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  1. Eve Sterio

    I have never had ranch

  2. IDK IDK


  3. Grace

    Matt needs a cooking show!!

  4. Hunter Rodriguez

    "Vegan Elote"...as a Latino, I love them, but what's the point then? That's just corn in a cup or plain corn on the cob!

  5. Trinity smith

    Quarantine videos have made me fall in love with Maggie! She went from mysterious and edgy to a soft little flower real quick...😂❤️🌸

  6. Um Hi ?

    Matt is killing the game 😂 He’s like a cooking channel.

  7. Hannah Chant

    i love having matt in the videos !!!

  8. Robert Perez

    Vegan elote? As a Hispanic I am offended. :-P

  9. KatRin

    Wow, Matt's dish looked so amazing!! Even without tasting it, I have to agree with Eugene, that looked like it belonged on a restaurant menu!! :)

  10. TheGoddessEvie

    Reading through the comments, I think we're all agreed. Give Matt his own cooking show.

  11. Mishiara

    i'd watch every Matt cooking show - he'd boost the rateings if he did it shirtless as in the first one though

  12. Arushi Sharma

    8:10 It's pronounced Garr-am/em Muss/mass-aala...I'm an Indian so we use it a lot here😊

  13. Sandyandi

    I can't wait until Jamie can judge your food again.

  14. Mirna Mekdad

    i want zach to mix every single tea flavor ever and try it in a whole video of itself

  15. Rida Taha

    Did Zac just say Maggie cant smell or taste ? Arent those classified as Covid symptoms ? 😱

  16. Nicole Resendiz

    Matt is precious we must protect him

  17. themiddleones


  18. World Builder

    Are Californian Wendy’s just bad? The Wendy’s fries in the Midwest are amazing

  19. alorable26

    I would love if Eugene would actually participate

  20. A Maiers

    Keith knows where it's at with those shallots

  21. Reyna Bushey

    Am I the only one that when Eugene said “my heart” thought of alcohol? 🤣

  22. Ryanna Tee

    Anyone else only found out Ned's real name is Eduard??

  23. KarlitoBurrito 2303


  24. Dragoneer

    Sometimes I feel like Eugene gave up. Every cooking segment anymore is just Eugene going "lol, alcohol" and not even trying. XD

  25. Emylye Laperriere

    Matt clearly killed this challenge. He had the toughest ingredients and I want everything he made. Also a whisk Ariel? Really?lol

  26. Ava Mozian

    Keith: "I'm feeling lity city."

  27. Shawn

    Petition for Matt’s cooking show, pretty please!

  28. Oria_e

    Zach: Bowie, get out of there Bowie: 👁👄👁

  29. Jamila Smith

    Low-key Eugene's bf is stacked. Look at those arms.

  30. Stephanie Fuentes

    Omg Eugene’s bf at the end thanking us for watching was adorable!!! There so wholesome and it’s great to see Eugene happy 💓

  31. Carmen Lee

    i want uncut footage of matt's cooking cause his food looks amazing. oh gosh.

  32. Brittney AD

    Eugene is a lucky man 😉

  33. Gabby Doux

    can we get matt's recipes?

  34. Donja Komduur


  35. Melissa Taylor

    The SOs gave them way easier ingredients than this 😂

  36. p a s t e l a

    Keith: Frozen foods Ned: Grand fancy food Zach: Stuff he didn't know what to do with Eugene: *Alcohol*

  37. Kenny McCormick

    i feel like Matt was just pure *zen* while he was cooking

  38. Sydne Gernaat

    Please tell me they're releasing a separate video later that's just "Cooking with Matt." Same recipe, same footage, plus instructions they had to cut for time.

  39. Lauren

    I would enjoy a video about Keith and Becky’s no/low waste lifestyle!

  40. lucyfloral


  41. I.a.m. G.

    Wasn't lack of tasting one of the symptoms some people have when getting Covid Has Maggie gotten tested? I am freaking outa little now as Zach is immune supressed...

    1. Julian Marco

      Yeah it is and I was thinking the same thing.

  42. Ditte Lange

    can we just give Matt his own cooking show?

  43. Tiiti

    That’s one super cute young judge

  44. Julia May

    I love how Eugene does one wall a three dudes are doing one

  45. Prakriti Sharma

    Can we just a cooking series for beginners with Matt pls! His voice is so soothing it makes me feel like I could actually make something edible.

  46. NatChin Vlogs

    9:56. Ariel is seriously so beautiful 😍😍😍 i cant 💞💞

  47. angelichobi_

    “Why do you call yourselves the army” Me a fellow army: as BTS always says we’re, Adorable Representative MC’s for Youth 😌

  48. Nash Potato

    I love how Matt is so damn chill with all the alcohol Eugene gave him! Hahahahaha!!

  49. Milagros Sp

    I'm thankful for the Try Guys. Without their content i'll bored asf

  50. TaylorMadeMadness

    If I was given becky’s ingredients I would have made pad thai with curry potatoes. That’s the only way I can think to combine coconut and peanut butter. Mind you I’ve never made Thai food so I would be winging it 100%

  51. Suzanne

    Can we have a Matt cooking show please

  52. Taylor Imani

    *tries so hard not to say anything offensive*

  53. Neha D

    Matt is literally the Eugene of the Try Wives

  54. Benjamin Rothschild

    One of the most common signs of Covid-19 is not being able to smell. Like this so that Zach might see this.

  55. Julian Marco

    Wait a minute. Did Matt have the same amount of time as the ladies? It sort of feels like he cooked all day and the ladies had 2 hours at the most.

