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  1. Alfonso Rodriguez

    What about the ford F-150 super snake?

  2. Jaycee Williams

    That car is absolute garbage 😂. They charged 50k for a cheap ass recycled car, with terrible designs and 96 miles of range

  3. Smitrj19

    I feel like Doug is making fun of the car while reviewing it we get it Doug its not a German car that you love let this would have been an Audi 85-90 Doug score

  4. Robert Jensen

    Speed governed at 250Kmh. Try it with no speed governing and it will blow your mind.

  5. Ai Cuni

    The climic control of this car is copied from nissan navara 2005 🤣

  6. The Lone Power Ranger

    Still looks like a squished bug

  7. Nitr0

    It looks like Pegassi Vacca from GTA V. Cool.

  8. Marcio Filho

    I live in Sweden and I see them all the time around here. Love it!

  9. Ayub Ansary

    27:02 damn that biker, another insanely cool driver like Doug DeMuro...

  10. HX3_EnFr


  11. Tazer On Tires

    Imagine being the person or company whose car he’s ripping.

  12. Calivan Wian son 0g

    Wow moive car fast 4

  13. Heartat . tech

    Who else got this in recommended

  14. Charles Frison

    I like Mercedes interior layout and design better. Give me an S63 AMG all day over this

  15. Reso205

    @12:12 really Doug ?? I also dont have to take of my hands of the steering wheel when i turn on the wipers 1. I just extend my index finger 2. i lift UP my extended index finger and the wipers are on....and THIS without taking my hands of the steering wheel And this in a 2002 Mazda Protege5....Mazda was ahead of its time (sarcasm)

  16. Nevter

    miami vice ❤❤❤

  17. Mamoon Munir

    You forgot about the DOD Tech (Displacement on Demand)..

  18. B_MAN_

    This car rocks. Drove many as a valet in Bev Hills and the owners loved them

  19. Master Yoda

    remember when they used to sell Camry Sportivo.. yeah

  20. tlarson91119

    I forgot about this vehicle. My Dad bought one of these when I was just a kid and we had it for a little while before it ended up being sold. I dont even think we had it that long because I barely remember it. The vertical tail lights just stick out to me and that's what I remember mostly about it.

  21. Ken Arok

    Please use Nm (newton meter) ugly Doug

  22. PlexGamer Plays

    The car in the cartoonish drawings in the owner's manual is a Suzuki Zen.

  23. Jonas

    Is ot worth buying a aston martin db9 for 30k €?

  24. some guy


  25. Powerslider

    16:14 Is Doug being tailed by Dubai Gestapo? Look a bit suspicious, creeping up in his blind spot and staying there.

  26. Metal Head

    I’ve known it before

  27. Huioc Rojoc

    While scrolling it looks like a crashed car lmao

  28. Your ass ain't safe

    They added the side parts of the grill so it didnt look like a Lexus

  29. Jiisuri

    So this is basically bad Karma?

  30. Billie Bleach

    Yes Doug, BMW has a great history of making sportscars. Unfortunately accompanied by a horrible history of breaking down again and again.

  31. kevintubeit

    Doug... it's marketing. check this out.. eesel.info/video/video/ioqMp6mntqiDgZI.html

  32. Lo Ranger

    Toyota Tacomas are being made in Mexico. Hopefully there reliability and quality is still excellent.

  33. Hunne0815

    I'm a simple man. I see Doug, I click like.

  34. Greg Hoare

    ....does it come with the essential 3rd pedal?

  35. Cornonthecob

    That car looks waaaaaay better than a Tesla


    All you people are stupid... Lol he has a ton of videos made up and ready to go😂😂😂

  37. Mingo

    what about the mc12 corsa :(

  38. Eunhan Choi

    Lol isnt the owner the same guy from this one buzzfeed watch video

  39. The Lone Power Ranger

    Do people really need a door sill to let them know what they’re getting into?

