Cooking with chainsaw

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    Cooking with splitting axe:
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    Boris cooks soup by using only a chainsaw and pure slav skill. There is potato, carrot, cabbage, meat and.. of course the bay leaf. Delicious as always! Enjoy.

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    1. Samuel Maco

      Life of boris collab with Crazy Russian Hackee

    2. Arfan Abdullah

      Making American Food

    3. Cousin Ned

      Boris is getting high off wood chips

    4. Monteusz

      Maybe next time "Making Birthday cake with machete"

    5. DenisRo09_1

      Boris has safe the day again!

    6. Боби K

      In Bulgaria we have soletki. (солетки)


      For a second I thought he was really gonna chainsaw the mayo

    8. mike lakey

      This man be using a smol chainsaw boi. Only Slav King Boris can successfully use chainsaw to make food.

    9. Gjuladin The Taller One

      This is genius

    10. IqBaL zAkWaN

      This channel:Russian The comments:ENGLISH

    11. boglue goglue

      Next video be like: cooking with fans

    12. Anidn Menoscwicz

      Got some of this on the stove right now, looked too good to not try

    13. warrencrabapple

      cooking with homemade flamethrower, (and maybe opinion on the KV-2, a bunker busting tank)

    14. Gamers Unite

      I remembered that chainsaws need chain oil. I hope that boris didn't put any in

    15. NukeACitrus

      Next up should be cooking with a hammer and a sickle.

    16. Eengamerjoch4 2

      Try with a car im sure it will taste well

    17. Random Vlogs RO

      Cooking with AK 47

    18. Natos

      best moment is definitely <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="345">5:45</a> "piece of shit, keeping boris HUNGRY!"

    19. Александр Цыбулин

      Чёткий контент

    20. alexa radnic

      Eeee Boris you made cheburek but can you make burek? One of the most epic Serbian food!!!

    21. עזאזל

      next time put a bowl under the chainsaw for perfect colslaw ;p

    22. On336

      Boris did you forget to make another Worker & Resources Soviet Republic video did you forget it for a year?

    23. Throw Away

      Boris, how did you not make vodka bread yet? I thought you were slav.

    24. davide cocci

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="212">3:32</a> we're not savages here... *takes out a chainsaw*

    25. SlavicPolish Man

      What about Boris will show his face at 4 milon subs?

    26. Alan Galym

      Борис красава

    27. IsaacsStuff

      Make food, but with a preassure washer.

    28. Blue fin gaming

      Next Vid cook food with bricks

    29. Edit Name


    30. ...

      How many wood shavings were eaten?

    31. Mr Gaming Slav

      True Slavs cut with rusty chainsaw not brand new

    32. The Tea Drinking Owl

      Achallenge of you Boris. Cooking with Lada! Haa boom.

    33. 자이언츠손아섭

      It is good to finish making a dangerous cooking Video with chainsaw in safe.

    34. die krieger

      boris next video: making a knife

    35. Magdalena Mołdoch


    36. dzintars leimanis

      make pelmeni only using vodka bottle

    37. SERBIAN GUY345

      Next episode:cooking with your BABUSHKA!

    38. Michael Hooper

      i would have soup made from a chain saw any day

    39. christiansonsen

      People of the future: So how did you spend your days during the pandemic in 2020? ....... People of the future: sure it was a very tough time back then... Me:

    40. Despra

      Next episode: Playing mafia II like slav

    41. LIL TRAIN

      Если понимаешь по русски то сыграй cooking simulation

    42. GABE_MC

      I am an crazy bruv, the idea for a new cooking video is : "cooking with 17 year old vodka while it is on fire"

    43. Random Crap

      did you move houses Boris, I mean the one true Slav king

    44. Vietricecrop

      do a vodka tier list

      1. bodoti qwiu

        Jamie Oliver is shaking and crying

    45. OS M

      Cooking with kalashnikov

    46. gamingwith rama

      Day 20 of quarantine: *watching someone cook with a chainsaw*

      1. bodoti qwiu

        Next is cooking with Artyom

    47. Scrusive

      Cooking with vodka bottles

    48. alejandro angulo

      Boris kinda gave me an idea... Mini chainsaws, like hand sizes, silverware size, to use at the table and cut stuff easier That would be a great idea

    49. Josh D

      cook with artyom i love your kat

    50. pranav dwivedi

      Boris is safe from corona virus by default😂😂😂😂😂😂

    51. jurassicboy8 8

      Texas chain saw massacre? NO Soviet Russia Chainsaw Soup Kitchen

    52. Riandy Huey

      Man u need lawnmower for cutting the parsley

    53. Soga Chew

      " I am leaving. " 3 weeks later: cooking with chainsaw

    54. Sun Shine


    55. Dgman2k12.

      the sync with the chainsaw on the beggining... AWESOME !

    56. ghostie

      Now cook with a bayonet on a Kalashnikov

    57. Vedant Ganesh

      when is boris gonna play Crossout again

    58. an 8th dimentional being

      i just watched a russian guy make a whole soup using a chainsaw...what a time to be alive

    59. Eduardo Ramirez

      Next is cooking with Artyom

    60. karatekid

      Jamie Oliver is shaking and crying

    61. Коваленко Тамерлан

      Hello Boris I хз как по твоему привет Борис

    62. Коваленко Тамерлан

      Hello Boris I хз как по твоему привет Борис

    63. Dr. humbolt

      Could you do an eye reveal since you did a mouth reveal

    64. Kazewolf

      Wut xD

    65. slav boy1


    66. Pavlinka Malchárková

      cooking, but you have to make tools out of the food

    67. Eerie Epiphany

      If I tried to do this on my home rez (reservation) it would start a movement lmao

    68. Baphomet_The_Great

      Try growing bay leaf!

    69. Emir Zukic

      every forest be like : God help me ;-;

    70. Султан Магмедо

      I from Russia I likee Vodka

    71. Jack Mehoff

      Cook with vodka

    72. T34-85


    73. //Kebab Gamer\\

      How go to Gulag - Acting like western apy - Dislike Boris Video (That mean who dislike Boris Video Must Stay In Gulag 1000 years)

    74. //Kebab Gamer\\

      Now Cooking With Vodka Bottle

    75. //Kebab Gamer\\

      Better than Gordon Ramsay.

    76. Niek Schrama

      Well, i mean, if your babuska can wield a ak-rollingpinnovich, then of course she can wield a chainsaw

    77. Piirakka Liisa

      chainoil gives the soup a good flavour

    78. HalimKairin

      The neighbors :" omg i hope he didn't kill anyone this time🙊"

    79. Harman Petrosyan

      Visit armenia blyat, we welcome you with open arms

    80. Jeremiah Felix Sobrevilla

      Please be careful with power tools, comrade. We want to keep watching you make videos. With all of your body parts intact.