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  1. Пакетик Пятёрочки

    Мне кажется у него есть русские корни

  2. Humanity

    8:01 he’s at fucking dust 2

  3. Thief

    Nobody: The richest idiot in Malta:

  4. Rem Zero

    Try American beers

  5. TSA 595


  6. TSA 595

    Lol, u r my role model as a EEselR. I too shall be as calm as U while I make my EEsel videos. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yay~

  7. Swarx

    I'm italian and i barricated myself in my house

  8. Herogliff

    2:04 when you get a girlfriend but you realize you already had a wife and 2 kids

  9. memeabsorbedvideos

    kid: I want swaggersouls mom: but we have him at home: at home: 6:17

  10. UnknownChode

    Anyone else noticed the floating nipple at 9:34 ? or am I just tripping

  11. Smemty

    he try's my meat next ahheheh

  12. Wombo_Combo17

    Honeydew in USA 3 euro honeydew in japan 100 euro

  13. MeTrYsEx lol


  14. Рустам Макаров

    Peniii$ stalker

  15. Cruel 420

    Good weed in Malta is fckng expensive

  16. Mickey Mouse

    have you blue hair?

  17. Bruce Kira

    sexo gay

  18. Funny animals Cat and dog videos

    The milk looked like cum

  19. Gamer Man

    You putted “you stoled my ñame”

  20. Alexander Kastbjerg

    9:47 anomaly dying from chocking papanomaly dying from laughing

  21. Penguinn

    1:14 Gaben while drunk: *more beer for all*

  22. relentlesscovers

    Im pretty sure this is the cure for covid-19... Sorry i'll just go now

  23. Chr10dai04 h

    Anybody else think that Linda is dating anomaly

  24. Artz

    1:53 where did he go? just disappeared

  25. Saba Leshka

    why did hes scream monster

  26. Rolandas Jarosevicius

    Is Victor trans?

  27. Nami

    Hahahaha anjir gak di goreng

  28. just phantom

    9:43 I put it on 0.25 and now I am dying😂


    You are right 5:18 Denmark is gay I'm from ísland and evie person in my city hade Denmark

  30. SYGO

    This is the funiest video i every watch 🤣🤣

  31. I'm D4wmin4tor

    2 years later I joined the swedish aviation

  32. Loopering Zet

    pink eyebrows gay

  33. shush shush

    Pewdiepie already made view gay

  34. James m

    at 9:47 being a brit I knew this was a horrible idea and winced knew it wouldnt end well haha XD

  35. Der Vac

    Can’t believe papanomaly isn’t German xD

  36. Jaden Mcbride

    I’d do anything for a friend like anomaly 😂

  37. Phill

    Anyone know a name of the opera plays in the background?

  38. realise

    8 minutes of "jerk penis" actually

  39. Artemy Trusov

    still waiting for secind episode

  40. Urban Slav

    I hear him speak but where is he?

  41. Mania_ Mitsakoski

    talk about social distancing 1:06 look at the couple to the right.

  42. Ludvig Svennson

    This is how super sexret Masturbatorium looks like 1:51

  43. Lavagreat The great

    Grebz lookin ass

  44. 95GANG

    12:10 Made me fucking spit my tea out at 11pm... fml

  45. Mania_ Mitsakoski

    i think anomaly is the few youtubers who laugh at ppl suffering

  46. docea007

    Combine beer

  47. Abbe Gamer2.0

    Du e bäst bästa EEselrn

  48. bs trojan

    wow I can see by how dirty your house is yeah mum have left your dad

  49. Mr Runtyy

    Really good content. Keep it up, but go for csgo instead of mukbang;)

  50. Adem Turtael

    9:38 anomaly after these beans

  51. TheReclaimer2557

    1:52 I tried those spicy noodles but they have different packaging over here in the UK, they are indeed extremely spicy and taste amazing, the aftermath isn’t pleasant though so prepare your Anus.

  52. Crunchy Pickle

    18 seconds into the video and anomaly already spilled something on his father

  53. ZaCCCPanec

    I ate Sweden salt chocolate.

  54. Gingeretard

    Her: do u eat ass Me: 11:45

  55. Darkgohn

    The caviar is really blyatiful but u would really recommend u suka nuggits my friend 😄☝🏻

  56. MythicalMitz

    This channel is so underrated LMAO

  57. help i need vänke

    I want to have a relationship with my dad like Anomaly does with his

  58. XlazyOne

    Русский стандарт?

  59. Adolf Hitler

    2120 ahhh the world new fortnite kids is take over

  60. *DRAGONK!NG*

    Please do an Try Not To Laugh challenge 3!!

  61. Stick Boi

    My uncle is on Malta

  62. MrAkil

    one more video of try not to laugh plz

  63. Infanterie-Bataillon[Wulfward]

    Germany is the one land without streetview =(

  64. Autistic Potato

    As a Finn im Wery WERY enjoyed VITTU MIKÄ PERKELE

  65. PUIG 2k

    I think all or most of these foods are meant for cooking😶😐

  66. Tottoduvan

    Pappa is looking Lesbian

  67. SuperKing Gaming

    11:20 what did hace have on his monitor??

  68. Racoon on a Scooter

    He Can blend in at the burger king

  69. weeweenibbawak69

    Anomaly with tinfoil sounded like MW4 Player's mic.

  70. X_ezt

    Это американский red21?

  71. SGAT3

    poor papa

  72. tipis axelholst

    Du är rysk och svensk

  73. R7_Snowzy

    ok i have autism too

  74. BoB Buenis

    11:52 When you eat her out while she is on her period

  75. Jupiter_Mane 55

    the end really made me feel bad for whoever had to clean that up xD

  76. Cris Asi

    B E A N S

  77. Vinney Baun

    2:00 where da fuck is he ??

  78. Ukon Videot

    Can you do video when you speak finnish

  79. Cris Asi

    M50 gas mask:)))

  80. Gavin Mydlowski

    Did he fall in a ocean of concrete or something

  81. Kuba

    this camo would be so useless in malta

  82. Dash YT

    Me drinking sperm for the first time 2:28

  83. XI4 Savage


  84. Adolf Hitler

    lmao he spends thousands of dollars on csgo


    2:10 is that guy or girl



  87. No Name

    in Slovak there is a very bad swear that literally means "in the pussy" or "to the pussy"

    1. Cassie

      Happy April fool's day (sorry for being late).

  88. Boris Pernichev

    3:12 xD dr disrespect 😂

  89. Vcy Db

    why does every time anomaly gets gross things only papa drink it

  90. Vcy Db

    papa:*dies* anomaly: haAHAHHAAHHAHAHA YOU OK? angel papa :you have beer anomaly:there thicc water Angel papa:RUN

  91. tipis axelholst

    Du är rolig ANOMALY och papanomaly

  92. _Falloutguy_

    Greece my countrey ples gu theire

  93. Vcy Db

    papa: Shout out to deaf pplz deaf pplz:FUCK YOU PAPA (says in sing lang) papa:...

  94. Toki Kovac

    best part 12:13 HAHAHAH

  95. Poyraz Kök

    Selâmın aleyküm

  96. Proxymods Re

    Back At 2015 When Anomaly Break The Tv When Papanomly Trade startrak deseart eagle *Papanomaly Get Knives* What Knive:

  97. AnSoviet

    Haista vittu satana

  98. i dare you to read ME

    Youre 🏳️‍🌈

  99. cr81d

    you know how you can get a china box. well this is the american box.

  100. SadBoy

    Аниме не наше