How Serious is the Coronavirus? Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm Explains | Joe Rogan

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    Taken from JRE #1439 w/Michael Osterholm:


    1. CR➐


    2. Drakofrost

      Joe, I just watched this documentary on covid19 origin. Would like you to watch and get your thoughts on this

    3. DiggitySlice

      You know what's sad? He says C19 has a incubation of 4 days, but other sources say up to 14 days, or even longer. So, who do you listen to? Thanks mainstream media

    4. DiggitySlice

      I was with him until he started fat-shaming (sarcasm)

    5. Peter K.

      1 month later...... See? Told ya so.

    6. Nick Devine

      A virus is a particle (virion). A virus is not alive (can't grow and can't reproduce without a cell). So all of these "new" viruses have been retrofit in lab's. Along with the appropriate cure. This isn't about a fake "virus" it's about keeping people locked down so new law's can be passed in countries from the USA to the uk to the EU and all over. It's so the stock markets can take a dive. And it's so all the countries combined can borrow trillions and trillions and trillions in money. Lol..... All in the name of helping us today and fucking us tomorrow. I'm sick of this shit.

    7. Pierino Vatta

      Very good interview. Thoughts and prayers to all the frontline staff in the US all the families who have to ensure suffering because of this pandemic. The individuals who help their neighbours in any way they can, these are all the modern day heroes of our current generation. I salute you. Simple guidelines, STAY HOME. Wearing a mask and gloves does help, it does not guarantee safety but any precautionary measures any individual takes will inevitably mitigate the risk factor. If the virus cannot spread it will definitely help and the only way to do that is to stay at home. I'm not convinced that opening schools is a good move but I do see the logic in giving the support to the frontline workers to care for their children. This is my personal view though.

    8. OrangeyAvocado it is way more serious than people have taken it too be

    9. Cammdc 1 It's a link to a KGB defector giving a lecture on subversion during the 80's.. very informative.. helps understand a lot of things happening right about now As well as watching the documentary "Operation Infektion".. which is great piece on disinformation, it's on youtube Also suggest people read the very short "Art of War" by Sun Tzu Please copy this and paste it everywhere right now, especially during this pandemic while so many people are at home and online.. and are regurgitating the disinformation they've been seeing on social media.. PLEASE!!


      🔥🔥🔥🔥 Like if you want it to stay in TRENDING <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="49">0:49</a> 🔥💞 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💖

    11. vladimir putin

      the virus wont last long it was made in china

    12. John K

      I wish he came out lot sooner in January

    13. John K

      When was this taken? Is he from future?!

    14. Carl Calaya

      They’ve accomplished the ‘end game’ without having to fire a single BULLET! Put most of world on lockdown 🌍🔐 with this psychology warfare about a virus 🦠 we can’t see an have little to no real definitive facts while media help spread mass panic constantly filling all are eyes/ears with daily deaths figures, doom, gloom blah blah blah all the sheeple ran fighting in supermarkets for milk an rice to stockpile...crazy uncanny similarities to a movie contagion think it was made 11/12 years ago I even first heard term ‘social distancing’ on it also the virus 🦠 originates in China through bat droppings/dogs/humans wow welcome to new normal! 🙏 A new vaccine will be compulsory next if you have ‘covid 19’ or not this plan was set in stone years ago literally an they’ve achieved there goal quietly stripping us of are basic rights an movement laws forbidding us to see family/friends closing all airports, ‘non essential’ retailers restaurants etc.. causing msss financial ruin an closures an all within 2 weeks!!

      1. Danny Sigurdson

        lol and who is this group? What is their purpose? Did they also create the Spanish Flu?

    15. mark s

      I am not shocked an ex-marine goes 100% mainstream false flag. My country, right or wrong, eh Joe?

    16. kitty ann

      it seems china sends a virus every 10ish years. they and india have control over any vaccines hmmm.

    17. hawkdiesel19

      I've Seen Nothing to Support it is Airborne. I Dont Think He Shouldn't Say Breathe it in.