  56. Stephanie Shewchuk

    Maybe one day Matt will be willing to have his own segment alongside the greats such as Food Babies and Candid Competition.

  57. Stranger Sofía

    16:07 It looks like they have a beauty filter on

  58. Aurelia Yoga

    "I don't hate it, but I didn't plan it" why is this the definition of my life lol

  59. Charlotte Wolf

    I forgot Maggie was a nurse

  60. the lawnmower

    i havent even watched this yet but im literally waiting for a part 3

  61. Bored_OutofMyMind

    Does anyone else love the cute little dino on the side of Ned and Ariels kitchen?

  62. gema garibay

    i love you guys sm like i depend on try guys videos for my main entertainment and source of happiness during this quarantine 😭

  63. lil slump

    The try guys r the only ones posting consistently during quarantine

  64. sqxndal RBLX

    Can we just appreciate that the try guys’ partners are superior to them in culinary education?

  65. En

    Zach being overwhelmed with spice while maggies face is like *not only is spice my heritage, spiciness is also the only thing I can taste as it is pain and doesn't involve the taste buds*

  66. Fifi Annisa

    That's... a really big shallot

  67. Hedgie Hog

    No-one ever: "what are BUTTHOLE SCISSORS?!"

  68. Becky Figmonte

    The try guys should learn how to start an iv

  69. Orly Z

    Matt could have a cooking show. I would definitely watch.

  70. Dorissa Claire

    Did Maggie have covid?? They are talking about her “being sick” and not being able to smell??? I’m glad she’s ok.

    1. Travis Dengler

      yeah they talked about it in the trypod, zach had to get temporary housing and everything

  71. Olivele

    haven't even watched the full video yet but props to Ariel and Ned for using Beeswax wrap I see you trying to reduce your single use plastic waste <3 really props to all of you for encouraging people to use the food they have and not create more food waste

  72. Travis Dengler

    becky: "season it LIBERALLY" *puts like 1.5 shakes in*

  73. Kixtri

    Eugene: 'I want to pick ingredients near and dear to my own heart' Eugene: *Gives Matt alcohol and only alcohol*

  74. alldayeverydaykittycat meow

    L Ö Ö P S

  75. Celia Zamarripa

    Zach: you’re CRUSHING it! Maggie: yes, thank you I’m doing really good Z: like garlic crushing M: no Maggie...the wild Zach tamer 😹

  76. Arushi Sharma

    Other Try Guys: random ingredients Eugene: hold my drinks

  77. fanny

    Matt when cooking is the epitome of chill.

  78. Roos

    What if maggies prego

  79. MOONSTRIKE999 ArmedRabbit

    “Do better do good” - ALL ASIAN MOMS😭 Random idea: what if the try guys did master Chief episode as a cooking duo ?!!

  80. goldfish1871

    daaaaaaaaaaang Matt really just sailed through this challenge lolololol

  81. Sara-Frances

    So since Matt agreed to be in more videos does that mean we get a Matt cooking show 😁

  82. L Lock

    Why is everyone going on about making'vegan' this and 'vegan' that? its as bad as someone going on about how they 'found god', good for you but its just food all the same (with the exception of Icecream, which sort of makes sense) Also, we really need a 'Matt's Michelin Meals' :) Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  83. Paige Ishimaru Sakakura Toujo

    Honestly Matt could start a cooking channel if he wanted. He's really chill and easy to watch whilst still being educational, I'm sure he'd be great at it.

  84. Karol Claire May Taboada

    wow matt 🙌🏻

  85. Becky Figmonte

    The try guys should learn how to start an iv

  86. Cherokee Boddy

    New Segment: Matt Makes Deserts

  87. Maya Levy

    Lmao Eugene: “Imma be like your Asian mom. Do better do good”😂

  88. samiexk

    We definitely need more of Matt and Maggie & the wives 🥰😅

  89. Annika Bajaj

    matt calls eugene “gene” ahdjsks my heart

  90. - E l l a -

    Woah Keith plays French horn? I do too but I suck so Keith better teach me

  91. Wolfy AKA Wolfboy1666

    Zac gives Maggie the best ingredient by accident as jackfruits like a meat substitute so she’s got it quiet easy

  92. KatRin

    I had to stop the video for a second where they talk about Maggie's recovery from Covid-19. She had a really mild case as she described it on Insta and 30 days in her sense of taste and smell has not yet returned. This really hit me.. I think, in general, all of us have very little understanding of the medium- and long-term impact of recovering from this virus whether you had a mild or more severe case. I cannot imagine what recovery might look like for someone who was hospitalized for weeks and potentially ended up on a ventilator. Maggie, I sincerely hope you fully recover soon, wishing you all the best!! Everyone, stay safe and healthy out there!

  93. Sayeed_Boi Sayeed_Boi


  94. Ava Marie

    I love how Matt is the Eugene of the Try Wives

  95. P Heart

    Roo-ee-boss,not roybis. Means red bush.

  96. Nilay G

    Is it just me or did anyone else see Eugene's Alcohol Cabinet and was like, Oh dear he is gonna give only alcohol 🤣🤣

  97. Sayeed_Boi Sayeed_Boi

    anyone else notice the background music near the end that sounds like a BRAZZERS track

  98. Niko Garcia

    Keith with consciously or subconsciously made a Hamilton reference

  99. Lavender 1

    Matt’s dessert was beautiful!!

  100. Jodie Vega

    I have the same shirt as maggiieeeeeee