  40. Kody Paul

    Dougs kinda a weird guy but tbh I love seeing him get excited when he’s talking about a car he loves and especially when he drives it

  41. jkirk1626

    13:00-13:15 Jaguar is British, not european. The UK is not europe.

  42. fireoil

    I remember saying one in my neighborhood close to paris. I was taking pictures of it every time lol

  43. Nikolai Fedorov

    Please, Make a video about small, one seat cars like Unity One, Colibri, Toyota Coms, Toyota i-Road, Toyota Ultra-compact BEV, Toyota Smart Insect, Renault Twizy, Honda Micro-Commuter, Peugeot Velv, Nissan New Mobility Concept.

  44. David DeBergh

    I’m pretty sure you can install a front and rear strip of led lights to fix that “light bar” feature.

  45. wesley nunes

    Doug the type of guy who’s hate tapping for volume.

  46. صالح باوزير

    Dog is the type of guy who drives Japanese sport car to lought at

  47. joezephyr

    Is Doug's T shirt a Jeep or something else?

  48. fireoil

    When 10 years ago it was my child dream car it was in sales used around 10k in France. now it’s around 20-35k i don’t have time to put money savings because the car starting to being a collector and the prices starting to skyrocketing

  49. Issey Fernandez 24

    I've notice that Doug is wearing a tour de France t shirt,are you a cycling fan? Me: cause I am one

  50. Journalz

    Dude fuck this car. Did you hear Doug say “let’s get this thing on the road?” Same reactions Motortrend had 10 years ago.

  51. Rene G

    Toyota has great engines but shit interiors and EVERYONE knows it! 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨

  52. cardboardorigami

    T RST is trip reset I’m sure many people have beaten me to it though

  53. Top10Cars

    Does not look bad. Just... why not better engine? Seriously? Btw. check also my channel, every week two new car videos :)

  54. Chris Fatseas

    It's a messy looking car IMO not beautiful at all

  55. Victor Santos

    “Thissssssssssssssssssssssss is the...”

  56. Barnie Stormer

    You want a seat thats heating and cooling at the same time? How stupid are you exactly? Answer: Very...

  57. Chirag NAAGAR

    Its a BMW Z4

  58. Luke Harries

    Well those are cheap in the uk.....

  59. Bigpeekay

    Doug, you need to get yourself around a bit more. Expand your horizons. And learn how to pronounce 'coupe' correctly.

  60. Johnny Rosenberg

    I never wanted a SUV and I'm pretty sure I'll never want one.

  61. jakov rogulić

    Brat means brother in croatia

  62. Anguish Barbarian

    Wow, he pays less in insurance than me and I drive a cheap is250

  63. P Dizzle

    Is it crazy that I've been in love with this since it's announcement? It looks awesome and its very usable/liveable. Say what you want but at least Toyota is taking risks by offering this. Whereas Ford won't even build a sedan anymore.

  64. Homie Rekys

    Only if it come in v-tech! Lol

  65. Roger Jogers

    I'll take the hellcat

  66. Poliarinis

    to me it seems like a shooting to own foot. Lets be real Lexus ES isn't real Lexus, and this looks even better then ES. So who would by ES instead of this ????

  67. doryanthes67

    oh dear. All show and no go.

  68. Yusuph SLMV

    Why does it seem like the materials used feel like very cheap ? I'm talking about the back of the seats especially and some plastics....

  69. Fall3n Fracus

    I'm surprised the engine cover wasnt painted red and I didnt have a "cold air intake"

  70. opzz xsin

    Ain't nobody sicker and my Fisker, “vroom-vroom,” ho.

  71. Victor Makris

    Quirkssssssssss....and feeturezzzzzzzz..