    18. modfather1964

      I have just had my petition to ''Stop 5G in the UK'' MYSTERIOUSLY removed from 'Change .Org' These fuckers are up to something... They are taking away away our rights. Come on people, Stand Up, Fight! ''I would rather die standing than to live on my knees''...CHE GUEVARA.

    19. santa clause

      Look it up,usa funded chinese to develope this,go check,fuckin bastards,it did not cum from animals,and this wanker is a out and out liar

    20. Mr Hansen

      No disrespect towards Joe, or this dude, but how the Hell are we suppose to know whether this guy is a paid to misinform dude? We really never know, EVER! We are lied to at an ALARMING rate, from news, Government, all Schools including Colleges, etc... so regardless of what ANYONE tells us, WE REALLY NEVER EVER KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH IS AND WHAT THE LIE IS! In FACT, the only people WE CAN TRUST IN WHAT THEY ARE TELLING US IS THE FACT THAT WHEN THE DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS TELL US SOMETHING, IT IS MOST DEFINITELY A FLAT OUT BOLD FACED LIE, I GUARANTEE YOU THAT! THATS THE MOST RELIABLE FACT WE HAVE!

      1. Town City

        First of all, calm down. Second of all, consider the logistics of what would have to happen for this to be a lie. Think about the staggering amount of people who would have to be in on it. Staff from 10s of thousands of hospitals, councils, mayors, electorate reps, from 212 states and territories all over the world where the virus is reported to exist. It is absolutely asinine at this point to think its made up. Here's a word of advice for you. Evaluate claims on their own merits instead of believing dumbass broad-brush shit like "everything democrats say is a lie" or "everything the media says is a lie". That's how people turn to moronic "alternative facts" like the virus being transmitted through 5g networks. Use your head

    21. Mr Hansen

      The world better not end yet, I need to apply, receive, and max out as many credit cards as I can get, FIRST!

    22. **{[Redacted]}**

      Bye, bye liberty, give me that $1,200 so I can get a hooker, some dope/liquor and a gun

      1. Zachary B

        Pretty much exactly

    23. Corona virus updates

      Corona virus covid-19 cases in india till now Watch Full video

    24. Mike Carter

      Best information so far

    25. Harpoon_Bakery

      it's getting SO much better, can't believe it. so thankful and glad for New York , they are out of this all because they followed the 15 days and are continuing to follow it with the new 30 days... so grateful for such great leadership at the top levels. Pence is amazing....Trump even more so, and the military and the health workers, well, they are just heros

    26. Paul Collins

      Every few years we need something like this to weed out the population kill off the elderly who are a drain on social security a drain on healthcare a drain on food housing its Darwinism at its best

      1. E H

        I'm glad you are a loser and not a leader

    27. Typical RockHound

      Population control ? Yea . Profitable $ickness Yep change my mind ? ;)

      1. aola wili

        resources we have left to protect the most vulnerable .... Let’s not make the medicine worse than the disease

    28. Bronwin Draney

      "Limited data", that's your clue to this being all bullshit.

      1. E H

        That's a sign to the situation is novel and they're still learning as they go. just imagine the three hundred thousand cases you know how hard it is to get a test imagine how many are infected and still out there in the world at least 500 600,000 American

      2. adrian marshall

        Riiiight. Bs. Keep telling yourself that.

    29. Bronwin Draney

      I was in line for the supermarket and spoke out skepticism. Pointing out that neither Sweden nor Japan was doing this shit. One old guy, came up to me from back of the line and threatened to punch me out. I kept my cool and pointed out that there were 15 witnesses. He kept on ranting so I just walked away. See this.

    30. Are you Serious?

      Joe Rogan is the next interviewer ever.

