"Living life on the goon side"

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  1. Wesley Horrell

    Awesome vid guys, thanks for build updates. My son was asking where the kit car and the camaro went? Did you guys sell them?

  2. Jimmy Shot

    I thought in the previous video the Cromax paint was the winner because the standox was too deep?

  3. rdmclemore

    When do we get to see the finished product

  4. Soubhagya

    When's channel Goonzbuilds comin up?

  5. Xxbox Clan

    I like that black ford truck it’s fire

  6. bobbyspity

    No all lights are able to be variable in lux ! You may need to change out the lights themselves to allow to dim

  7. Anon Anonme

    You should have mounted the water tank on the frame and generator where the tank was. Out of the water if 4x4, harder to steal.

  8. UnMask3d Gam3r

    I'm a car expert even tho I'm about 12 but the reason it ain't starting is because if it's been sitting for a while then it's old and the engine may be old and rotten or a broken wire or the airbags blu out and it ruined the engine but yeah let me know if you need help

  9. Derangd 333

    Put the muffler back on!!! You can’t camp at some places with loud pipes. What happens if you have to turn truck on for a reason and wake everyone.

  10. shartne

    You want your bug out vehicle to be quiet and stealthy its not a hot rod.

  11. UnMask3d Gam3r

    That's my 1st dream car my 2nd is the agenda for my 3rd is the Lancer evolution my 4th is the Kawasaki 14 r my 5th is the ford 5.1 50 power stroke

  12. akilan lokila

    You have taken BCG vaccine

  13. Landon Kintner


  14. Brandon w Tiner

    straight pipe it!

  15. wirenut003

    This should keep you guys busy for a while building it into a camper. You guys are lucky when you buy stuff,like brand new

  16. Jun Tan

    Dude throw that Muffler back on, is supposed to be there Dude

    1. Nigel Molesworth

      Just like the d in "supposed".

  17. mattypataty

    You guys need to google big forklift than realize that you dont own one then go ahead and google big telehandler than facepalm end revise your title

  18. Payton Shepard

    Put a stack for exhaust

  19. Henry Yu

    I’d hire these two to build a house for me

  20. Ivan Lopez

    What a lovely couple

  21. D Hiers

    Put a Stack on it for exhaust, so if you are fording deep water it would be less of chance of water intrusion during a stall.

  22. Robert Kowalker

    stack, or run her str8 from the headers

  23. Ruben Martinez

    Might not be domable lights

  24. So. ILL Overland and Outdoors

    Coming along really well. I’m enjoying the vids.

  25. Rich Flow

    Hey guy i have an idea for u you can put a tv where u have your water tank to cover that lid cover that way you wont see those screws

  26. Hafiz JF

    Where's the next video guys

  27. jamewakk

    So were are you gonna take a shit?

  28. Manuel Andre

    If it’s during an apocalypse you might want to be quiet instead of making as much noise as you can

  29. sam darakjy

    2 million subs you have got to be kidding me

  30. Lawrence Tay

    Keep vehicle stock as far as possible, unless you know for certain. The design engineers have already figured out the details.

  31. Alejandro Perez

    Water go down and electric go top, good luck trying to cross a river whit that sit on bot.....

  32. Bob

    This is the worst type of thing you could have in a shtf situation... if somebody sees this you in this, you *will* be targeted because, if you prepared by having this sort of vehicle, then you likely have a decent amount of loot and therefore are worth killed and they will take your shit... Even if you have a gun too

  33. So. ILL Overland and Outdoors

    Nice work. Good progress

  34. Jesse's youtube Channel

    Run a stack up beside

  35. jonathan goddard

    The dimming maybe a 0-10volt control in led fixture

  36. Venom King

    Who’s black dog, what’s it’s name?

  37. Ronald Moparornocar

    Call armytrix see if they got an exhaust for it.....got that garbage on everything else why not this....and once one of the batteries pops in there you will find out what WTF means....the best will be when you get pulled over and don't have a medical card or a class b license...but you probably registered it as a motor home...till you get the wrong cop....to bad you boys do some good work and have the talent but listening to your subscribers is not a talent you have but you can't learn from a mistake till you make it......👍✌️

  38. Reggie Jones

    U guys twins?

