Backyard Underground Bunker Tour/Update 5 years on



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    My favourite Project 5 Years later..........Hows it looking as I might need it.
    See how it was made here
    See the Shed Build here
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    1. colinfurze

      They said it would Rust, Leak, collapse, get damp, run out of air and many other things but after 5 years how's it holding up. Hope your all healthy and well.

      1. Jess Line

        MasterJg 9

      2. GamingTheGames

        Hey uh.. Mind if i spend the next few months there? America is going crazy..

      3. Fishing for life with Brookland Namken

        Imagine playing hide and go seek with some one that doesn’t know there’s a bunker, but here’s he went into the shed.

      4. Harley & Me Puppy Adventures Great Dane Style!

        Woo you proved them wrong!

      5. m Nani

        You are 41 yrs old. Just wanted to remind you of world poverty and hunger. Cheerio.👋

    2. Divya Atmakuru

      If corona kills everyone he’ll be fine, living in his bunker

    3. Can Long

      I remember a manga I read a long time ago, someone build a house - and it's a giant robot head.

    4. Charles Mcgowen

      Love the tie!

    5. Faze Pico

      Hey Colin can you maybe give us a rough estimate of what something like this costs? I'm a musician and for years I've wanted an awesome place to be able to jam all night without interruption and without noise complaints etc. This is so amazingly awesome that I'd consider doing this myself if the costs aren't insanely out of hand.

    6. Faze Pico

      Imagine if he sold the house without telling the owners and 10 years later the new owners find out about the bunker door and realize he's been living down there rent free the entire time. 🤣

    7. Faze Pico

      As a musician who's unable to produce new music without using headphones 24-7 this is literally heaven! I have a 5000 watt QSC PA system that I've had in storage for the last 3 years because I live in a damn apartment and I can't use my system. I would cry with joy and happiness if I had something like this bro! God damn I wish you and I were good friends! Thanks for sharing this with us though! This is absolutely badass and one of the best man caves I've ever seen in my life!

    8. You Tuber

      Inside looks like crap

    9. Kelly Clark


    10. AJAY!!!!! the,AwEsOmE

      That is sooo cool

    11. Luis R.

      💯% Perfect 👍👍👍

    12. Bryce M

      Not many ppl can say they won shed of the year in 2017

    13. Alex Smith

      I would make this my own room, this thing is literally sick

    14. Richard

      Only one thing could made this better than it is , you should had have build it in my back garden, i mean i need my mancave!

    15. Santiago Quintana

      Love to have one But we need a bathroom Please Thank you

    16. Funky Junkie

      How many people involved with this project?

    17. mdevaderspam

      Very cool bunker. You should install an EMP Shield to your incoming electric at the breaker box. It would protect from power surges on the daily, but in the event of an EMP you would protect whatever electricity you have coming in as well as any household electronics in your house you may want to bring down in the bunker later.

    18. nathan jonson

      I could smoke so much weed down here

    19. Chet!!!

      He'll be only one left on earth😂😂

    20. Weefykins

      Perfect for growing weed 😎

    21. B.S.H!

      What gauge metal are the panels?

    22. Mohammad Habib

      How did it cost and how much is worth now.

    23. João Sidônio

      Yikes, a concrete slab being formed like that on those small supports? And then the side pressure from adding tonnes of concrete on the side too? luckily that's only until it solidifies but it looked risky as hell I am curious about the planning permission :D

    24. Gigantic Edward

      This guy would be a terrifying unstoppable force if he ever turned evil

    25. muhdfiqhi

      why youtube recommend this when trump is hiding in bunker lmao

    26. Carl Sharp

      So jealous

    27. Leopard

      Is that real life Minecraft?

    28. Sem Looijenga


    29. Radek Ratajczak

      Who made it for u, i want one 😀 awesome

    30. jamie gary

      Waste of money will never be used lmao

    31. Gaming Xbox

      Well this guy has got his social distance planned

    32. Eric Kuhns

      He built a basement

    33. Bill Marcy

      How many dead hookers ahve passed through those portals?

    34. DirtyVertebrae

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="541">9:01</a>, was that a fart?