      1. aola wili

        The period of distancing might last longer than we would like.....but at some point a decision to reactive the bee hive will be necessary..... In six months we can use whatever

    31. Jade Adams


    32. spontaneous chit

      Its 5g cooking ppl alive

    33. V. E.

      Common sense vs non-sense. So refreshing! This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion and the media and politicians have merely turned the issue of "public safety" into a political football. Use your barely functioning heads people! A shut-down doesn't help anyone except the wealthy, as they have the resources to withstand any economic down-turns. Stay away from densely populated areas and let's all start using the wits we were given. Yeah, I know I'm pissing into the wind and wasting my breath/time. smh

    34. Brotherhood

      Well the mask comment didn’t age well...

    35. Muhammad Ali Rao

      Can a recovered covid patient once again get infected if he/she comes into contact with infected one or becomes immune?

      1. Martin Dresler

        @Muhammad Ali Rao I know but just because I read it doesn't mean it's true 🤔

      2. Muhammad Ali Rao

        @Martin Dresler Oh this is terrible info. I was hoping otherwise. So sad.

      3. Martin Dresler

        I read somewhere that sadly no. You can get infected again

    36. Nathan Mazza

      I always come back to this because everything this man has said has come true.

      1. sinnoboy0000

        Yea he’s been on the money about literally everything.

      2. Nathan Mazza

        @John K Little over a month ago.

      3. Crono

        @John K About a month ago. March 10th

      4. John K

        Rewatching as well when was this taken?

      5. Ruben Cordero

        Nathan Mazza same

    37. Aaron Hammon

      Bullshit. Hoax of the century.....

    38. Eric Newhuis

      Need him to have a Chinese Communist Party talk. I am really concerned about how they handled this freaking mess and want to see this play out in the open. I used to think that what happens in Communist China stays in Communist China. That seems so stupid now.

      1. bilishu aliss

        what bullshit is this, why isnt he saying that coronavirus is bullshit. fuck this guy and fuck the bullshit ridden establishment. fuck off

    39. LIFE IS HERE

      I'm new here. I have good videos :)). STAY HOME SAVE PEOPLE. #covid19

      1. LIFE IS HERE

        @bilishu aliss please take care. Stay home. Save PEOPLE: )

      2. bilishu aliss

        just before the market crashed

    40. EDU-CATE

      finally got how to cure corona

    41. Evidence Based Tibb


    42. shushane1

      Reminds me of perry mason and his little factoids

    43. alida flus

      People:this is going to be my year Coronavirus: I don't think you have the facilities for that big man

    44. Weston Bourgeois

      My main question: what is the main difference between other corona viruses or even the swine flu and COVID 19?

      1. SAMPA

        Weston Bourgeois I coronavirus is a common cold corona with a coved 19 Is a more virulent strain.

    45. Drew Britain

      China's top officials should be jailed for manslaughter

      1. Drew Britain

        @Tarun Nair Trump and the worlds army

      2. Tarun Nair

        Who will jail them?

    46. SAMPA

      What about the 5G link through the poisoning of one’s cells through 5G1 develops flu like symptoms?

      1. Tshimo Mogudi

        @alida flus lmao🤣🤣

      2. alida flus

        Americans are safe becouse you are all in such a good shape

    47. Pradeep R Nair

      For More About Covid-19 | Live Updation | Hidden Secrets about Corona Please Follow the link

    48. Doodle Captain

      I had a 103.2 fever in Saratoga Springs NY on March 17th. Today, April 5, I finally feel better and I spent the last 6 days (not kidding) in my bed sweating. April 1, ironically, is when I was short of breath. I am 34. I could not get tested and did not go to the ER although I almost did on March 31 evening. This is serious.

    49. Gary the Go Getter

      Seeing so many social distancing dumb-fucks right now. One of my jobs is in a supermarket and so many people are acting like it's just a regular day. I swear to god if someone deliberately coughs on me I'm gonna knock the fucker out!

    50. Veko

      2020 population: 8mld 2021 population: 7mld 2025 population: 2_3mld Is sad:((((

    51. Juan Jose Garcia

      This men have been paid by the goverment to inyect fear un the population which cause the shut down of the inmune system nota the fucking virus . WAKE UP WORLD!!!

