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  1. Yeezee Yeet

    SomeOrdinaryGamers check out Chane because I saw him live streaming 9 streams on his channel with the same thumbnail, description and title and content with viewers which I think are bots

  2. decentwifi

    the cash app scams basically work by sending the user to a landing page, and the owner of the page makes money by setting up surveys and stuff. whether or not they want to do anything malicious is just extra

  3. Auramaster

    Oh shit, I think he's been on my channel before

  4. TheyCallMeEcho 001

    EEsel get your priorities in check

  5. MunDaneFatt

    EEsel is fascist for censoring Gokanaru (A jew) on the platform

  6. WimpCane 252

    EEsel made this video 11:11 on recommended even though it’s really 11:10 to underhandedly show you Muta is on to something. Stay woke my guys.

  7. Stinkus Dinkus

    I think TapLabs titles are good If you're someone uneducated on stuff like this and looking for a way to "hack cash app" his click bait title might draw in someone like that and inform them of that shit

  8. teal

    I bet this video will get removed.

  9. Knees

    The problem with blocking these videos is that there are many actually useful, or entertaining videos that follow almost the exact same format.

  10. Spiceouia

    Beware guys! There doing edits of kpop member and edits of characters from animes, cartoon shows and classic vibes too!

  11. J D


  12. Lilly Bones

    I got the notification, time to watch my daily dose of tech god

  13. ReaperRands

    Oh noh

  14. DL Ali

    bro just if u are wondering what he said he said that indian food has a lot of spice

  15. dimez4bagz

    It seems with scam videos, those videos are not licensed therefore not paying EEsel for licensing regulatory values. The content ID is exzactly programmed for the regulated licenses of videos. It's crazy.....

  16. Princess Lexy Let's Play!

    6:53 *Sips tea

  17. Tactical Waifu

    what about the only fans “hack” ad scams

  18. The Awake Christian


  19. Monday Night Mood

    But in EEsel’s defense, how should they know the difference between a fake and a real application that are both extremely new. EEsel is probably selectively using this resource on things that are extremely dangerous and would be catastrophic if they got out (hardcore porn, isis videos, extreme gore, etc) sure it would be great if they could get the content id system to work on scams, but I’d rather that that time and effort be placed on safeguarding the platform against those extreme things. But disagree if you disagree

  20. Webinatic

    EEsel hears you, youtube don't care.

  21. 0sgtmay0

    I think youtube lets scammers continue to operate on their site if they get paid a "fee" They have allowed world of warcraft gold sellers and leveling services to advertise on youtube for years even though it is well known that those services are breaking blizzard's TOS. If blizzard catches you using those services they will permanently ban the account. I classify that as harmful content.

  22. Leo

    Gotta see this before it gets removed

  23. 2LT Sheridan

    So urrr EEsel is just gonna Deus Ex police-state us all? Cool.

  24. FOCUS

    U should do one of these in tiktok

  25. Speed Paints And Playthroughs

    22:07 Those are wingdings

  26. J Z

    What video was he talking about in the beginning?

  27. SethTheXboxGamer 7546

    We can all give her a big 🖕

  28. K’ki Khajiit

    When Mutahar plays were is Waldo to trying to catching the guy in a only fans + + account.😂😂😂(Thats a solid YEET!!!)

  29. Jim Bim Bum


  30. Artyom Ившара

    Did you hear about George Floyd.....😔😔😔......rest in peace man! Those officers should be given a lifetime in prison!!!

  31. VUF Berlick

    There’s a reason why it’s called SEWERTUBE!!! What they don’t realize tho is that coders around the world are joining up underground 🤣

  32. Matt Wolf

    If someone is stupid enough to download an obviously scam app, I don't feel sorry for them.

  33. Z3XKAGE

    When his lighting goes from light to dark XD

  34. DrizzyBizzy

    ''lovee'' I felt that

  35. Prime Heda

    In conclusion YES.

  36. lil kill


  37. Patrick


  38. Artie Knight YT

    RIP Free Speech, thank a million, leftists.

  39. The Wise One


  40. Windows Pro


  41. •TrashFurry•

    EEsel will always be a mystery in life

  42. The Temmie Commenter

    did you ever realize that it's just that EEsel doesn't care?

  43. Ryzen 2990WX

    check out ambiguousamphibian, good channel for less than 100k edit: makes good rimworld content

  44. Hemant Puri

    Video starts: twists head to face camera and address audience By the end: whole body follows to ease the pain 10/10 subtle details

  45. DoomaWhat

    there's 3 sides of twitter 1. the idiots who are not aware that they are idiots 2. the idiots who are aware that they are idiots and try not to take their idiot selves to seriously 3. the idiots who are aware of the other idiots, but still manage to be idiots

  46. Mason Gregerman

    It's easy for people to say the ridiculous things when you have the voice and others only have text.

  47. goodman854

    wait you think covid is done in two weeks? lmafo what?

