Here's How YOU Can Help Find a Cure for COVID-19!

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    We show you how you can setup Folding@Home, a distributed computation project that allows you to donate your computer's processing power to help model protein dynamics to combat diseases like Parkinsons, Cancer, Huntingtons, and most importantly, COVID-19.
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    1. Nicholas Dubois

      I'm downloading folding at home when I get home later, this sounds awesome!

      1. tired shinigami

        well im in home quarentine mid nowhere with no land line or reception so like sorry i cant help lol

      2. Joseph N

        @R T You sound quite pessimistic. Why?

      3. Bryan

        matrixfull was covid not being a drop down option ever solved?

      4. Joshua Long

        I have never seen my own cpu run this hard!

      5. y2kenh

        i see the linus1 server online!

    2. Repz

      Plot twist: Folding@Home is secretly mining bitcoin with you paying the electricity bill.

    3. XSuRiVa

      I mean. I would try to help but my pc isn’t really that good. I am planning to build my dream pc next year though so I’m gonna do it next year I guess I have to save 2200 dollars for my dream pc. I know it’s not that much for a pc but I will still love it and appreciate it.

    4. 4drCtr420

      Do the points really matter? Sounds like xbox gamer points or whatever they're called. Shouldnt the incentive be just being a good person

    5. Johannes Davidsen

      It a heater nothing else 😂 for gaming tho 👍

    6. William Wilson

      What is COVID-19? It's now called the CCP Virus Oh and I am folding on your team now.

    7. guitarFAIL

      does anyone can give me an estimate on how much it costs having this thing 24/7 for a month, using average electricity costs for Canada or USA ? using only 1 CPU (4 cores) + 1 GPU? thanks

    8. Martin Mitrovic

      That pc loks more expensive than my whole room

    9. TommyGun

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> as a Brit electrician I find that mad lol, like 3kw to you guys is 27amps, but to us its only 12amps. Almost all of our home home/office sockets are protected by 32A breakers at 240v so we get 7.7kw max power before the breaker trips. Also we all get the same consumer 110-240v rated PSU's globally, I've noticed the efficiency ratings are a fair bit lower for you guys so you have to use slightly more powerful PSU's than we need.

    10. BooB SooS

      But on the other side its also really harmful for the environment because it needs so much energy for the gpu thats used for calculation.

    11. Richard R

      Also Never Forget

    12. TheRealComputerGuy99

      I have installed Folding@home and it is working, but I do not get a “Points per day stat”. I have joined Team 223518. Is this normal?

    13. Pooya Ramezani

      this piece of unlimited power case you guys let lie around is what I would die for a 1/6 of it...but since I'm living in Iran and the prices on these sweet hardwares are too high I can't even dream of having them...use them wisely

    14. spirit 007

      I joined the folding team through BOINC, and IBM’s world community grid and joined with a Sony Experia m4 Aqua A phone with a 8-core Qualcomm snapdragon 615. This device runs 24-7 now

    15. Dragos George

      Hello what case do you have.

    16. Caleb Whiting

      Could you imagine if all of the mining riggs had been used for something useful.

    17. Vegeta Saijan

      I´ve got an old I7950 with 6GB Ram and a Gtx 970 left over unused. But the HDD is broken, and i dont have a replacement. Can i run FAH-client while booting over USB-Stick without significant performance drops? i´m happy to run that old system 24/7 as long as it still works.

    18. Michael Kellbach

      this is incredible! I joined the team

    19. TCliner10 Hd

      What noone is saying you right here. If you join the correct team, you can MAKE MONEY and HELP FIND CURES TOGETHER.

    20. Chris Chronos

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="256">4:16</a> "the reason we need two power supplies is: to fold."

    21. Scallop

      starship troopers meme

    22. Siris Mc

      But I’ve got XP.... PRO

    23. Magma TH

      Welp, I only heard of this becuz someone on my Discord Server showed me this after I shared the Jacksepticeye video where he asks All his viewers to share the video to make the largest donation stream in reality :/

    24. OCMode ES

      7601st, Hi Linus!

    25. Marius Suciu

      OMG, scam everywhere

    26. Matthew Taylor

      So we're on track to be number 1 team on the leaderboard.

    27. Steven Boughner

      I've run Boinc for years. Having watched this video I downloaded the app and i'm running the COVID-19 data. This is a great way of helping out.