      1. Antonio Lindsey

        Shut your stupid ass up

    52. Mathew Chen

      The US planted the CoronaVirus in China back in Nov 2019 to bring down the Chinese economy / Huawei 5G that will hurt the US, while the select few of US / EU sold off stocks just before the market crashed

    53. Trad Chad

      what bullshit is this, why isnt he saying that coronavirus is bullshit. fuck this guy and fuck the bullshit ridden establishment. fuck off

      1. Chris R

        Trad Chad the fuck is wrong with you?

    54. غريب بلاد

      Corona is like putting his hands in a bucket filled with black robe And he entered his home He began to touch the things we all touched at home An hour after he sits at home, you will find that black in his hands smudges a lot of things with this rash So Corona When a person with this virus touches things in the daylight hours, it touches hundreds of things You can also touch it Without counting or feeling the size of the number If you count the things you touch in your day I would like to know that you are in danger without feeling its extent God bless you People are surprised where the infection comes from Take precautions But there is an infection This is my brothers No one can be careful about touching their nose, eyes and mouth, and sitting at home They wash their hands, but then what? After the victim touches a bag of bread, potato bags, baby food, cans, and other things that you use in your home Then I came to take it This is the problem, my friend Corona is only a fingerprint Everywhere The only solution, after sticking to the house, is that the person who brings things from the market to the home should wash the boxes and replace the bags with caution. This is after the father and mother use these precautions before using them at home and when they enter the house for the first time Children are not allowed to come to you before washing your hands, nose, and face, and replacing your clothes She tells me this a lot I tell you how to do it How do you want to take what I say take The important thing is that you work with her and do not throw her behind your back You have adults and children They are just a few things you do well and you will be fine, God willing, and alert all interest in the paper currency (A man came to the Prophet’s Mosque and left his camel without tying it up, and one of the companions told him: “So tie him.” He told him that I trust God and the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. He said to him and grant him peace. Here in Europe and in Denmark in particular, it was suggested that paper currency be canceled and the card used because the currency was the cause of transmission of the disease, God forbid I seek refuge in Allah from the word I when I go to the market and buy in paper currency. I put the coin in a small bag and wear gloves (gloves). And when I return home, I isolate the bag somewhere Second time purchase (and so on) Even the currency beware Other than that it is not prevention and quarantine Corona should handle it this way Corona fingerprint knows how to deal with it May Allah protect us and you and Muslims from leprosy, madness, leprosy, and etiquette Amen, Lord of the Worlds. Your brother in God of Nazareth

    55. Anthony Barnes

      Average age of deaths in Italy is 79.5

    56. Jon D Woods

      Watch how the corona will spread with the 5G installations,,, the wuhan hospital installed 5G just before the outbreak, the quarantined cruiseships 👉🏻5G , Italy recently launched a larger test run for 5G aswell as Spain, it’s our bodies reacting to the 5G , this happened 1918 when frequencies from radio waves gave the “Spanish flu” , this is not contagious in the way they say, our bodies will create it itself. Read OR test yourself, the waves from the 5G is worse than a microwave, it’s below the classification of a weapon, the former president of Microsoft has explained this, vodaphones ex head of business is coming out aswell, the home test kit was contaminated WITH the corona virus just to spread it like a virus, but they got one is questioning that...this is the biggest hoax in human history. U can buy devices just to measure the 5Gs impact for yourself, ex telecom workers are literally taking down 5G towers illegally because they know the dangers. They Don’t show you this on EEsel or mainstream media they actually remove it. search this please. they’re prepping hospitals and building tents in preparation for the installations of the 5G , globally 5G will have the spike in October, watch how the towers rise as we fall. search for citizens doing journalism on this now Don’t trust the rich. The corona virus is not our problem, it’s the installation of 5G and it’s a cover up. this is not a theory right now, they’re killing us and lying at the same time. god bless and take care, don’t be afraid❤️

    57. Sherlock Holmes

      This is just the Flu, it will-one day just magically disappear. We don't need the cure worse than the disease. Free bailouts for business , The rest of you ...Get Back to work

    58. hulk smash!

