Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Dyeing Their Hair Neon

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

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    Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 4 girl dye their hair all kinds of neon colors!
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    1. Brad Mondo

      🥺👉🏻👈🏻 ur so pretty

      1. Abby Walker

        I ❤️ you

      2. Mel

        I loooveyouu🥺🥺

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      4. Janice Marvell

        @Faith Autumn Brad ILY!! I cannot stop watching your videos specifically the kpop series. Loving it. And I would love to see moreeee pleaseee 👉👈💖

      5. Ryleigh McKee

        when u did the whole thing at the beginning i cried

    2. Loïs Plaisier

      Me: eating a snack while i sit on my bed with no make-up, with a bun from the day before. Brad mondo: *hyping me up in the intro* Love you😂♥️♥️

    3. Holly Ramyeon

      Not gonna lie I clicked bc I saw eve

    4. Femke Demuyt

      How to dy your Hair Buy a box of color Read the instructtions Trow it in to the trash En go to a real hairdresser!!! Voila now you have perfect colored hair

    5. autumn wasemann

      brad is the sweetest youtuber. period.

    6. Nino Samkharadze

      Ur so funny lmao

    7. Karys Parker

      Brad has helped me. I look in the mirror as I was instructed and what do you know. For once I’m not breaking out. Thank you, Brad, for your magical powers

    8. BeyondOnesKhen TH

      Brad: You look spectacular! It's so intimidating being in your presence. Me watching with my face mask on. 👁👄👁

    9. Yummie Ll

      Nobody: Not even me: Brad: you look SPECTACULAR go say it to the mirror Not even mirror: Nor reflection: Brad: you look amazing, you deserve it all, all this love because you're tHIS wonderful am i crying? hell yes

    10. Yummie Ll

      Woow I think I've started to love myself more just because Brad is always here to say these magical words and to say "look at the fff mirror and say you're beautiful, beautiful" cmon I love him

    11. Diya khurana

      First 30 seconds got me smiling! 😂 Cheers Brad!

    12. Rachael Esposito


    13. Madison Nay

      Am I the only one who loves every entro

    14. callie talbot

      A message to Brad Thank you so much for all the wholesome comments you give out it really puts a smile on my face and i struggle with my confidence so just Thank You

    15. Jinx Sterling

      I love the confidence boost!

    16. Gayatri Kurian

      Why is no one talking about her pony eyelashes?!

    17. softi._brook

      When u said hi beautiful I said hi beautiful at same times to my dog

    18. Randi Reyes

      Brads intro hypes you up more than that random guy on Snapchat that you want nothing to do with

    19. Amanda Pane

      Love everything about you & your intros Brad ♥️

    20. Natalie Burnett

      i n e e d to find his shirt 🥺 someone please help

    21. Diya Thomas

      Brad: telling me i look spectacular Me: Taking a shit at 3am

    22. Lunar Twins

      Mk, I really wanna dye the ends of mah hair neon pink AFTER quarantine. Do you think it would look good on brown hair?!? Please let me know! 🥺🥺🥺

    23. Montana Brooks

      Brad : you are beautiful Me : *laying in bed* 🥔

    24. Heather Yang

      Bro at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="463">7:43</a> his “I’m excited” is fricking hilarious🤣

    25. LVNTX 2Q2Q

      Oh how I wish I was a young woman again...I would definitely be all over this Arctic Fox hair dye. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️☹️☹️

    26. Its Me


    27. Christina Mitchell

      The pink and orange hair is so Paramore and I absolutely LOVE it!!

    28. erika rabelo

      My gosh ahhaha I am dyeing my dark hair pink soon and hopefully my hair wont fall 😭😭😭😭😭😭 ill be posting the results

    29. Camila de Lira

      Brad!! I just want to say thank you!! I just dyed my hair pink (a quarantine hair, as you wish), it was always a dream to have a fun colored hair (in a color like pink or blue), but I was always so scared of bleaching it. Watching your videos made me learn a lot, so you did teach me how to do it!! :) thank you!!!!!

    30. Mackenzie Cancilla

      Brad: ur so beautiful Me: wrapped in 5 blankets with chin fat having a mental breakdown

    31. Maddy Slotto

      *me licking the chocolate off my lips as brad is talking to me* oh I wasn't prepared for this brad haha

    32. yeety skeety

      I love his intros cuz I almost always look insane with my hair going all kinds of ways

    33. Sarah Hart

      I'm just going to listen to this intro everyday when I wake up to boost my confidence! 🥰🤣

    34. Meagan Cx

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="732">12:12</a> she sounds so ghetto 😂

    35. Marie Lefler

      Brad Mondo: you look spectacular Me, dressed to the nines, makeup on fleek: damn girl how’d you know??

    36. T T

      Moriah’s lashes were soooo distracting!