    28. Shawn Tobin

      Number 2!!!! on team monthly come on gamers help find a cure!!! ( also we surpassed the fastest super computer in processing!!!!!

    29. Jonas Larsson

      Pausing the CPU slot is not the way to go. Should remove the slot.

    30. hex

      Any update on that folding server?

    31. Derek Davis

      Time to do some folding.

    32. Brice Fleckenstein

      Technically, breakers DO go above 1600 watts - but not as a highly common thing in the US/Canada (I think Mexico as well). 20 amp 117 VAC circuit can go over 2300 watts intermittent, 234 circuits normally START at over 3KW (and modern computer power supplies work on 234 FINE). Most COMMON home outlets though are 15 Amp 117 VAC. The overload issues that the Folding@Home project had for a couple weeks seem to have been addressed at this point - I've been having my rigs (I'm a fairly long time FAH heavy hitter) get work consistently for the last couple days. And yes, I've not had to turn on an actual HEATER for a few years now. 8-)

    33. هَاتُوا بُرْهَانَكُمْ Bring Your Proof

      could this process does hardware damage to my Laptop, core i7 9750H, 16 Gig Ram, Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti? like cryptocurrency mining can harm hardware can folding at home harms the hardware too?

    34. Jordan Schneckloth

      Banana for scale

    35. Nishant Soni

      Back in my days folding meant taking clothes from the pile on the chair or the bed and folding them to put in the closet. Kids these days are into things I am too old to understand. This Linus kid seems to know what he is doing though. God bless his soul.

    36. Wilhelm Roscher

      Would it be more effective to donate the mony that would be spend on electricity to big server farms running this program? The Compute/Energy is likely higher there.

    37. Zondasc12

      I just finished folding my 17,00th WU the other day. Been with the project for a very long time Its amazing how I cant get WU anymore but also fantastic. I am glad people are finally using their PC downtime for good.

    38. Tyler Meier

      I got folding at home after watching this. I got 114,474 points for Team LTT so far. That's 0.00007314256% of the total. You're welcome.

    39. Dylan Lawrence

      While your computer is folding there is also a way that you can help figure out how to fold COVID-19 called See how you can possibly solve the COVID-19 protein folding puzzle here and help save humanity from COVID-19!

    40. FeriGGGG

      Guys, if you are not getting any work for folding due to shortage of work available, please consider joining Rosetta@home for cpu & GpuGrid for gpu biomedical work via BOINC client, ...dont be afraid, it is easy to setup

    41. Andrew Martin

      Anyone thought of crowdfunding a folding server on AWS, Google, or Azure?

    42. Green Lightning

      I wonder if there is a combination things (drug, herb, something-something) that could increase improve strengthening our immune system - attack the situation in a different direction and also prevent other viruses from getting in. I guess what I’m saying is to make a super immune system. I probably obviously don’t know what exactly this super computer does but just a thought.

    43. Saurabh Behere

      what happened to Q Bits & quantum computers ?

    44. Sergiu Șveț

      Someone is mining a real huge amount of virtual coins xD

    45. Duarte Faria

      Using foldinghome and boinc almost 2 months ago, only when the problem comes to your country that the problem exist...America way of thinking....pffff... Put all the PC's all at work doing that and go home...

    46. Derek Gilhousen

      its an unstable virus which mutated from animals to humans, then mutated from killing only those over 60 some to killing those over 40, and you can catch it more than once. the danger is in the next possible mutation. and that you can catch it again. imagine if humans lifespan suddenly reduced to 40 years old because everyone always had corona.... wait a minute... cancer already does that.... was cancer originally a virus?

    47. xdragon2k

      Dood... we should make a connected heater that can do folding while heating your home.

    48. Leo Arce

      goofy smile on the thumbnail with such a serious topic. don't get me wrong. i like and have watched many linus videos, but this is in poor taste.

    49. juan gabriel rodas robles

      Incredible revision Linus Gabriel follow through with your goals and projects. I have been watching your videos on EEsel for years from Bolivia, the heart of Latin America and guiding everything you explain on your channel, they help me a lot about the assembly of desktop computers, pity that I can only imagine them because it would be a dream to learn how to assemble PCs with liquid refrigeration as I imagine it and with every detail in its components, how beautiful your profession is. Greetings from a distance.