      Look new world order coming, digital currency

    59. The Hollywoodian

      Fuck this guy, he is payed to spread fear

    60. Blair Nelson

      I’m so happy to hear a straight message from a professional. Someone give this guy a raise.

    61. Adrenaline junkie

      Americans are safe becouse you are all in such a good shape



    62. saurabh jainth

      70% of worlds generic drugs are made in India

    63. Doug Syler

      Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase (RT)-PCR Diagnostic Panels don't test specifically for the new Chinese identified Coronavirus, they find any Coronavirus.

    64. Doug Syler

      Real-Time Reverse Transcriptase (RT)-PCR Diagnostic Panels don't test specifically for the new Chinese identified Coronavirus, they find any Coronavirus.

    65. Brian Henry

      THREE WEEKS LATER - right on the money. VIRUS Can be transferred via JUST BREATHING.

      1. Byron MaidPro -Salt Lake City

        @Mike Varga Yep, he was right about alot of things but way wrong on total deaths. It's bad but not ebola level bad.

      2. Mike Varga

        @Alex Wackdonald and it's plateauing.. it won't even kill over 50k in usa. Guaranteed and taking $100 bets on it

      3. Alex Wackdonald

        @Mike Varga bro it's killed 20k people in 2 days.

      4. Psichosis

        Hey Mike, did you know that the total flu infections in the US were 35 million in 2018-2019 with 32,000 deaths? COVID 19 currently has 1.4 million infections with 81,000 deaths. So why don't you be a moron somewhere else, and leave the thinking to people who can do basic multiplication.

      5. Mike Varga

        @Andrew Cheatle you're quite the moron if you think covid19 will kill 750,000 people

    66. WegZurHölle

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a> yeah... if his predictions are so accurate, he should do climate models. the IPCC needs after 30 years or so finally an accurate one...... <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="520">8:40</a> yeah... for some reason that sentence makes no sense in my ears. this IS sars, so what is he talking about?

    67. Evan

      This guy is saying that COVID-19 is aerosol transmission. Everyone else I've heard so far has said that it's droplet transmission only, not aerosol. Someone is wrong.

      1. Evan

        @David Forward Droplets are defined as to fall to the ground. Aerosol does not. Thanks for your input though.

      2. David Forward

        Aerosol is droplets, small ones, how can you not understand that.

    68. Clarence Dember

      Echinacea seems to be a good thing for adults to be taking during the peak of this covid 19 outbreak because it has been a go to means of mitigating flu season in general. I discovered it when I was an (EAP) employee assistance coordinator at a State University of New York in the early nineties. There was this health advocacy piece the role of EAP coordinator was required to fill. I published a tv and video weekly monitor for health conscious viewing and featured info on Echinacea. Staff and faculty commented to me personally how much Echinacea helped them during flu season thereafter. Then, we can look at Nano-silver at 10 ppm which on a continuum of dosages can protect and even mitigate the duration of immunological attacks by pathogens (both bacteria and viral pathogens.) It is important to come to the realization that processed food of our modern era requires supplementation of real nutrients:vitamins and minerals, enzymes and bioflora which have been processed out of our dietary selection in the race for greater shelf life of these "food products" manufactured by large corporations using that leverage of cheap manufacturing to earn the eviscerated fiat currency to expand market share and infrastructure.

    69. John Nevin

      If this guy knew way back what was going to happen with the corona why didn’t he warn anyone He said he knew exactly how it was going to progress?

      1. ADPathos

        You're joking right? He wrote a book about it and has been educating the public for years. Then he went on Joe Rogan to get the word out.

    70. Box Tapper

      Nancy Pelosi / Bill De Blasio & the chief medical officer of NY all were saying it's no big deal, go to the lunar celebration in Chinatown. You won't see that on the liberal media now will you.

