Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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    John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.
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    1. Javier M

      Two things... 1.- That baseball person has some serious explaining to do. And, 2.- The face on Dana White hwen he saw UF - Sea on the screen must have been priceless. xDDD

    2. Adam Edward

      Do we even need sports how about we start focusing on what really matters like science a little common sense when it comes to medical science would go a long way doctors in this country hardly know anything about medical science we literally live in idiocracy no more sports and no more of this religious bullshit either that opened the door to us accepting nonsense anti fact anti science bullshit being normal it’s 2020 people the world is leaving us behind to die

    3. P MA

      Every sport is different. Team sports, Baseball, differs from individual sports, MMA. Every organization and every sport will differ in How things are handled. Sweeping arguments don’t make sense here. Keep your fckn marbles

      1. Path Evermore

        poor muffin, is someone upset their baseball is gone?

    4. T Shane Gilman

      Where can we buy swag???

    5. Chris Nichols

      Thanks for introducing me to the world of marble racing, John!

    6. Thomas Akagi

      Nippon Professional Baseball (Japan's baseball leagues) will start games with no fans on June 19.

    7. SirPuggsly

      Without the sheep audience the jokes make me cringe. Bob Saget had better material in AFV. On a sidenote, I would sooner snort a line of Covid 19 than watch a marble event.

      1. Path Evermore

        i'd pay may good money to see you do it. i'll record it and send it to bob sagat. i can see the headline now "marble hating moron snorts deadly disease to 'own libs', dead at age 7"

    8. Carissa Ruth

      I clicked on the video because I thought it said Coronavirus: Wii Sports

    9. nsn

      What happens if there's an emergency in the family? Kid falls sick? Wife breaks a leg, or worse? Parent's get virus? Unbelievable how stupid their priorities are.

    10. papa ramsey

      John I don't know if you'll ever get this comment but PLEASE do something on this years AP Exams and the College Board. This needs to go public

    11. CRASS2047

      The UFC have officially trademarked the name UF-SEA. Dana says thanks you sexy librarian. And BTW, marketing 101 says to never name a product something that your targeted demographic cannot understand. Names like Isle of Man fights man, or Jiu Jitsu Key , or even Octagon Island wouldn’t be obvious to the casual fan. Keep in mind, many of these same fans pay their hard earned money to watch WWE.

    12. Anarchius

      anyone else notice that John gets an abnormally high amount of boners for Adam Driver? Adam, even at his best, looks like a bridge troll, yet John continues to stroke his tiny european wand to him on a regular basis. Anyone else find that strange? JUST ASK HIM OUT, JOHN... JUST ASK HIM OUT AND LAY HIM DOWN BY THE FIRE!!!

    13. LEE

      Dana White Literally took the Name UF-Sea Trademarks 😂😂🤣🤣🤣Great Job Oliver

    14. Commander In Chief CommanderInChief

      Whatever happened to not forcing others to do or not do whatever? Play or watch if you want to... Or not. What if this EEsel video was "Banned"?

    15. Charlie Reid

      Lol but Vince McMahon is funnier than John Oliver

    16. Kevin Neely

      Fuck off John

    17. Nordak Balrem

      John, are you aware that 90% of all viewers of this show on HBO are AT&T employees enjoying their employee discount? Also, George Washington said you shouldn't believe anything Nordak Balrem says in EEsel comments.

    18. Calvin Hu

      The UFC now owns the rights to UF-sea; really. Nice job.

    19. franco arocha


    20. Pedro Smith

      Bitch don't fuck with the UFC

      1. Path Evermore

        why, they gonna be pansies and steal john's joke name?

    21. Sagar Chinnappala


    22. PARIS BOY BP

      GEORGE FLOYD needs his episode. People need to know that racism = police

    23. Amanda P

      He took the name! Lol!!!

    24. soiung toiue

      Man I spat out my coffee when they did that close up on the marbles with the F-1 sounds

    25. Gregory Maroda

      Until this video I was convinced Greg Woods was a marble.