    37. ashlles86

      Every time Brad tells me I'm pretty ♥️♥️♥️ Aww thanks Brad. You look gorgeous today too

    38. Lee Chan

      I just came because she looked like a nct lightstick

    39. Emma Adell

      Lorgia: *puts slurping effect in her video* Brad: “That was rude”

    40. Gab j

      I need a compilation video of all Brad Mondo compliments/openings to his videos ready to play whenever I’m sad please!!!!

    41. PearSketch

      watching you always make me so happy and you just cheered up my sucky mood just like that! i love how confidence building the intro always is

    42. April Flint

      I love eve (blue hair) her hair is always so cool

    43. kai patrak

      sooooooooo pink! your right!

    44. Kristen Ward

      Please react to amazingphil cutting his hair!! 🙏🏻

    45. Aubrey evans

      Anyone else feel like this super hot model when you watch his videos 🥺😭 bless your heart brad

    46. Leigh B.

      I've never given yellow hair a thought, but damn... That's so pretty on her with the darker roots. I love it!

    47. ComplexPhan

      React to amazingphil

    48. Daniela Flemenbaum

      The second girl looks a lot like lilli reinhart

    49. Zainab Alzeyadi

      Can u please react to people doing their curly hair!! Like cutting it or just styling it!!!!!

    50. notsofestive

      yesss i love eve, she changes her hair like EVERY week lmao, watch her rainbow hair tutorial !! edit, she has two up, this is the one i meant

    51. RozeE -Stop eating my weaves-

      Man I really want to cut my waist long hair up to my shoulders but idkkkkkk um does shoulder length hair match a round shaped face? Aaa

    52. delaney escobedo


      1. delaney escobedo

        Ask to seduce Miss what are you on about?

      2. Ask to seduce Miss

        I mean dyeing your hair will make your hair fall but I bet if you save up and buy wigs it would be much better I don’t really know how wigs work but I think better than hair fall.... X

    53. Praneetha

      Even when its all lies, I still feel good when he says something nice.

      1. Ask to seduce Miss

        I need to stop watching these videos. I want to dye my hair a fun color!!!

    54. Marcella

    55. Sarah Thornton

      I went from white blonde to dark chocolate brown. My blonde had grown out and even though I went to a highly recommended hairdresser, he killed my hair, the ends are still falling out and breaking 3 inches from my scalp. Rip my hair, back to a pixie bob after lockdown haha

    56. Em Stinson

      that intro made me smile like a fool. i just got my hair dyed magenta again and it's by far my favorite color so idk, it just made me happy 😊

    57. Angel Eye’s

      I love the way brad reacts to these videos

    58. Lupe Martinez

      I also look good in the i fucked up my hair look 😂

    59. Lupe Martinez

      The last girl is sooo cute.

    60. Britney Evans

      More. I want MORE!

    61. Annie Ice Cream

      He is the hype friend we all need💕💕💕 Love you Brad!!!

    62. X Jucie X

      I actually went to the mirror and it made me feel so good :)

    63. fujo_trash69

      1st girl really working with a kenma kozume moment-

    64. Charlotte Hansen

      Me: literally just woke up and look at myself in the mirror with eyeliner strewn across my forehead. Brad: it’s intimidating being in your presence Me: giggles like a damned school girl..*blushes* thaaaaaanks, Brad ☺️☺️ Good god you’re smooth!! Even though you’re talking to millions of people, I still totally blushed! What is this suavely magic you possess?!?

    65. Angela Angie

      I swear if I had to choose 5 people to be alive with,after an apocalypse, Brad would be one of them.

    66. sabrina baldwin


    67. Aspen

      The pink and orange girls hair turned out soo good!!!🌟

    68. Leticia Nascimento

      I need to stop watching these videos. I want to dye my hair a fun color!!!

    69. Mangoloverworl

      I mean dyeing your hair will make your hair fall but I bet if you save up and buy wigs it would be much better I don’t really know how wigs work but I think better than hair fall.... XD

    70. Elizaveta Alekseeva

      Me sweating on the elliptical looking gross af Brad: hiii beautiful

    71. Ruth Dorcelien I.

      i had my headphones on and it was on 100 and i jumped

    72. jooooooooiya

      Omg is it sad he actually made me feel special? ❤️

    73. Jaree Makaley

      wanna get blue outta your hair? 😂 go to the ocean and swim for some hours 😂 had a dark royal blue on mine then went to the ocean and it became barbie doll blonde

    74. J Hall

      UR so pretty Brad 🥺

    75. C.larixon

      You're just like an exited baby 😂💜

    76. La tribu

      *<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="721">12:01</a>** sorry but, tf are those lashes ? Daaaamn !*

    77. Cloe Absher

      you give me the hugest confidence boost🥺💓 . you are my biggest hype 💓💓 .

    78. Exam Moles

      At the start: Me, a 12 year old: Well this is creepy.

    79. Woke Daddy

      am i rewatching this x10000 times bcs he hyped me up in his intro? YES. do i have any regrets doe? No luv😌😌😌..he said im pretty...and thats on periodt HHAHAHS 💓 #selflove

    80. Idk whatimdoing

      Idk why but that 3rd girl pisses me off.