  39. Edwin HTV

    look same Army truck is it? this youtuber also make Army Truck > eesel.info/video/video/pp2aY6Wu0KaadtE.html

  40. Gabriel Campos

    The engine of Chevrolet Onix fit? Someone knows if any other engine fits?

  41. Zach Sultenfuss

    and all that good stuff

  42. Andrew Peterson

    Put the muff back on.

  43. matthew whitson

    Not all LEDs are dimmable

  44. Jerry Houck

    After you boyz get this all done you need to go on a "Bad-Ass-out-west-to-Nevada/Arizona/Colorado/Utah" trip!!!! Do it while you are young and free as the world only getz harder and harder the older and more married you become. Jerry😎

  45. Shaibal Ahmed

    That lambo sitting there like an obedient tiger !

  46. kozy41

    whoo weeee...got some haters going on in the comments this time lol.

  47. Jas Gill

    The led’s arent dimmable!!!!!

  48. Tom Schrader

    For the box to protect the generator where you put it, I would make an aluminum box to slide over it with rubber gaskets all around the end where it is resting against the I beam frame. As far as the exhaust goes, you might be best running a straight pipe BUT angle it towards the ground to keep water from getting in there and rusting it out in the future. Later down the road, you might be able to straight pipe it up the side of the box, not the cab because that cab sure does rock and roll off road.

  49. Big Country Modding

    Goonzquad I saw this and it reminded me of your truck eesel.info/video/video/pp2aY6Wu0KaadtE.html

  50. Michael Kerr

    Billy- no mask on in home depot ? Come on set an example.

  51. Logan Cottle

    Axel dump with a 10 in tip

  52. Logan Cottle

    Axel dump with a 10 in tip

  53. jamiecivic

    Those self tapped bolts used on the lashing points could pull out, better use a bolt with a washer and nut underneath, especially as you had access .......... Just my 2 cents

  54. Dub G Ink

    Maybe a moveable plate for the generator brackets so you can still slide generator in and out ....maybe some hinges at the bottom and a lock pin to secure at the top

  55. Unexplainablytasty


  56. will_ churley

    Give it dual stacks!

  57. hwlngwlf1

    Also just want to point out that you should always grind the two mating surfaces of any weld clean to bare metal because you will get a stronger weld without all the extra dirt in the weld, which causes pin holes and cracking in the welds. They have to be hospital clean with no grease or dirt for a proper weld.

  58. Justin Stergar

    Does goonzquad look at these comments? There are some really good suggestions here.

  59. hwlngwlf1

    Your water pressure isnt steady because you have no pressure regulator so your pump is just pushing and not building pressure at all. Go back to the RV store and get the appropriate water pressure regulator men. I promise you, you wont regret it.

  60. Matt Norris


  61. GorillaNutz

    Are the LED bulbs dimmable they need to be

    1. Nigel Molesworth

      Yes - they really need to see 20000 people saying "the lights aren't dimmable".

  62. PuR3 Plays

    hi there, I'm from the future, just wanted to let you know that after 4 years you'll have almost 2 million subscribers . bye

  63. Ashe Faelsdon

    Definitely put the muffler back on, there's no reason to be so loud you annoy other people on the road. You aren't going to get a huge increase in performance from straight piping the exhaust.

  64. Biggsie's Garage

    As Seropserop said... NOT ALL LEDs are Dimmable. they are engineered differently. the result you experienced is common with LEDs that are NOT. I work for Home Depot and I ca tell you that they have dimmable LEDs. Just ask.

  65. Derrick Avila

    Goonzsquad needs an angle grinder. It's a miter saw with a ten or twelve inch cutoff wheel. That will make short work of that steel they're cutting by hand. You guys are fabricators and that will be an essential tool to add to your arsenal.

  66. Business Jet Guru

    I recommend venting the battery enclosure, and pumping fresh air through there. With the voltage you can pull, you need a thermostat, and a fan, to clear heat out of there. Aircraft have exactly the same problem, with multiple batteries in confined spaces. When they charge, or discharge, that’s a chemical reaction that throws-off a LOT of heat. The surrounding materials are flammable, so I’d vent in, and out, with better insulation for everything except the batteries. Be well.

