I Gave $200,000 To People In Quarantine



12 mln vaatamised853

    A lot of people are going through a ruff time right now so I tried my best to do some good :)
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        Happy birthday and ps didn't get my cookie when I subbed 3 years ago...

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        MrBeast have a great birthday

      3. erijklol 134679

        People can get money but I can't

      4. 100K subs with 1videos Challenge

        Happy birthday to the biggest legend ever Btw don’t read my channel name

      5. Grayson James

        Happy birthday best person I’ve ever heard about!!! By far

    2. Adas Pakenas

      I won’t money for games

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      Hey bro!! Thanks for all yours videos!!! Please dónate me, direct on YT!!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    4. Jake Blatt

      Mr beast should go to stores going out of business and buy everything in it

    5. Mr. Milk

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="219">3:39</a> Shrek is in the news

    6. Clevxx

      Next challange: staying in quarantine for 24 hours

    7. Yami Castillo

      when chris farted i literally died of laughter

      1. hen ko

        2:04 Chris is soulless the whole time

    8. Zecro

      Mr Beast is a great guy

      1. hen ko

        We need to vote mr beast for the next president

    9. 2k90 G4ming

      Maybe next time pick me. I no it's hard because so many people. Greeting From Philippines Quarantine

    10. e- tron Tech


    11. Oscar Angell-bean

      i lost 2 jobs and failed my college course because of the pandemic and now i cant move i wish i was in this vid lol

    12. Bonnie Clive

      He’s so generous

    13. Maureen Wagner

      This made my day. You’re awesome, Mr. Beast! ❤️😍

    14. Christian Balagtas Vlogs

      Mrbeast is the best and I hope he can also help me to feature me on his videos he's so amazing

    15. Iftikhar Ahmed

      Send it to me 😍

    16. ToastingFran TheMan

      Your such a good person dude, its your birthday and your giving gifts to people.. what a legend.

    17. JD Notoy TV

      Wat is dat real?

    18. SoulTrader Gaming

      Hey mrbeast...its me again asking for ur help🙂🙂

    19. TIPS and Techno

      some buddy support me plz

    20. Ash Alam

      Give to the poor people of poor nations.

    21. Keith f

      I wish I could get some money lol

    22. neidhawk

      It would sure help to have a run in with Mr. Beast about now! What you guys do is amazing!

    23. Cookie_crumbs Kawii

      We need to vote mr beast for the next president

    24. aMaZe on Xbox

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="124">2:04</a> Chris is soulless the whole time

    25. James Parker

      You actually are very entertaining.

    26. George Jovan

      Mr beast can you send me $400 😹

    27. Black Cherry

      Mr Beast is the goat 🐐

    28. Flynn Clayson

      Mrbeast is stupid jk

    29. Cutiepiecorn ;3

      I wish i can have lots of money to buy toilet paper and i want to buy minecraft mine coins and robux and a camera also playstation

    30. Illusion

      This is some ultimate-level generosity that i can't even comprend

    31. David Hustle

      How do I get on your mailing list Mr. Beast? :-) Oh, and I'm adding Honey too

    32. Oliver Haslam

      happy birthday 🎂

    33. Nathan Jones

      Keep doing what ur doing u making a real difference to ppl lives its moving and keep doing u

    34. Nabil Sulhi

      Buy me a house and I will feed 30 people per month for a lifetime.

    35. Clare Panniers

      Mr beast my face the morning 😾

    36. Ronan the Accuser


    37. Headless

      yet david dobrik won this round

    38. Aldo Arista

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="758">12:38</a> lmao that's hilarious seeing him burst of laughter 😂

    39. Unbrokencane


    40. Unbrokencane


    41. Lewis Mckechnie

      Who want mrbeast as president

    42. Ally James

      Mr.beast is an angle that descended from heaven make this blue if you think so ⬇️

      1. Ally James

        This vid made me so emotional 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍

    43. Jasta4

      This made me cry💜💜 you are such a good person MrBeast!!

    44. ALADYB

      Wow, there are Angels amoung us👏💞👼🙏✝️

    45. Faatimah Akhtar

      I believe there is some good people in this world And one of them is Mr Beast





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      Look at my name

    49. Jaspreet singh Dhaliwal

      Hey sir plzzz would u give me some money actually i am in need of some money due to covid 19 i am totaly out of money

    50. Mr Unknown

      Mrrrrrr beaaaaast six thousand ohhhhh oohhh

    51. Satan_No7

      They used the drama alert intro. Okie dokie

    52. Itachi Itachi

      Is 5 k in Amerika much? Im from swiss and this isnt that much😂

    53. Assault Rayz

      Mrbeast thanks so mutch man u planted 20mill trees bought a homeless man a house and legit became Santa Claus and mutch more I woud die for this man u deserve this.

    54. chichanpaul

      Subscribed to MrBeast and PewDiePie!

    55. laurentius aoxamub

      Mr. Beast help in Namibia 🇳🇦

    56. Euri Tech

      He’s an angel.

    57. The Bekolle Channel

      Learn more about different cultures on my channel.

    58. Axer Creator

    59. Daud Putra

      Its better help 200 people with 1000$

    60. Henry Kid

      You should go to hospitals and shoot money at patients with a money gun.

    61. Love Inza Cruz

      Hi mr beast pls help us ,im from philippines any financial help is highly appreciated ,no work no pay for 3 mts ,i know you have a good heart ,this is Love E. Inza Cruz

    62. Thepaintrain2013

      Flamingo fact is approved!

    63. Thepaintrain2013

      Mr Beast S? News D? TV

    64. Infinity Ops Master

      You are the nicest person I have ever seen

    65. Olexa-Blue Machut

      Lol we’re is my 💵 I am joking but I am saving up for an iPad or iphone

    66. Olexa-Blue Machut

      Oh happy birthday 🥳

    67. Cinema 2020

      Hi guys you are just super well done you already have transport ready to go straight to heaven for such good deeds you and your family will go straight to heaven I also love this profession I love to help the poor I'm sorry I don't have the opportunity that God gave you

    68. Nabilah Sharine

      Let mrbeast run for the president... Im in

    69. Do you know?kingenoen and MasterGHX

      Ok sir i shall tell to my freind s to subscribe because its only thing i can give to you

    70. Nout

      Come to Europe after Corona of course :)

    71. Jack Jack

      I hope u help my country to

    72. Melford Mosende

      happy bday mr beast.more bdays to come.from Philippines

    73. Joe Romano

      Lol Chris farted 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    74. Up Next Beatz

      Reading the captions on their news “broadcast”🤣😂

    75. Riley D

      I Wish That Was Me I've Been Trying To Get A Gaming PC For Years Your My Favorite EEselr Keep Up The Good Work.

    76. kid ding

      wish I knew this. need money. everyone does but yeah.

    77. HappyFoxUniverse

      MBSNDCGDBY News is my favorite news anchor


      mr beast can i get one thousand dollar pls

    79. Dai Dasil

      I'm grateful to be alive and to be around certian people in my life and is so happy I'm healthy during this time. Just wish that was me so i can stay away from the narcissistic,gaslighting, and over all toxic people in my life. I just want to have enough to fully take care of myself and when i give birth child.

    80. MR R