My name is Tavarish and I make videos about buying, modifying, and breaking cars. I also have opinions, most of which are wrong.

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  1. dudelamboZAC man guy

    hes so ovi not a truck guy its like watching a guy that bolted a wing on his 2 door camry and calls himself a gear head i love it

  2. Thomas Meade

    Love the run of videos

  3. Μάριος Μι

    Where the hell is the supra?!

  4. Anthony Chieteto

    Tyler messing with tavarish at the beginning with the dip stick to the ear he got him so many times classic tylet was cracking up too LOL

  5. Ramzi M

    1 year later....

  6. Christopher Reveriano

    Copy if Top Gear

  7. Prometheus 18562

    He could have had the vents not blow in his face

  8. Mr. Blah Blah

    it looked good before barring it

  9. Prometheus 18562

    15:10 so I would have left as soon as he pulled into the lot

  10. KinkyBillyMays

    They should be the host of top gear America.

  11. David Hyland

    The 3 musketeers on tour, been a great mini series. The future top gear presenters right there.

  12. Alan Mumford

    I've been loving this series...

  13. AJ3K

    Honestly, I would be happy if CarTrek replaces top gear🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. JakeKeur

    Ed reads texts like an old man

  15. Rickard Lagrelius

    I see a new gen Clarkson/Hammond/May Top Gear chemistry here....

  16. B20BTuning

    Thank you for keeping us entertained during this period! Really appreciate it!

  17. Josh A

    I'm surprised Jared didn't do all this. He does most of the work.

  18. EndOfLife x

    That into felt a little too long

  19. Jeff Moss

    Like Tavarish should pick up the wrecked 1of1 in US Porsche gemba mirage GT

  20. Paul Mueller

    who the hell drove this? Looks like someone went mudbogging in this,got stuck,and left it.This is total disrespect for a car like this and should be sent to the GULAG!

  21. BerkFamily54Comics

    What happened to this build? Watched the previous episodes including the NA dyno Lol

  22. Hi8everyone

    Its the same as the UK Top Gear (the better, old one with the idiots. The new one is shit.), I got Hoovie as Hammond and Tavarish as May. slightly more (maybe) entertaining but without the HUGE backing of The Clarkson show.. Good job, very good job..

  23. Logan Phillips

    This would be perfect time to work on a project car during quarantine

  24. Jack Edwards

    didnt see a blinker the whole video

  25. Aren Lall

    “Homemade top gear”

  26. Ben Wilson

    the quality of the content and production gets better with every episode.. Love it guys keep it up .

  27. Burger King

    Lol hoovie just won't give up on tickling tavarish's ear until tavarish turned around with the angry look, roflmaooo


    This show gives off very much a early season Top Gear vibe, I will be subscribing.

  29. Wayne Marshall

    Awesome video and knowledge my friend

  30. Jikjakz

    Would love to see an update on this! Your generation SL is one of my favs. I just swapped a 6 speed onto my E55 not too long ago, totally changed the characteristic of the car!

  31. Stephen Phillips

    I would rather own any one of these 3 cars then a C8.....

  32. ahmed Skillz

    Fake top gear wannabes 😂

  33. Denston Groenewald

    Why do I see your civic in cleetus work shop tavarish

  34. Erik Jimenez

    The 3000gt is probably the sleekest design of the 90's

  35. Liam_ Pewmaster

    Anyone gonna say anything about pouring drinking water in the coolant? No, ight imma head out.

  36. Matt M

    Body kit costs more than the engine. Wtf

  37. Mr. Ecosteam


  38. sidefx996

    Did someone paint the Lambo with a roller?

  39. Jason Young

    Trade in value does not equal Appraisal value

  40. Ninji522

    This is a great series and if theres more, ill watch. Theres no way any of these are better than a c8 (maybe new and problem free...) but i dont think that was the point. I just love the fact you guys brought a little practicality and knowledge in owning and living with a used exotic. Keep it up.

  41. Sjoerd

    you did not buy you vantage. You used your creditcard. So you loaned your car.

  42. Michael Crawley

    You are an inspiration for DIY'ers everywhere!

  43. Bob Bla Ba Does Minecraft

    Everyone who disliked this video is a die hard joe boy GM fan

  44. Michael Crawley

    Working hard.... yep! This guy just works hard and that is what he does

  45. President Xi Jinping

    This is honestly one of the best, (maybe even the best) EEsel car series that I have every watched.

  46. Steve Johnson

    who needs clarkson when we got you guys :)

  47. President Xi Jinping

    This should honestly become a TV series. This was way too good for it to be just a EEsel video

  48. Жандос Карабеков

    Турын калпына котагым отырыкшы

  49. Bismith Bros

    What a joke you guy are like want to be top gear. You probably do this cause you lost your job and you can never get another one and your daddy pays for all of your stupid cars

  50. ChopStick Pony


  51. D Palmer

    During Tavarish's voice over I kept waiting for them to cut back to the live audience in the aircraft hanger.

  52. Isaac Shapiro

    TYLER = cringe^2

  53. carl frederick

    can you use some 650S body parts o make a running car the less expensive way?