  72. Bob Pierce

    It's ironic for a car to score low on the fact it's resale value now is too high! I didn't know all the downsides to the car until I saw this video. The price was definitely way too high (like the Chevy SSR of roughly the same era). It's very hard to try to update or "recapture" the look of the '55-'57 T-Bird. It's playing with fire to even try, but I have to say I appreciate the styling more in 2020 than 15-18 years ago. Part of the reason (frankly) was the hideously grotesque "revival" of the Camaro 11 years ago. It looked like a fat and freaky take on the '69; an attempt gone very wrong from the sides, front end, back end, and 'slit' windows. Even the taillights looked like 'drunken sunglasses'. They did make improvements on the front and back ends during 2012-2014 to be fair. In 2016, it had an all-new body that was sleek on the sides, with a modern front and rear end. The roofline---still the same. In short, the Camaro retained a 1st generation 'flavor' without trying to copy an old car. Apparently though, the VASTLY improved model hasn't been selling so hot the last several years and is slated to go away again in 2023. The Mustang hasn't been selling that great either; just the Challenger. The coupe market has been dead for years for cars other than these. It looks like that's now finally catching up to these cars now also.

  73. RR Gaming


  74. Abduljalil Abiri

    Doug 2020: "Fisker doesn't exist anymore" ................ Doug 2021: THISSSSS IS A FISKER OCEAN

  75. Fernando VILLARREAL

    Don't agree with your pronunciation of Hyundai...

  76. Pip Pipster

    Let’s be honest, those little flaps weirdly popping up and down are doing absolutely bugger all 🤣🤣

  77. class 08d15

    Dc Avanti review please

  78. John Doe

    This is Toyota’s weird attempt at a factory sleeper.

  79. super gizmo

    Those oversized grilles are really a trend unfortunately. They are a bit like a woman with fake breasts, they look good but are just not the same.

  80. Sakib Arman

    please give a review of mark 2 jzx110 thanks brother

  81. madscientist 666

    Like m3 if u look another side

  82. j


  83. Semitex

    Gentlemen's coupe.

  84. Scott Wilson

    It's a sweet Jeep and the red leather is unique to the Trackhawk, but I mean you could buy say a used Overland or Summit with all the luxury and slap a supercharger on the 5.7 for 10k at the most and you'll have plenty of power and you save like at least 60 grand. It just doesn't look unique enough to justify buying it over slapping a supercharger on the 5.7 regular Jeep.

  85. Viper TheLegend

    I swear I saw this car in Bill’s driveway in It

  86. t0pshelfchin0

    What’s weird to you might not be weird to others. It’s way better than the Camry TRD

  87. RS Hunter

    As the owner of a Toyota Racing Development model, I have to say that buying one is a terrible idea. Mine is a 2014, and the parts support has already disappeared. Not only are body pieces unavailable, they've been officially discontinued. This has left me with a car that couldn't be restored completely after a collision, as it only has some of the body kit on it. Frankly, Toyota's attitude toward product support has made it clear that I'll never own another.

  88. rauli6000

    One word. Hideous!

  89. David Rodriguez


  90. David Rodriguez


  91. Andre WW

    The waggon (estate in the uk) , would of been nice AWD. I feel if they where still about the would of been better than Audi's. Why GM did kill of Saab. Now vaxuhall and opal. Smh

  92. Ford fanboy

    Doug sir is best👍💯

  93. Ford fanboy

    Doug sir is great

  94. Kenny Williams

    I’m dying that I can’t tell when he’s serious or not! 🤣

  95. mrjdgibbs

    It drives me crazy when car people don't understand horsepower. What you're trying to do is compare wheel horsepower to crank horsepower. Both numbers are brake horsepower because in either case it's measured using a braking dynomometer.

  96. Bryan McKeithen

    It looks like a Jag XF. I'd rather take a slightly used 400hp awd Continental for 30K.

  97. T. T99

    Relative to the Tesla cyber truck

  98. Einnor Diecast

    Doug: The Porsche Carrera GT is the greatest car ever made Also Doug: The McLaren F1 Is the Greatest Car Ever Made

    1. Village of sound

      They are both in that Same Lane of Greatness.

  99. Kenny Williams

    Remember that 90s commercial where the guy “bought a Pontiac Bonneville instead of a BMW”? This is the 2020 version.

  100. Kg Htet

    The ugliest car i'd ever seen in a while 😅