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    Hey you, Battle Pass owners, the moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived! You can now unlock Deadpool in the game.
    Just complete a teeny tiny Challenge and he’s yours. Complete it and you can play with him however you want.
    Play Fortnite Battle Royale, the completely free 100-player PvP mode. One giant map, A Battle Bus, Last one standing wins. ESRB Rating: Teen with Violence.

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    1. Sonicj75 The Hedgehog

      Epic can you plz bring back.the Deadpool items plz

    2. Toxic riftzy

      Who’s here when aqua man is the new secret skin for Chapter 2 Season 3

      1. Sofiane


    3. MrHacker12

      Oof I mean this and Midas are my fav characters I bought the battle pass this was sick

    4. SonicX15 *

      Fortnite please bring back the X-Force skins on the item shop, there's still a lot of people out there that want to get the X-Force Skins including myself, and also because of the current changes with some of the Marvel series sales that we were totally unaware of, it would only feel right and fair that we deserve another round of these Marvel Series sales, so please bring back the (Cuddle Pool) (Raven Pool) (Deadpool's accessory gear) and the (X-Force Skins) that people really want to get, Don't let us down fortnite!

    5. Llama Shadow


    6. sami klg

      Lol tolet paper meme

    7. 송창우

      I love Fortnite

    8. Dolores Ross

      I feel bad for meowscles

    9. Knight

      I still don't see how they got an R-rated character in this game lol, sure Deadpool is Teen rated I believe in the Spider-Man & Deadpool comics but he still was great in those

    10. Leonardo Apolo

      Q caca

    11. New3DSLUIGI364

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a> Looks like EVERYONE'S Having the Same Problem as DP; NOT HAVING ANY TP!!

    12. Tomas castillo

      Hey epic please remember fortnite save the world

    13. Joaozinho Hacker

      fogo gratis

    14. qt Lucid

      Unban jarvis


      I love deadpool


      Je suis le seul français

    17. Yousef Ahlii


    18. David Martinez

      Old map

    19. Anthony’ Sanchez

      Epic games bring back the old map plzzzzzzzzzxzzzzzzzzz

    20. Pie2406

      That's my favourite skin I have rn

    21. Maddie G

      The deadpool guns should be like the old dual pistols on steroids.

    22. DanPlayz

      Add save the world on nintendo

      1. Choco3101

        DanPlayz the switch doesn’t have enough storage for it

    23. Demon Gamer

      We have temporarily disabled the Deadpool Challenges. They will return on June 4th. XD

    24. Elijah Rahim


    25. ICEEE

      Me when I run out of toilet paper

    26. Donald Balloch


    27. 5k subscribers with 1 video challenge

      Nobody: *Fornite*: Literally keeping everyone entertained during quarantine.

    28. Pj Richardson

      Am I the only person who likes the background music

    29. Brown Games


    30. K I

      What's this song's name ?

    31. Zhurak

      I tried to play Fortnight a few times but just could never get into it. I was a huge Epic Games fan, well used to be a least, back in the days of Unreal Tournament. Man Unreal Tournament 2004, those were some good times!

    32. Dualstriek


    33. Ruby unicorn Gymnast

      I have unlocked deadpool

    34. Good Acog

      fortnite sucks

    35. king of smoke 0131

      kids type up deadpool then see brutal kills and profanity

    36. Toni Willhide

      You need to ad bosses to creative

    37. flectyve


    38. Andrew Mejia

      The sound of the ripping magazine was like asmr to the next level

      1. Flame Lord


    39. Colton Crane

      Can you please have the revolvers back

    40. Rashedر٦٤ ٤٣ى Rashed


    41. Austen Foshee


    42. Michael Mckiernan

      Just Add A Non Limited Time Mode Of Old Season 1 Fortnite With No Turbo Building And Sweats Can Stay In Their Own Warzone

    43. Chester Jablonowski


    44. Paola Stefanelli

      Togliete la modalità creativa

    45. Manualas23

      John Wick en la tienda por favor

    46. caden smith

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1">0:01</a> DEaDpOoL pLs RePorT tO tHe CoMManD

      1. Agent peely

        @Andrews FA No one asked for your opinion.

      2. Editor Films



        xd I am dying rn omg omg ahahahahh

      4. Andrews FA

        this comment isnt funny

    47. OXGAR. LUGOS Owar

      Que vuelva las cosas de deapool

    48. mayiho29 YT

      V buks travis scott

    49. MR Kira مستر كيرا

      Peace be upon you. I have a EEsel channel. I include explanations for Bebji and all the games (he is not from his group I have done) but I would like to inform people Greetings

    50. Xlr8 The gamer

      Never got a chance to get the Deadpool bundle ;c

    51. bofooit gojo

      Can you add this emotes: mono walk invisible box or more!

    52. Imane Tahri


    53. PepperoniDiavolo

      But he is the least family friendly.... Nevermind.

    54. Yee

      Epic fix when u connect yr controller to phone it keeps saying xbox stuff and im on ps4 pls fix

      1. bofooit gojo

        Fishstick back in the shop pls

    55. Kase Lebsack

      i got deadpool

    56. Ahmad Mineax


    57. Lars Progamer

      I hate that you nurft aim assist


      If you're reading this . . . . May all your wishes come true this year ❤

      1. Paul Pilapil

        zijuiy wttuy not you

      2. zijuiy wttuy

        Well who cares

    59. Shark Less

      Why dislike Probly there mom because the hate fortnite

    60. Fernando Uribe Subiabre

      Oye shet away

      1. Deep hug

        Nice video 😀😍 Check my channel and don't forget to subscribe.

    61. Margarita Advincula

      I spent 2,950 dollars on the game

    62. Josue Gamer

      Hey Fortnite Dev Team can you put fortnite graphics on iPad Air 2 at least medium

      1. Deep hug

        Can you bring back old skins from chapter 1 please

    63. kaler morb

      This is so good

    64. Lev

      My name is Lev, I'm a Fortnite EEsel, and I love playing Fortnite! Fortnight is a very good game, but please return the Heavy pistol and hunting rifle to the game please !!! ???

    65. Lachezar Tsonkov

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> lol

    66. Girl Amine Gacha

      Oh wow sorry dead pool


      I ❤️ it a lot

    68. quenum christ


      1. jdjfjxjdj jdjdjdndj

        اريد من هذا القرص

    69. Rebell Raptor

      Fishstick back in the shop pls

    70. Rebell Raptor

      Fishstick back in the shop pls

    71. Mr Masoon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="10">0:10</a> ITS CORONA TIME

    72. Meowscles

      I thought Deadpool has alot of toilet paper in his room

    73. RifleDemolisher

      Can you bring back old skins from chapter 1 please

    74. TINKER TECH 4Creations

      Nice video 😀😍 Check my channel and don't forget to subscribe.

    75. Futzy

      Imagine still playing Fortnite

    76. Armani Gonzalez Mendoza

      Well who cares

    77. TBH# VENOM

      Came here for deadpool not fortnite 😂

    78. Daniel17 studio

      The bruh

    79. Julio de la cruz

      Yeah sorry Deadpool there no toilet paper there all out

    80. zach

      who regrets not buying this seasons battle pass too