Conspiracy Theories and Crazy People


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    Is it a conspiracy that I think you’re cute or does that make me illuminaughty
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    1. Benjidaboi 44

      I watch your videos wall I’m drawing

    2. Jazzmyne George Watch this new animation video u wont regret it!

    3. Croquette Kun

      Conspiracy Theory: Trump made the Coronavirus

    4. pug animations


    5. Brian Johnson

      As a Reptilian, I can confirm that the Government is lying to you about the Mole Men. I mean look what the Mole Men are doing to Buddy Webb,

    6. Miles Caver

      what crazy people do you recommend i listen too? xD

    7. Tina Hernandez

      warrior catsssssssssssssssss

    8. Phillip Hooper

      I don't believe that TheOdd1sOut is a real person it is only a thought projection brought to life by our thoughts.

    9. Liam Saltman


    10. InmortalT_YT

      yo my mans went ssj2 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="16">0:16</a>

    11. Himel Barua

      james did you take part in the smg4 series called meta runner??????????????????????????

    12. DeepBlue

      Who else saw the Invader Zim?

    13. EagleJDM

      L IS REAL

    14. SarahDaWolf YT

      “ Woah dude, my sandwich tastes like _colors._ “

    15. veronica contreras

      This is why the moon landing is fake. (You can believe if you want). There is no air and gravity in space. When the flag was put on the moon, since there's no Gravity... Why didn't the flag go strait up? Tell me ;-;

    16. Shadow Bonnie

      A GaMe ThErOy!1!

    17. Spytedd Uchiha

      Well, I mean bill gates said he wants to reduce population or something and then comes out with a vaccine. Like I am pro vaccination but that is kind of bizarre

    18. little smitten kitten

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="356">5:56</a> James has confirmed he watches My Hero Academia.

    19. Devlin Cukjati

      I BELIEVE IN GHOSTS!!!!!!!!

    20. Link The Deku Scrub

      the detective suit reminds me of dick tracy

    21. Aleacia Jensen

      where do I find find the sexy shrek online? pls and thx

    22. Zafar Egbe

      do what you love

    23. Ralph Wiggum

      What drawing software do you use?

    24. Chris Munoz

      Aye warriors!!!

    25. Chris Munoz

      yes crazy people are literally my friend group!!

    26. Princespeipei 23

      Not gonna lie I has to just pause the video when he talked about trying to listen to audiobooks and podcasts because of what he showed for the audiobooks, Warriors is an amazing book series 10 / 10 cats are great lol

    27. Anthony Sazaaar

      Why aren’t you not making videos daily

    28. Ravinder kaur


    29. Q R

      Invader zim Easter egg

    30. jasmeet7april

      the frogs

    31. Sophie Kurbanov

      Conspiracy Theory by Distorted Shrek Subject: HowToBasic HowToBasic. The man, the myth, the legend. Always throwing eggs. Making a mess each video (except for that one April Fools video on how to make vegan curry). Supposedly does his videos naked. And the grunting as well. Now, from all the... scarring videos I’ve watched, this has led me to believe that HowToBasic is secretly a hominid. Why, you ask, do I think he is a hominid? Well, let’s start with the grunting. EXHIBIT A: GRUNTING Everyone knows that back then, there was no language until a certain point. No WRITTEN language anyway. So they just used grunts. And I’ve noticed that HowToBasic has been grunting A LOT MORE in his more recent videos. EXHIBIT B: NUDITY Now, every EEselr in their right minds would be clothed for their videos. But most people who watch HowToBasic believe that he does his videos naked. Why? Well, for starters, we never see any shorts or anything. We just see his thighs. And who knows if he has a shirt on? Now my proof for the hominid=HowToBasic thing is, back then, I’m assuming up to a certain point, there was no clothing. We just walked around naked and people were fine with that. It even happened with poor people in Greece! Some people wore togas, but most people just stayed naked. But I’m talking about like a really really really long time ago, not to get sidetracked again. And even if there WAS clothing back then, what was it, leaves? EXHIBIT C: MAKING A MESS (ALONG WITH THE EGG THROWING) Now, no sane person would EVER think of making a mess in their homes by throwing eggs and sausages all over the place. It would be a pain in the butt to clean up. It also wouldn’t be mannerly. Keep this word in mind. Back then, do you think there were manners? No! We did what we wanted, how we wanted, and when we wanted to! And clearly HowToBasic doesn’t have any manners in that case. I mean, this also coincides with the grunting. Whenever HowToBasic throws eggs or sausages or literally every kind of food in the universe, he’s always grunting at the same time. BONUS EXHIBITION: THE ACTUAL TYPICAL THEORY EXPLANATION PART OF MY THEORY Now, from the evidence I’ve collected, and the exhibits I’ve shown you today, it led me to formulate this explanation in a stereotypical conspiracy-theory-style sentence. “What if HowToBasic was a hominid who was sent by a portal hopper to modern times in front of a house with a chest in front of it, and the chest said in his language, ‘Take the items in this chest, and the house too. Survive for a year, then go home. Good luck.’ And he somehow managed to work the camera inside of there to make videos for money to buy things for more videos. And he just does things his own way like a hominid. The grunting, the ‘throwing everything around,’ the nudity in every video.” This concludes my conspiracy theory. The grunting, the throwing eggs around/making a mess, and the nudity say it all. This is why I think HowToBasic is a hominid. On this note, I should also explain why I think Buttered Side Down is WAY BETTER than HowToBasic. HowToBasic is literally a hominid from the past brought here by some guy who accessed teleportation, but Buttered Side Down (we’ll call him BSD for the sake of laziness) actually has SOME SORT OF LOGIC TO HIS VIDEOS! Instead of him making a mess everywhere, BSD actually runs on child logic, and in that case, much more... family friendly. If it wasn’t for me looking at a Rob Landes video, I wouldn’t have known about BSD. On the other hand, if it weren’t for BSD fans telling me about HowToBasic (we’ll just call him HTB for the sake of laziness again), I wouldn’t have found out who HTB was. But it’s okay. Because now I know there’s a greater force of chaos out there in the wondrous world of EEsel. Thank you for reading this, have a nice day or night wherever you may be. Wash yo hands and stay inside, y'all.

