Don't Respond To "Wanna Be Friends?"...

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    Lately a new channel has sparked up on the platform with a comment section of accounts that seem at first glance compromised, but I think I have a solution for that. Thanks for watching!
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    1. SomeOrdinaryGamers

      This is just my theory, please check your third-party access and use app based 2FA to secure your account. Check out Evanz111's video here:

      1. Yue Ling

      2. David 72

      3. OneX Plays

        Muta there is a new channel name Merl These guys are relentless.

      4. The one spoopy cat

        i see 69k likes, Noice.

      5. Yue Ling

        @Slushy Plays

    2. FreeSpiritPaulette

      _And now there’s Liam!_ ... ... ... ... *Crap, what has this world come to?*

    3. opzz xsin

      Well, If your Trying to warm Joseph 4261, you can stop while your ahead, he already fell for the hook, line and sink.

    4. The Noobs Dudes

      _Wanna be friends?_

      1. opzz xsin

        Wanna be friends?

    5. random- -clocc

      i just got a comment from someone called song on my recent cookie run shit. there was Background noise. it was "this is so good. how is it so good? wanna be friends xd" they are someone called song. :v edit: decided to remove that comment .x.

    6. Mack R

      Has anyone seen the comments, usually on music related videos, where people copy 2 or 3 existing comments as 1 comment? That reminds me of this.

    7. Ermis Efthymiou

      Am I the only one who saw the thing at his window at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="434">7:14</a> - <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="436">7:16</a> ?

    8. Cookie's Art studio

      I got it too, even though I had comments turned off.. Great here goes my account.

    9. A1RB4SE

      Even I had a comment on one of my video from Logan , he spammed "Loved it" three times so I deleted his comment.

    10. Giselle Sanchez

      Wanna be friends?

    11. Katelyn Finn

      i posted a video and within seconds he commented that.. ill edit this with the link EDIT: the comment isn't there anymore idk if I was creeped out and deleted it or he deleted it EDIT 2: ANDDD there was someone who said "here before 20 subscribers! -i forgot what else she said-" and the comment was DELETED I just changed my passwords

    12. T G

      Man there is a guy named dona on my video hes say loved it but im indonesia and the video is indonesia so i think he is bot so i delete the comment here the channel

    13. Midnight bunny

      oop i responded

    14. Forum Cheeki

      I assume that this 'logan' account targets people who respond instead of there being some sort of code that gets your account hacked.

    15. CalMeCal

      they commented on my video luckily I am cautious

    16. AddisonLoaf

      wanna be friends?

    17. Memes At Your Service

      a few days ago I was about to respond “sure” or whatnot to the comment I got, then I remembered this vid- thx lol

    18. Konichi

      Wanna NOT Be Friends (:

    19. Moony

      I got this comment once! It scared me xD

    20. Gee

      Wanna be friends?

    21. SukerRblxYt


    22. JC Jane

      Lol got a comment from one of these accounts, if I hadn’t seen this video I would have responded lol

    23. 。*Grucci vibe*。

      𝗪𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗮 𝗯𝗲 𝗳𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱𝘀?

    24. Madis Ilves

      wanna be friends

    25. Abednego Kurio

      Jesus the Indonesia physics part gave me ptsd

    26. Matija Jovanovic

      i got a message. On my phone number. At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> AM. Saying (untranslated) "Dodaj me kao prijatelja na EEsel-u! (don't press this link)". translation is: "Add me as a friend on EEsel! (neither do press this one)" 1. it is a random unsaved contact 2. IT WAS SENT IN THREE IN THE FUCKING MORNING edit: added to NOT press the link in the comment, since somebody may be stupid enough to do that. That link was part of the message

    27. INSANE


    28. Justile Gaming

      Holy I replied all that comments in my vidro!!!!

    29. Focus2525

      Welp Me being a nice person I said yes Nothing has happened thankfully

    30. Captain Nudgi

      wanna be friends?

    31. Slam Inder

      What. Someone commented one of my videos it exactly said '' I like your videos! Want to be friends?'' I said yes like a dumbass and now I'm scared

    32. Goat plays

      Wth is the purple thing in his window at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="435">7:15</a> ???

      1. bgtubber

        Reflection from his monitor.

    33. ØMEGAßYTE

      I just got one of these comments on my channel so i had to come back to this 👁 👁

      1. bgtubber

        Block them, report them and delete the comments.

    34. Luke Fenyo

      There’s a new bot now. It’s name is Neilli.

      1. bgtubber

        They change the screen name every 5 minutes to confuse people, so I guarantee you it's not Neilli anymore. However, the registered YT username is _ALWAYS_ the same regardless -

    35. RubyCube YT

      *Wanna be friends, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, no? okay then, I see you there*

    36. Bait

      Wanna be friends?

    37. Its me Abdullah

      Wanna be friend’s?