    26. Y pestis

      Looks like we found out "which one is the slap" !

      1. soiung toiue

        Can someone please explain to me why John is so thirsty for Adam Driver?

    27. Yemia Hashimoto

      Kids enjoyed the marble run episode. They said they wish you would do something on the SUMMER camps that are badly hit by Covid19 and cannot safely open in 2020. Long Lake Camp for the Arts in New York is particularly hit bad and I know many parents have turned ugly to them for their lack of ability to offer refunds at this time. That means they, and many other wonderful camp experiences, may not be around for summer 2021. The kids have "no summer" now - and because of covid they may not have one in 2021 either (meaning their camps are gone permanently).

    28. Four Eyes

      oh no his next episode is late...what if he got coronavirus

    29. Saphira X

      This show never disappoints does it?

    30. tinkerbellgirlblue21

      I don’t care about sporty ball, but you had me with those marbles lol

    31. Shahab

      Why the camera is out of focus? :/

    32. Pedro Santo

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="661">11:01</a> As of today, 27th of May the UFC has filed 4 new trademark applications for "UFSEA".The filings indicate an intent to use the UFSEA trademark in connection with mixed martial arts events and a clothing brand. These filings come on the heels of the UFC's filings back in April for 'FIGHT ISLAND.'

    33. QS 26

      I'm very thankful for the "quick sidenote". I really was asking myself those questions.

    34. GreenStorm01


    35. PRNL 73

      I lost it at “marbles as fans”

    36. Shashank Pawar

      Oliver I want those four cops fucked and rip them apart be merciless

    37. David M

      John you're a no talent braindead Jackass. Its amazing that people actually watch this garbage. I guess some people will watch anything.

    38. thundarr isaboss

      sorry, snowflake media drones, but fighters and wrestlers arent a bunch of soyboy pussees. you can keep your dumb marble races. real men will be watching fights.

    39. nesenda

      So they can get a fight island, but juggalo island is still just a dream... life just isn't fair

    40. Lisa von Gartzen

      ok so i couldnt care less about sports but damn that marble racing got me

    41. LO FLI

      Drone Racing is still on, Hydra FPV on ;) your welcome.

    42. TheLastHylianTitan

      Can someone please explain to me why John is so thirsty for Adam Driver?

    43. gaccer

      Imma tune in for the marbles. They were the delight of my childhood.

    44. SalvaPot

      And the UFC has just trademarked "UFSEA", John Oliver you did it again!

    45. Tom Panico

      "Philadelphia sports fans are a horde of monsters..." NO ONE LIKES US WE DON'T CAAAAAARE!

    46. Holden Miller

      How many years have you had grey hair John

    47. airyaman84

      All that Money and no mention of the "Business daddy", shame!

    48. Mesmerized

      I can only hope that professional sports never come back

    49. Dubho Max

      The set up for the Adam Driver bit was absolute Gold.🏅👌🏾 It's my favourite LWT running gag.🙌🏾

    50. Gustavo Ferroni

      Why no laugh track?

    51. Joe Mastoloni

      Who is here after Dana White actually applied for the trademark “UF-SEA” after watching this segment 😂

    52. 5q1d Gamerboi

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1229">20:29</a> true, Oceanics is my favorite team and I was gutted they came last, although I personally thinks it was the “host’s curse” (A thing that happens a lot in Jelle’s channel) that hit them so who know maybe they’ll replicate their podium finish in 2018 #tidepride

    53. Hadrian'sWall


    54. Luis Jimenez

      You guys are amazing for sponsoring. Lol

    55. Benedikt W

      Still: Who the hell is Adam Driver?

    56. Rob The Usher


    57. Justin Ivins

      I’ve said that since Rudy Gohbert tested positive is when this all started. He got the nba suspended and everything followed suit.

    58. Siyabonga Mchunu

      You folk have lost your marbles...

