

      traumatic events might define your life.

    13. LinnSTERLINGCURE belief in a Dumpster

      Dude this was hilarious thanks John!

      1. Joanna

        getting burnt which was actually in the show

    14. Autumn Leaf

      In the show they had the kids kill chickens, the scene was so fucked.

    15. Smiling Cat

      JonTron: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a> Me: well I don’t have a father, he left me

    16. Heryel Gaitan

      Cory actually overtook JonTron

    17. Shady Kitty

      why was he killing jack rabbits? psycho

    18. It's the List

      Jon please borrow the rest of the episodes and do them i watched all these as a kid and its so fucked

    19. Jarrett Tyree

      I really hope that that moment at the beginning was the first time they had officially met, and he had to deal with Jon's sense of humor right then for the first time Probably not, but that'd be amazing

    20. Anarchy

      Can u please fuck over h3h3

    21. Johan Åhlman

      This video is brought to you by Raid: Shadow Legends!

    22. Zaid el Bakali

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1275">21:15</a>

    23. Megan Deel

      Jimmy's "I made it" was so wholesome

    24. Droplet Cloud

      Shit just got real. Shit!

    25. Devon Holm-Hansen

      Not be does good interviews

    26. Stan Back

      Jimmy is a fucking Legend

    27. The Third Hand

      Isnt uncology the research of uncles?

    28. The_Ismist

      they have similar hair

    29. ZWheels

      Has Jontron not even seen the whole show? He didn't seem to realize that they got a bunch more outhouses after the first or second episode, and didn't know about the girl getting burnt which was actually in the show

    30. LE VU

      Budget and actually funny Zac Efron ?

    31. Knight Raider

      Is it just me or does Jimmy look so much like Anthony Padilla

    32. Knight Raider

      is it just me or does jimmy look like Anthony Padilla?

    33. Mary Nascimento

      Honestly, Jimmy grew up kinda cute.

    34. Mary Nascimento

      Honestly Jimmy grew up kinda cute.

    35. Fox983

      What if the real Jimmy died in the desert 13 years ago...

    36. Mohammed Burraq

      John tron: sees kid Kid: hey there John tron: who the fuck are u Kid: shows picture of him 8 John tron : ohhh okay let me sanitize ur shot pup

    37. claspingboggaming p

      This literally what my childhood was like

    38. iamadam

      Jon should make a whole Kid Nation series

    39. Tsurra Richild

      I learned a new thing today. The field of studying cancer is called Oncology. Cool.

    40. M.J SAJI

      You have to talk to Sophia too.

    41. HeckMelon

      this is a video

    42. Reiley Smith

      Next time on kid nation: Johntron interviews Jared to find out what happened 3 years ago


      I get the feeling Jon actually have Jimmy some money because he’s always been screwed over in his life. Also you’re a great you tuber Jon. I love your content

    44. Reggie Rogiani

      do jared next!! we need to know what happened three years before

    45. Emiliano M.

      I love these vids Jon! But... Where’s Jock? T_T

    46. Name Nickname1

      Being idiot is being funny?

    47. i don't have a name

      Pls keep Jimmy as a regular in the channel

    48. Limitless Beast

      Jimmy is a legit cool guy! When I become president, I am gonna get him an actual golden star, he should of been given the chance to stay after hearing about the prizes.

    49. Cinnamon

      Crazy to think waaay more people saw this than saw the original Kid Nation show

    50. Alex

      You could not have chosen a better person for this interview.

    51. G S

      suddenly realizes the green screens

    52. Ahnock

      why does this dude look like jschlatt

    53. Mariano Ramirez

      I just love how genuine this interview is

    54. Eliel Semidey

      When Jon gave Jimmy the paper Jimmy looked like he was about to cry😂

    55. Regular Viewer • 60 seconds ago


    56. Charles Perruzzi

      "40 kids, 1 outhouse" sounds like the *next* big reality show

    57. Jarthen Greenmeadow

      Modern Journalism at its finest.

      1. Jarthen Greenmeadow

        Really though, this is answering so many questions I had lol

    58. Vuk Knežević

      I mean I like shows like Survivor but come on! Kids? KIDS?! KIDS?!!!

    59. undeadbobop

      Why don't I head over to ridge? well because I can 3d print something similar.

    60. rayuu

      "i'm not an interviewer" yet this was probably one of the most authentic and also HILARIOUS interviews ive ever watched, god bless jon.

    61. sc2america

      you should keep this Kid Nation series going, maybe reacting to the next episode

    62. The Ocurrent

      I have watched this 3 times and the more I watch the more I wonder if Jon and Jimmy had like an agreement of "okay Jimmy i will make you uncomfortable sometimes, I will not shake your hand, I will spray you in the face along a paper star I will give you that is pretty much useless...and at the end I will ask which was the worse Jontron or Kid Nation" dunno but I know I am not the only one who wonders all of this

    63. Akshay Niranjan

      if that 6ft sign is 6 ft long, im 24 feet tall

    64. Momo Gonzales

      Dang he grew up to be super cute!

    65. General Kawasaki

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1412">23:32</a> im gonna keep this here

    66. vash elray

      He really seems like such a nice guy

    67. Kyle Fortune

      Partition for all kid nation episodes to be put on EEsel

    68. Rizzity

      “bye bitch 👋”

    69. Menos Problemos

      Oh, gosh! Oh man oh shit! I'm SO GLAD this video is up. The first part was the THIRD video I've watched from you Mr. Tron. I don't know SHIT about what's happening. First you play some bootleg games, do funny things... hang yourself. Make fun of a Skate Board Kid. "I've never seen it. I played the Mowgli game. The humor's funny, and it seems pretty edgy. It first reminded me of ...What the...? THIS CLIFFHANGER IS A STEEP, BLACK HOLE! WILL WE HEAR FROM ANYONE ELSE BUT JIMMY?!"

      1. Menos Problemos

        Pfffhhhh... It's over. I've watched it. A show on EEsel can't be worse than taking kids from parental supervision, and put them in a deserted ghost town in the middle of the desert. That must go against some community guide line or something? Nope! Just watch JonTronShow. I'ma put ^that^ on my facebook page. You'll deserve all the hate you'll get, Jon. And GOD DAMN you'll deserve the love!

    70. static prtzlez

      Ima come back in 7 years brb

    71. Childish Flamingo

      I wonder if jimmy has a Twitter account

    72. Zach

      Two things..... 1. Jon always makes me think of Billy Crystal with how he talks.... anyone else? 2. This was by far the best video I’ve seen. I cried laughing at this with my friends.

    73. Mop

      I hope Jimmy knows he's one cool guy

    74. Dakoya

      Didn't seem that bad

    75. Smoke C4

      But I made my wallet out of snakes

    76. Random Studios


    77. Chimp

      So i scanned the QR Code ITS A FUCKING DANCING PICKLE

    78. ME N00B

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1412">23:32</a>

    79. TopherWaln

      We need Jared next

    80. Daft Dog

      We need Jarred (the three years guy) on the next interview!