    38. Zaido


    39. Oof

      wanna be friends? ;)

      1. Oof

        jaja this is a joke

    40. 100 Abos?

      wanna be friends?

    41. That1Guy Btw

      I had the comment and I replied, nothing happened and I can’t find the comment anymore

    42. LunaPostsStuff

      I only got one comment from that person but instead they said “Love It” 2 times on a speed paint of mine. Weird

    43. Tantrum Design Studio

      heck i just saw this kinda comments

    44. That1Guy Btw

      Wanna be friends

    45. Daniel Berk V-2

      Wanna Be Friends?

    46. Szymon Strzelecki

      w a n n a b e f r i e n d s ?

      1. Szymon Strzelecki

        Nah jk jk

    47. Momo UwU

      Wanna be friends?

    48. horse crzy

      I've got comments on my vids saying can you be my friend by the channel called music they did it on more then 1 vid

      1. horse crzy

        Oh my I just found out a acc called calls also said do you want to be friends and they have the same profile pic is Logan

    49. Nanda I Kadek

      Hey, wanna be friends Jk, im not a logan account. quarantine is making me fucking lonely

    50. ThatGuyPlayZ 0nmobile

      wanna be friends?

    51. kixail

      My friend got one of these comments on 2 of his videos

      1. bgtubber

        Block, report, delete comments, done!

    52. Kevin John

      People using vpn and alt account : Lololol

    53. GreenZen - Roblox

      I see Logan On sumboswabnus, he said "Loved it" If reply is it dangerious?

    54. Dabloz

      There to much things going on in 2020 you agree?

    55. UltraEnderBlaze

      i actually got comments from both these channels.

    56. retro raven

      well im done for

    57. Explosive Pineapple


    58. Koala

      Wanna be friends?

    59. but why

      Just like the club penguin situation, 2020 is bad

    60. Aviation Galore

      they commented on mine and i said yes- but i deleted it after im scared now

    61. THATONEGUY btw

      Muda means useless is Japanese, ur not useless love ur vids keep it up dude

    62. Vincent Water

      A memer Just said yes and pinned + like + said yes

    63. hyletz

      Plot twist: *Hes actually not a bot and just wants friends*

    64. Infinity Viral

      Jeez he commented on my vid about 1 month ago. i didnt find this vid until a month later

    65. deezboiX klmn

      yotuber: gets robbed Logan: WaNnA bE fRiEnDs ?

    66. LuisGamerUncool 123

      Them: wanna be friends Me: Uh hmm *clicks* yay the virus is my friend

    67. CFV Ralf

      Muta is lying he just want all the friends to himself

    68. Mandrake

      i personally find it really sad that these people are doing this at all im glad i learnt this, im literally just 15 if i wasnt raised as i was i coulda been one of these kids getting hacked, and then not understanding all i wanna know right now is WHY? why are they doing this? is it fun? do they enjoy this? i genuinly dont know, all the channels here obviously arent just bots, they obviously were normal channels that got hacked (tip: 2oath plea-) and it really just makes you wonder who these people are the person who's doing this could have a number of different ways it could work here are some i came up with A: he's some random dude that got his own channel hacked and is being used against him (which is sad) B: he's just a soci- i mean rude person C: he's one of the many people that finds enjoyment from p a i n >:| D: uh... idunno he really just needs friends and this is a huge cover up to piss this guy off either way, stay safe, dont pull a leafy and just ignore all video's from great people like SomeOrdinaryGamers, stay away from these channels, even if you're 100% sure that subbing is bad, dont do it, you dont wanna risk a channel i personally have been hit by something close to 'logan' with a commenter called 'tom' and yeah the big thing to remember isnt to not reply to these guys, which is true but thats not the goal here the thing to remember is not to be stupid in the first place to those who read this cluster of a message, please dont get urself into crap, PLEASE be a good human being! ~babadrake

    69. Jacob

      Wanna be....... *enemies?*

    70. Arya Bima Prasetya

      Wanna be friends?

    71. •Alma_Artz22•

      Logan poal

    72. can kuzucan

      Wanna be friends?

    73. Sprinkle Drops

      One of them commented once. Some actually, but some are deleted.

    74. Dxwsxn

      Wanna Be Friends?

    75. dont check my account

      I actually got many comments like this on my videos and im a low sub channel.

    76. Melosa Gaming

      Imagin logan commenting in this video...

    77. Rohan Tamang

      Shiiii.... I got that comment but I thought of Logan Paul and I didn’t reply to it. 😅

    78. Puppet

      OMG I RESPONDED- Edit: nvm I didn't- that was my other acc so that's good- and I deleted the vids on my other account so im okay- my other channel has no vids now- aCk iM oKaY- I tHinK-?

    79. Minty Kitty chan

      Someone ask me that I am sacred I respond

    80. CallMeCookie

      Wanna be firneds?