  48. just a loser

    no, me, dont you dare, dont you fucking dare comment it me. *dont do it* *inhale* this isnt too bad FUCK YOU ME

  49. Deepfried Memelord

    Detective Text Support

  50. John Alexander

    Mutahar: The Data Daddy

  51. Ronny C

    Do one on the Doom Eternal Denuvo Anti Cheat they added but actually removed due to community backlash.

  52. Momo

    I am very tired of seeing these ad's. And just because it's so obviously BS it genuinely annoys me.

  53. Randim007

    I hope this video stays up.

  54. miku

    i hope they didn't expose themselves, there's lots of kids on this website.

  55. Maicutul Domnului

    its 1AM

  56. austin M

    So let me get this straight: The scam is to upload videos using provocative material that draws in a large audience to make ad revenue from clickbait? Good for them, what other topics we got?

  57. Next Gen YT

    Wanna Be Friends?

  58. jeff 09

    Everyone hopping on the expose youtube bandwagon. Even youtube themselves

  59. FBI Agent

    wanna be friends?

  60. Cookie

    Gotta respect that he is doing his own thing during the drama.

  61. Ishik

    *Couldn't* care less

  62. Bobby Balboa

    I was right, EEsel is really stupid.

  63. Mr Quadrivium

    I can't get use to seeing the sunlight in your vids.

  64. It’sBasho _

    It’s so weird seeing Muta in a normally illuminated setting.

  65. YouTube copyright Agent #09

    Do not expose us

  66. Terra Nigma

    I don't know that EEsel really cares about H3H3 necessarily. My guess? They removed it to deescalate the situation to prevent another adpocalypse from happening.

  67. Spiceouia


  68. J Z

    Damn I wish I could have actually seen the video. Is there a link to it on another site?

  69. Aron108 Why an I forced to put a last name?

    I doubt COVID-19 will end in 2-3 weeks.

  70. Kind Pegasus 95

    This is the revolution. Pick your side. 🔵 is us 🔴 is evil EEsel

  71. Aurtu

    Wow I'm so early

  72. Infectious Sheep

    one day muta will make a whole video in hindi

  73. Desi Morales

    Well he is and may be telling the truth about fancam

  74. Aeidan Burns

    I am a simple man I see Muta, I click

  75. Mr Sponge

    We need a new site.

  76. White Boy

    Or you could get a bitchute and LBRY to bypass youtube's bullshit

  77. Hoovy Pootis

    EEsel is so out of touch

  78. Deepfried Memelord


  79. Teaboy301

    If this video gets taken down I swear to god

  80. Eville Caston

    Did someone says EXPOSED? *Rich of ReviewTechUSA intensifies*

  81. AnasMations

    shame on youtube

  82. Леонид Зурнаджи

    Did i ever tell you, the difiniton of insanity? Insanity is. Doing the exact same, fu__ing thing, over and over again. Expecting things to change. That. is. Crazy.

  83. Ryzen 2990WX

    oh man what a good video

  84. Click Baitable

    I turned my history and Google’s data collection to have less privacy invasion and EEsel promotes these Cash App Ads all the time on my home page. It’s like they’re calling me a scumbag for not having their wallets in mind.

  85. Teruteru Hanamura

    I want to go back to the "cursed" website Komando.com it's a game but also a website I can't solve the second level Edit: 2:57 that game PLUS WRONG WEBSITE

  86. Danny Reed


  87. Arslan

    lets hope youtube doesn't remove this video as well

  88. Sans

    kinda funny how this is the first video on my recommended

  89. alec

    man, as i was watching this i found out im being stalked, im definitely going through and making sure i have 2fa everywhere

  90. Daniel Martin

    Whoever has a good enough PC, just screen capture the video by gokunaru and reupload it at 360p. If you do it at 360p, EEsel's bots have trouble recognizing it at that resolution.

  91. Woomy !

    Ah EEsel...... the place where free speech is encouraged but not allowed.

  92. ɧąıƖıɛ

    I feel like some one is reading me some Star Trek lore that never made it into the Series 22:29

  93. Giraffimation

    Hey I used to be a social media moderator, I could give you insights on how things work, let me know if you are interested in chatting about it?

  94. Retroflection

    Pretty sure the Patriots’ AI would do a better job of running EEsel than whatever this is

    1. Jack Taylor 044

      The Patriots did nothing wrong

  95. FappyBoii

    Video: Posted 19 minutes ago Comments: 30 minutes ago

  96. Ranjeev Dutt

    If Hathoda Tyagi immigrated to Canada... re: Paatal Lok

  97. Dylan Hutto

    1:53 Degenerate Jay did a really good video talking about this point

  98. blaxalb

    I assume at least a big part of how the content id works is based on the actual file raw data and if it's a whole different recording maybe it's not as effective even if recorded at the same location, but it can probably still be used to pick some of this stuff up

  99. ah ziba

    they are not concerned about scammers and could not care less about users cause scammers can't and users won't sue youtube.

  100. JustAGemini

    Video: cRaZy CaT lAdY kIlLiNg CaTs Add: CAT PHOTO CONTEST