      1. okow tina

        This has nothing to do with the subject of the video, but what do you think of the Spanish fandubs in your channel's videos?

    32. ¡Evil Neko!

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="7">0:07</a> I see Giyuu (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and maybe Nejire smh

      1. okow tina

        im a big fan

    33. Gradawayy

      There is one conspiracy theory I believe in and that is Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill hims-BANG!!

    34. Cøugår_KįttyCät Gacha

      James- I love crazy people Me- ok, talk to my dad.

    35. O Ase

      The FBI forced my mum unhealthy foods on a VEGAN DIET

    36. Acorn Heart

      Ice age baby is good

    37. Matzen Black

      James: *dies* Gov'mint: OH SHIT

    38. Matzen Black

      EBOLA = FNAF

    39. The Weegee Channel

      Conspiracy Theory: Ronald McDonald worked at Sooubway because he isn't the mascot anymore for McDonald's.

    40. Matzen Black

      Conspiracy theory: Iran or Iraq made the virus to knock us to our knees

    41. Matzen Black

      Conspircay theory: If we lived in fnaf and followed the events then in 2020 Springtrap made the virus

    42. Andrew Barber

      James, if you have ever heard of nitro type,I made a team dedicated towards you.

    43. hx. 4s1b3

      Carol Baskin DID kill her husband

    44. Shelby Rochez

      "flabersmacked" is my new favorite word

    45. Emery Kukral


    46. Echo and Sackboy

      there's Bigfoot at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a>.

    47. Emery Kukral

      im a big fan

    48. Roger deku 66

      This has nothing to do with the subject of the video, but what do you think of the Spanish fandubs in your channel's videos?

    49. lil momo

      Hey are you aware that someone is coping you he has 7.73k subs

    50. Haley Richardson

      The ending 😂

    51. Courtney Lee

      Can you make a video on the SAT?

    52. Splatninja 238

      Can’t believe it took me this long to subscribe

    53. Xinhui Tang

      Conspiracy Theory: Obama doesn't have a last name.

    54. Toy Review

      Please sub to my channel it’s called toy review

    55. Daria L


    56. Becky Aelker

      Can you do another video

    57. Eijiro Kirishima

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="356">5:56</a> ~Reads the thing about Bakugo~ Basically the entire bnha fandom: *So you have chosen death*

    58. Eric Longoria

      "I" "dON't" (trUst #@# tHis) "GuY" :10001001110012

    59. Cade McCulloch


    60. Dean Ali

      Conspiracy theory: Covid-19 is really 5G, or is that FACT. : 911 WAS an inside job[ Trump and Mossad ] : ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH GO INDOORS AND QUARANTINE YOURSELF except of course TELECOMMUNICATION TECHNICIANS INSTALLING 5fuckingG TOWERS and that’s a fact WEIRD NO

    61. SAD

      Make more pleaseeeeeeee


      So James's avatar is 6'3 so why do do people draw James short

    63. Bella McBella

      james is dead he hasent posted in ages

    64. Turtle River

      Steps to follow James footsteps and talk to weird people(50% chance of working) step one: work at soooubbway.

    65. a803

      hi james can u help me with a youtube name

    66. Kat

      Belief perseverance is when so much evidence is pointing one way but yet a person still believe they are true even with the evidence against it (We love AP Psych class)

    67. James Scott

      Hey, James! Turns out, you and I are both twins born on May 14th, 1996, so... Conspiracy theory? Also, certain... ahem, orientations and bed-wetting phenomena are/were shared by yours truly. Kinda spooky. (WoooOOOooo.) I'll try to come see you in May and wish you a happy birthday!

    68. Wil The Gymnast

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a>

    69. StopMotion Laboratory

      is nobody seriously gonna mention the fact that James' watch said <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="260">4:20</a>

    70. Mariah Renae

      @TheOdd1sOut .......hey man...are you 'Graystillplays" another youtube channel?

    71. UltraBoi101

      Warriors is my favourite book series...

    72. Charlie Ben

      Turn me on, dead man

    73. Shane Ratzlaff

      the earth is not flat idiots

    74. yahya khattab

      Shut the fuck up

    75. Thy Ruos

      This is the kind of video the lizard people would put out to discredit those of us on to them.

    76. nick 450

      vermin supreme is great

    77. nixynew

      Conspiracy theory: There is a comment in this comment section that doesn’t start with “Conspiracy theory:”

    78. aesthetic gacha

      Please make more vids for me and my little bro!♡

    79. jason wilson

      you will be crazy if you play video games for 25 hours a day

    80. Waffle Waffle

      Also some people think your dead