      1. Andrew Cheatle

        Sure - and I remember some prick calling Coronavirus a 'Democratic Hoax'...

    71. kcuf7

      This could be the perfect bio weapon? extremely easy to catch, can take someone out quickly, God Help us 🙏🏻

      1. David Forward

        Oh yea I'm sure this bloke called god is suddenly going to appear and help you, like hell.

    72. Sardo Numspa

      7000 deaths not even a month after he said this and says they're expecting 480,000 in 6 months....They exaggerate these numbers so it appears they're the heroes and that their house arrest tactics work so you all obey like good doggies next time they order you to.

    73. TallStarlite

      1960's we Supposedly landed man on the Moon safely, but we can't keep him Healthy in 2020. Hmmm Something's not Right Here?!

      1. David Forward

        Yes a world of uneducated fools like you.

    74. Surviving Chicago

      Bullshit...... I rather take the chance of dying then to live a life in fucking poverty! 450,000 deaths..... there was 350,000 deaths of Rheumatic fever in 2015 we didn’t shut the fucking world down for that! these fucking doctors have literally destroyed our economy and are sending us to food and soup lines!

      1. Surviving Chicago

        KA what the hell do you mean no one is stopping me..... they are literally stopping us from going outside to make a living! I know that you’re probably a stupid little millennial, so let me tell you a little secret about life sometimes the solution to a problem is impossible, like stopping cancer by draining lake Michigan with a tea cup.....why don’t you let that sink in for a little bit. Or here, let me dumb it down for you just a little bit more.... let’s say if someone tells you that you have a 5% chance of being hit by a truck every time you cross the street to go to your job to make a living and survive, are you going to stop crossing the street?

      2. KA

        go ahead and go to new york then, no one's stopping you

    75. Ray ban?

      I thought this was julian assange

    76. Tim Brown

      I am in Mexico now watching the taxis load up from my hotel. Not to mention buses. The door handles have to be soooo infected. 3rd world countries are Really going to suffer. They cant sit at home because no "stimulas check" they are very vulnerable to this. Good luck to all.

      1. neejoy sola

        Also remember China has been sending false reading test kits to test for Coronavirus and has been caught doing this.

    77. travis eastlick

      The coronavirus is not as bad as the AIDS virus and go down to the CDC and file a foia request. They sent out memo's to government granted facilities to place false results and then sent out a new one to stop testing and writing anything down about AIDS so it will run its course. The medical industry has somewhat a blackmail hold on the government. Loose lips sink ships, the Real Terds will stay afloat.

      1. travis eastlick

        @kcuf7 you have no idea how bad AIDS was and the thing is you will never know how bad it is. Like I said earlier, this could be the AIDS virus, the government is in 100% control of anything that goes through the cdc's fingers. They're treating the population as as resource and nothing more than a resource

      2. travis eastlick

        @kcuf7 really? when a city of a population of 100,000 has 10,000 cases and they decided to let it run its course, do you understand the ramifications of what I just said you stupid f***! what are you talkin about keeping it quiet for over 25 years so I can run its course and you think a flu is worse? It's what you don't know! Whatever they're telling you is 10 times less likely the problem! This could be AIDS!

      3. kcuf7

        travis eastlick what are you talking about? This is worse than aids! It can end lives much quicker and, much easier to contract 😷🤦🏻‍♂️

    78. Curtis East

      The expert tells it straight. "tact" "sugar coating", nope. He used to write for Carlos Mencia

      1. Mint Gell

        @neejoy sola Go back to infowars and buy Alex Jones' lead pills you fucking brainlet.

      2. Open Case

        neejoy sola idiot

      3. neejoy sola

        The is a man made viruses Democratic Party doing All they can to kick out trump 4 years going after trump Right after the impeachment came this What a coincidence

    79. chris west

      Hey. What's wrong with Joe Rogan? He claims to be a comedian? Be flippant, damn you!

    80. teeduck

      Spreading fear.

      1. SkillBasedGamer

        your existence is spreading fear.