    35. Virgle DeBord

      Get a shovel, dig down, than up, hollow out a living space, install a 50 ft tall steal pipe tethered for stabliity for breathing fresh air and good luck the comet hits the ocean maybe 2029 probably 2036

    36. Dan Mongosa

      I imagine Calvin accidentally locking himself inside his bomb shelter during the Coronavirus in 2020 and finally emerging 30 years later in 2050, meeting a woman named Eve, who finds his outdated vocabulary refreshing and overly polite manners charming🤔

    37. Crimson's Whispering Books

      This is frickin awsome ending I could I would.

    38. damien downey

      What a looper ur sum class 1 nut job keep up the great work 😅👍👍👍👍btw you should have made the shed look the TARDIS

    39. Broglei

      The u l t i m a t e man cave

    40. Ибуки Миода

      Блииииин! Это КРУТО!

    41. Chris Laflamme

      Your fucking awesome

    42. Pitoco708

      How muuuuuchhhh

    43. Me Bus

      Is that the bunker where t rump hid while rage tweeting?

    44. Emily Sharps

      Wow you're taltid

    45. Stacie’s Country Cooking

      That’s so neat. Nice General Lee

    46. las vegas

      is there trump 😆

    47. Daylin dyson

      turn down for what

    48. Jack L

      This guy is the real life rick from rick and morty

    49. Alex Medina

      Watched this and the only thing comes to mind is I fucken want one and I’m going to get one

    50. Kris Jewhurst

      That hatch needs some sort of assist (hydro, pneumatic, electric) for when that shed above ground is turned to rubble on top of your door. Without it you got yourself a really cool coffin.

    51. VincentH

      How did all that stuff fit through the hatch?

    52. Fraser Blackshaw

      My Grandad told me when I was a kid. "It's okay to grow old, but never grow up."

    53. Ben Thomas

      this is one of the most British videos I’ve ever seen

    54. Andievo4U2

      OMG! INSTANT NIGHTCLUB. I don't think I d leave

    55. Andievo4U2

      That is cool as shit. MAKE NOISE!! Woooo hooooo

    56. Dominick Follano

      You have got to be the craziest S.O.B. I've ever seen.

    57. AnatubeHD

      I subscribed when you said! “That’s a lot of stuff, you should probably subscribe!”

      1. Sasquasher _

        AnatubeHD so did I

    58. Pale Alejandro

      The Soviet Union called, they say the Cold War ended 30 years ago.

    59. G&J R.C.

      This is how I found this channel.

    60. Austin Megerle

      Looks Like jimmy neutrons lab/hideout

      1. G&J R.C.

        Austin Megerle haha yes

    61. Ann Marie

      What about making a toilet incinerator!

    62. 2332gregor

      One of the coolest things in a backyard I have ever seen

    63. The Intruder

      One word: Genius.

    64. Ash J

      26 million views?! I'm guessing alot of sicko's clicked on this to learn how to build a hidden bunker for their future captives! 😮

    65. Ryan Graham

      Next owner of the house starts metal detecting in the back yard:

      1. G&J R.C.

        Ryan Graham haha

    66. Daisy Seagrave

      Just stumbled across this video and he fully reminds me of flint lockwood from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 😂



    68. PringoZ

      Well if there’s ever a war or huge conflict I know where I’m going:

    69. Ghost Boss Creations

      It would suck if one of your experiments blew up down there and no one ever found your body. 1000's of years later they dig up your body to find "the strange tools our ancestors used" ... oh little would they know.

    70. James Oversteer

      Hey Colin, thanks for the regularly asked questions at the end. Literally answered everything I wanted to know. I remember watching this years ago, it’s great to see you’ve still got it and use it regularly. I’d love to do the same one day.

    71. Dylan Austin

      he can afford a bunker in his garden, but owns an Epiphone guitar...

    72. Joshua Topliff

      Lol, imagine getting planning permission to build that. "What do you want to build?" "I want to build a bunker in my garden. No one will ever know its their". Literally

    73. kamikazekaos

      I would put a toilet in the shed and run a waste pipe through the neighbours fence 🤣

      1. connor haney

        Better yet connect it to the neighbors septic!!🤣🤣🤣🤣 they be like WTF! How to fill up so fast!,🤣

    74. abhishek shrivastava


    75. Ilham

      Is that a prayer rug?

    76. First Name

      Is there any air supply for long term occupation

    77. Zachary Greer

      This would be perfect for sleepovers


      I fuckin need this

    79. hairy bear

      It'llbe full of plants by now ;-)

    80. Sara Burock

      Put 0.25 speed on <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> or <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a>