  67. creeper boi

    The 370z :O

  68. Business Jet Guru

    Remember, guys, that piston engines NEED back-pressure. Mufflers might make the engine sound less throaty, but exploding engines, and sucked valves, result in zero noise. You know, Europeans invented the reciprocating engine. Henry Ford copied the Model T from German vehicles. Europeans prefer quieter engines, but don’t be fooled: they build the fastest automobile in the world! Straight-pipes will be outlawed, in a few years, and forecasts agree that Europe will be fully-electric within ten years, making their cars about as quiet as is possible. As you make your projects noisier, you are reducing their life, because they will not be able to meet future emissions and noise regulations. So, noise makes cars obsolete. I enjoy every video you make. I admire your quality of workmanship, and your commitment to sharing your projects with millions of people. I own a Mini Clubman, and a Porsche 911 Turbo. Both are incredibly fast, and very quiet. I allow the performance to make noise, not my engines...

  69. alpha T

    Put the muffler back on 100 percent

  70. John barfneck

    armytrix stainless custom exhaust?jk

  71. Azureey Kola

    You forgot about those under panels. No big deal though..

  72. Timothy Belke

    did yall put a drip pan under ur a/c to catch the water that well run out the back?

  73. Polar_nova

    put muffler on

  74. Eric Hettich

    Extend the forks and push your self out using the machine

  75. Franek Klima

    jestem z polski

  76. Alex Ortega

    straight pipe it with a 6” black american flag tip, do window tint on the cab, train horns, and do led bulbs on the outside

  77. Rodrigo Ruiz

    7:15 🥰 I miss my mom so much!!!

  78. Adnan Abbasi

    Hy I'm MALIK ASH love your videos Bro if you can find some space so take the sink dranag point out from apocalypse then there is no need for you to buy another tank

  79. Stang Domination

    what happened to the super cheap boat?

  80. Powerful Awe

    You shouldn’t keep adding more things to the truck, since weight has a huge impact on the vehicle’s speed, and fuel consumption.

  81. pangrac1

    Straight pipe for this truck is not needed. Its already noisy as hell. Rather make it more quiet like europian trucks. All american trucks are noisy as hell. Even the newest one. 🙉🙉🙉

  82. pattrick fontenot

    I think it would be cool if you did a stack exhaust

  83. Muhd Mustakil

    your video is awesome but not have subtitle in language Malaysia or another country too. I hope you can make it for your subscribe.. peace ✌️✌️✌️

  84. Gokhan C

    Looking forward to a German build. Especially AMG ones. Keep up the good work👊

  85. Me Johan Eriksson

    Do you let in air to the water tank? If not you get a vacuum in the tank and water won’t run as smooth...

  86. Abrar Abid

    Keep the Muffler on...

  87. Creed

    *Thomas doesn’t give a shit abt the new build*

  88. 301steady

    Quiet is stealth. Noisy is not stealth. A bug-out vehicle should be extra quiet, not extra noisy.

  89. Robert Luna

    Dam, never seen so much negative comments. This is all new to them.

  90. Ken Hoffman

    unless it is a dimmable light fixture it will danage lights . you can add second switch an split the lights .

  91. Helicool's Helipad

    I made an LMTV series on the muffler and exhaust re-fab... the hose that connects to the plenum is to pull out larger debris PRE-AIR FILTER so that huge filter remains cleaner, longer. So yeah, make sure you hook that back up. Also, the fluted part of the end of the exhaust pipe is where the venturi effect is to allow it suck the larger debris out of the plenum. Don't mess with that either. I hear you guys need some parts? Door handles? PM me on Messenger, I might be able to help.

  92. Amber Peters


  93. Danny Thomas

    Straight pipe it!

  94. Hunter HeathTX

    Straight Pipe!!! It sounds mean!!

  95. Vance Wheeler

    Car inventory video?

  96. Benjamin Kriebel

    put the muffler back on

  97. عّبدالرحمْن إلعسيري

    You are trying to change from industrial installation to home installation. They are two different things. I am an electrician, and I know that they are different in establishing and everything is possible. Good luck

  98. Demar big boss Thompson

    Where is my fervent blue cars

  99. Outdoors Joe

    Definitely have a complete exhaust on there.

  100. Dennis Doneburgh

    You should put the muffler back on the truck