    50. Justin Valentin

      Is there a way to get this up and running on an old Power Mac G5 running 10.5.8? Or even BOINC if work is still being distributed to PowerPC Macs?

    51. Scott Hullinger

      Stupid video. Ordinary people are not the ones who will be finding a cure, but rather, the medical professionals will.

      1. Scott Hullinger

        @482lost - Good.

      2. 482lost

        Still helping though by allowing these professionals to utilize unused processing power for the task of simulating how proteins interact. That's the whole point of this.

    52. TheFirebolt22

      Sadly, i cant afford the power

    53. Ted Hong

      What is it runs Windows XP?

    54. snaplash

      Tried it, but it prevented me from sleeping my machine overnight, uninstalled.

    55. George Wendell

      Just joined the folding team with a 2014 MacBook Pro 2.8GHz quad core i7, intel iris pro 1536 MB........ I’m halping

    56. Just Jono Things

      Seems to be mostly idle on all my computers, how long till the bandwith is increased?

    57. Johnathan Dearnaley

      How did it take you learn to double click an executable #lienus?

    58. Martin Schellberg

      Wow , your Team is Great !

    59. BaitHoven

      Well done

    60. super man

      I love ur vids so much. I was going to build my first pc but the Coronavirus messed up everything so it’s just a very annoying wait. Stay safe and healthy. Don’t get it

      1. super man

        I also am going to download and support u when my sister gets of the computer. Let’s just say it has a 4th gen i3 core

    61. IT Computer Services

      Downloaded and running on LTT team.

    62. voodooutt

      rosetta@home is also a good one working on the bug.

    63. Tesla369

      It is a pity that the Folding @ home system cannot provide continuous occupancy for each CPU and GPU. There are still several hours of waiting for a task. Why then encourage further users to register if the current ones are unused. Where is the sense here. It becomes senseless. When will it change?

    64. Justin Potgieter

      I'm folding, but my visualization is not connected or something, it shows "demo" what can I do?

      1. Julien Dragon

        visualization don't impact your folding. I have demo too and still folding since the vidéo

    65. James Grearson

      really recomend this to anyone! takes literally 5 minutes.

    66. Binary Book

      Installed it and joined the team, it is a good cause, and i would recommend everyone to do contribute. Great video :)

    67. bendaboss no

      me: hey mom can we go get folding mom: no we have folding at home folding at home:

    68. sonic fighter

      do I need to name it LMG_jakkuh?

      1. Julien Dragon

        nope, you can put your name, just make jure to join the team 223518

    69. Chris parkinson

      Wait for the next folding at home video, what's happening

    70. dogwaterbowl


    71. PaiN ZRT

      The ultimate antivirus

    72. G Vulture

      Fuck this video

    73. Peter Nguyen

      Didnt even show us your PPD, smh

    74. Eclectic Badger

      But Linus, what about the evils of peer2peer and creating a backdoor into your home network. How secure is that 24/7 connection and if not running on stand alone hardware, just how isolated is unknown source software from my personal data? A follow-up video in greater detail would reassure. Note: I used to be part of the SETI project, but consider PCs were less vulnerable then over a 9600 baud modem.

    75. aowi7280

      My GPU is running at 70C and when the CPU starts processing, it hits 80C. Is that too hot?

      1. Yuckmout' From Down Under

        aowi7280 No problem!

      2. aowi7280

        @Yuckmout' From Down Under Thanks for the reference point.

      3. Yuckmout' From Down Under

        Depends on your components, but I've been crypto-mining with my RTX 2060 Super at up to 76-80 degrees for months without restarts and alls fine. I also mine with my R5 2600 which can hit 72.

    76. Alexandre Bertani

      Im helping folding@home since 2008!! Great to see that you are helping too!! =] Hugs from Brazil

    77. tberry7348

      Just curious, if that's a dedicated folding machine why didn't you install Linux instead of windows?

    78. LV Flxffy

      my intel hd graphics and core i5 4210U will destroy covid-19! doing my part ;)

    79. nicknack 2001

      im useing my unraid sever for folding@home their a plugin to run it on your unraid severs

    80. TheQuark6789

      Anybody else think the intro was excessively loud this time?

      1. Binary Book

        Yep, and that were annoying, woke up the whole neighborhood.