    59. Renata Casasa

      I think this is absurdly amazing I ducking love it

    60. dragonchiId

      So, the hype clip says Marble League doesn't open for close to another month. In the meantime, I'll be filling my need for sports with Kusogrande. Four gamers are handed a crappy video game none of them have played before and race to make the most progress in a hour. They are ranked by best attempt ("high water mark") and awarded points; as the rounds progress the gamers with the fewest points are eliminated. The matches are filled with atrocious graphics, terrible controls, and on-the-fly reverse-engineering of buggy code (although the music is sometimes strangely impressive). It's e-sports but actually interesting because half the battle is figuring out what the game actually does. P.S. I am not associated with Kusogrande in any way; it's just really fun to watch gamers suffer (they signed up for it!)

    61. Cheng-Cheng Pan

      The race at the final of video looks very .....funny? Well that's look so formal that make me laugh for a while. And if my grammar looks weird please don't laugh at me, I'm not a native English speaker so....

    62. Latifah Munawaroh

      When he said "Rather it was in danger because it turns out they're not actually looking for sponsor", I was already laughing SO HARD!!! John Oliver always delivers!

    63. 奚景旸

      where is this week's episode?

    64. Dr. Zombie X

      As the 3rd child, who happened to need an emergency c-section to be born; I both resemble and resent that comment. 😂

    65. jager64xxx xxxpanzer

      In 2011 America helped us Japanese in the name of the Operation Tomodachi(friends). Even though we share a tragetic past, I know for the FACT that you American people are our best Tomodachis in the world. Now that our country had triumphed over the corona virus, we'd LOVE to return the operation Tomodachi's favor. がんばれアメリカ!!!!🇯🇵🤝🇺🇸

    66. Mike Hartman

      I remember a lot of times that the jets played in front of an empty stadium.

    67. Thoreaux

      Man, some of these jokes could REALLY use a laugh track. The quiet pause after that Adam Driver bit...

    68. That Neon 305

      Racing is definitely the best option for a social distancing sport as this points out

    69. Jeorme McCollom

      So OSU football players (not paid) have to risk their lives for the budget of the state of Oklahoma and of course, the head coach of OSU. The NCAA is such a joke

    70. Jeffrey Craig

      When you play video or audio of that Fraud, I switch off. Good night. (Maybe I'll try watching one of your videos again in the future.) Your deep dives, interesting and funny as they used to be, are not good enough to make them worth watching or listening to when doing so means having to hear Little Donny the Fraud say any words, besides "I hereby resign the presidency effective immediately." I wouldn't mind hearing him say those words. And ONLY those words. And once would be plenty.

    71. Lorenzo Quirante

      Ayyyyyy critical viewers know what's up with our boy vasilli

    72. Jordan Weimer

      That punchline was so literal! hahaha

    73. flakeycakey

      Surprised that the Taiwanese and Korean Baseball leagues weren't mentioned. Robot fans and cheerleaders eating hot pot. Go go go!

    74. blablaelgore

      I actually started to watch the marbles and then I came here, lol.

    75. Killed by Death

      While I am aware of the US-centric nature of this show, the lack of coverage of football (actual football where you use feet not handegg) in this show hosted by a British guy is very surprising. Major football spans the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium and many more not only at the European level of Champions League but also the top division and subsequent tiers, where many clubs could be non-existent by the end of the summer. This would also give this episode a chance to highlight sport swashing by human rights abusing middle eastern countries such as eminent purchase of Newcastle by journalist murdering Mohammed bin Salman and previous purchase of PSG and Man City. This episode of "Sports" was a missed opportunity. Far too many people are affected by whats happening in Football during this pandemic than by any sport in the US.

    76. Robischek

      Nice troll... oh wait...

    77. various corn


    78. Alaunt


    79. phaze

      "is this sexual or violent? yes."

    80. Ace Diamonds

      thank god kobe bryant isnt around to see this.