  54. Ptao Tom

    “Mustang Dynos read low” been hearing that regarding certain turbo lambo, now this mustang dyno is reading high. Got it.

  55. Charlie Gumede

    I love this series I hope they make a season 2 of it

  56. The Kickboxing Community

    I remember this episode

  57. Tern The Page

    They complain about everything 😔

  58. Jay Jagannath

    @tavarish don't change u r battery just see how Alex rebuild charge his McLaren 720s battery in the video

  59. corvette114

    Social distancing does not apply to exotic car owners, said trump while taking his 1999 360 modena for a rip with 60k miles and ripped driver side leather

  60. rashid merri

    you can tell all the guys were insecure when they were answering the question about what the car owners do for a living in front of there women lmaooo

  61. Roberto Ribeca

    Dude why did i know about this!!!!!

  62. maxforce

    Gotta love the 80's Training montage theme.

  63. Marcoマルコ Battaglia VashaKraz

    soo much pain for this welds. but for sure i do the same job ahahah, that s right dude

  64. Unknown 179

    21:54 looks like a fast and furious scene

  65. Chris Bailey

    ...and with that hole in the convertible top, now Tyler’s Ferrari is a flood car. Just like that

  66. Living the Northern Life

    Great video Tavarish (Freddie)! My son and I have been watching this series and it is a lot of fun! Now that The Grand Tour is not posting anything new lately this files in the gap nicely. I posted some videos on my own channel called “Living the Northern Life” and have a special Playlist dedicated to mechanical repairs and improvements called "Jeep Cherokee Ford 150 and Ski-Doo 600 Ace Repairs". Come check it out and Subscribe. It's not much but we are just starting out! Thanks to everyone in advance!

  67. MasMotorsports

    Hoovie almost did a samcrac when he overfilled the oil 😅

  68. Brad Ames

    *puts slotted rotors on wrong sides of the car*. The slots are to relieve hot pad gasses and should go from inside to outside as the wheel spins forward.

  69. Nick K

    Love driving on Heckscher drive regularly to Amelia/Fernandina area and avoiding the highway traffic, the views are great there, glad you guys enjoyed it! Thanks for the videos!

  70. astras18 95


  71. Lowe Eklund

    Is the judge doug?

  72. Johnny Five

    Please keep doing these! I love them. Call Amazon or Netflix and get a series going ... actually EEsel give em a EEsel TV show.

  73. MrChaudhryy

    16:29 needs a straight pipe

  74. Ethan Fairless

    What’s the song at 18:30?

  75. atra ben

    @17:41 love the shirt .

  76. Phatislander Tai-Tin

    @ 9:33 ... good thing that didn't cause an accident

  77. herculesrockafeller

    Sooooo, are you gonna buy a wrecked Gemballa Mirage GT now lol!

  78. Impactzup

    If anyone is searching for the Song at 7:44 its called : Ooyy - Come 2Gether 👍

  79. MrChaudhryy

    Which is leaving

  80. Ezequias Encarnacion

    Can I put that body kit on a Mercedes Benz E320?

  81. Chuck abbate

    This format is awesome!!!!

  82. TheBeelzboss

    The McLaren F1 turbo is my dream car #1 The Tucker torpedo is #2 Aim big lol

  83. Rob Basque

    That hex metal on the end of the oil tank drain tube you could’ve used a second wrench to apply opposing pressure while undoing the drain plug to stop any likelihood of you twisting & damaging the upper oil drain tubing. By the way you can easily damage but not break that tube & it will get you later You make great video

  84. amitabh shukla

    Must have donated it. Man.

  85. HKY24-7

    Did anybody notice the guy taking a picture of the Aston 😂 10:36

  86. Stupid Fast

    Awesome exotic cars with only a ton of issues. What could go wrong? 🤣👊

  87. quickstep00

    Mayport! I live about 10 minutes away and ride that ferry all the time..

  88. DutchClawz

    The cheapest I can find is $45k nice

  89. Tom White-TeamSport Karting

    Top Gear special I guess.

  90. TheOriginalGayman

    This is a complete rip off of Top Gear. And I love it.

    1. TheOriginalGayman

      @ahmed Skillz Little bit yes. But they are not journalists and have little or none trainig or schooling on this kind of stuff. Top Gears first few seasons werent that great either.

    2. ahmed Skillz

      TheOriginalGayman but this was so forced and unnatural 😫

  91. Airinas Bendoraitis

    Everything is wrong here.. cringe

  92. Dhaval Tilak Raj

    What's the song that starts playing at 20:58?

  93. Mat M

    Besides the Freedom 500 this has been the best thing I've watched during lockdown. Thanks you guys.

  94. Orange_Gamer_12

    I need to say this, it has 8 different speeds on that gearbox

  95. Oliver StormC

    Bruh autotempest dont support europa bruh....

  96. TheSpeedo666

    Is that a purple Juke with gold wheels?

  97. President Xi Jinping

    Not gonna lie, Hoovie is damn brave to fix his Ferrari while wearing a Rolex

  98. Lord Nibbler

    These men are idiots