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  1. Remington Van Daele

    The first girls friend did her so fucking dirty

  2. Marilla Gielen

    I just did this and it doesn’t look too terrible... lowkey proud of myself

  3. María Noriega

    Daddy Mondo you look amazing with that haiirrrr <3

  4. Sophia Kerr

    EEE so happy I have an oval face!!

  5. MadMudz 808

    The back to school merch is so cute!! 💕

  6. Zainab Alzeyadi

    Can I react to curly hairrrr pleaseeeee

  7. Karolina

    Omg I don't know how I haven't seen any of these! Please bring this back!

  8. Pexi007

    I have been washing my hair with these tips and it's made a huge difference... I was clearly overdosing on shampoo amount and overstimulating my scalp and hair ends as my hair is much more manageable now and less oily between washes.

  9. Zainab Alzeyadi

    Can u please react to people doing their curly hair!! Like cutting it or just styling it!!!!!

  10. Odalys G.

    I always wanted a gay best friend 💜

  11. mts2457

    the one who asked if she likes the water cold. WHAT PSYCHOPATH WOULD WANT THAT

  12. Mya's Vlog

    0:07 me being under age 😬

  13. Cadence Chambers

    Oh my...god wow The things that appear in the recommended wow

  14. Gracie Grace


  15. *dinosaur* :-;

    Congratulations for hitting 5million subscribers 💖 You deserve it so much 😍😍 been a big fan 💝💗

  16. anna

    react to amazingphil destroying his hair eesel.info/video/video/ZWd6kHyXmHp7irc.html

  17. Kayli Malenfant

    Brad my fiance did this today to my hair and it's so. GOOD!!!! ❤️❤️

  18. Beniyah Mccall

    I hate you that is not her name

  19. notsofestive

    yesss i love eve, she changes her hair like EVERY week lmao, watch her rainbow hair tutorial !! edit, she has two up, this is the one i meant eesel.info/video/video/oI6TnrOhmoZ1p7c.html

  20. Imogens Storey

    Please react to Phil Lester doing his quarinitne hair cut!!!!!!

  21. anna


  22. klaudie HORVATHOVA

    Hahaha what is that haaha i love you brad please make some more vidoes you always make my day and your jokes i always laugh hahahah o yeah and he never forgets to say in what world hahah love u brad

  23. Georgie 707

    6:33 sonic who

  24. blondemuse

    I have been a hairdresser since I was about 3 years old. I then did modelling and really got into hair. Anyway you make me laugh also I had seen some of those I agree better than many. Love your videos Nic

  25. Amal Mirza

    whenever Brad calls me "Beautiful" I get so shy.

  26. wbvlfqnwkvd mvwemkfmvs flkmv


  27. Mavafi

    Omg please watch AmazingPhil cutting his own hair! 😂

  28. Laura Hall

    Imagine my relief to find I AM using the right brush

  29. Victoria Dukes

    The girl at the end tried her best

  30. Eden couture

    How... Do you tone a canvas? Lol!

  31. Frida Andersson

    I tried this. it went bad. I began with hair to just below my collarbones. I now have hair that ends above my shoulders. not saying the tutorial was bad, not at all... Im just the worst at cutting hair and I have no patience

  32. Mimi LaFlare

    I need more of these videos lmfaoooooo

  33. cloud like

    Happy 5mil, Brad!

  34. Gracie Grace

    I had this super cute peekaboo with blues purpled and pinks and omggggg

  35. Judi Roth

    Oh, this is too hilarious - more please❣️💕❤️🌈❤️🌻🥰

  36. Melissa Boyd

    Brad: "Hey beautiful you look ravishing ". Me: stuffing my face with salt and vinegar chips "awh".

  37. Honestly Ari

    I'm literally sad looking at theses comments so much hate

  38. xrainbowmintx


  39. Fairy Tail3367

    My dad has been cutting my hair since I was a kid...

  40. Eliza Knight

    I love those haircuts. I thought they would end in disaster but none of them did :)

  41. Wilmarie Garcia

    So how much for very dry hair 😂

  42. Yahya Land

    U look like a blonde Ian Somerhalder ❤️

  43. Umul Banin

    This does work that’s why it got 30M

  44. Eva Cancino

    15:02 -wasn’t it supposed to be a side part?

  45. Pel Darav

    I have virgin hair

  46. Irina K

    any opinions on wooden bristle brushes?

  47. RozeE -Stop eating my weaves-

    Man I really want to cut my waist long hair up to my shoulders but idkkkkkk um does shoulder length hair match a round shaped face? Aaa

  48. Elizabeth Smith

    Please react to amazing Phil cutting his hair. It hurt so much to watch

  49. maryelizabeth


  50. Островерхова Мария

    I kinda love long haired Brad

  51. Imogen G

    Please react to Amazing Phil aka Phil Lester's quarantine hair cut video!! eesel.info/video/video/ZWd6kHyXmHp7irc.html

  52. Nymeria Nan 4 short

    @bradmondo your shirts👚 colours are looking 👀dull compared to this👩‍🎤 lady's hair

  53. Gabrielle DeLong

    Ok. Stop. Just STOP. Every comment I have seen has been about Brad. Stop saying that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. HE’S A PROFESSIONAL. I think he would know how long it would take to straighten hair. And how to do it alone.

  54. delaney escobedo


    1. Ask to seduce Miss

      I mean dyeing your hair will make your hair fall but I bet if you save up and buy wigs it would be much better I don’t really know how wigs work but I think better than hair fall.... X

  55. Chloe L

    Results at 13:38

  56. Tae-Yeong Hyun

    There is a video of a korean baby “sian” and older sisters getting their hair cuts. It was also adorable and funny

  57. princess to all kinds

    Clairol is the only hair dye that leaves me with a rash and bumps and it burns something awful

  58. LilyMay111

    *It looks even worse that her hair is litteraly the same colour as her skin lmao 😭😂💀*

  59. ether stars

    Pakistan and Indians rn: WBK 😎🤘🏽

  60. Karen Dinkel

    Sometimes I just start a Brad Mondo video to feel good about myself when he says I look stunning. Thanks Brad 😉

  61. Praneetha

    Even when its all lies, I still feel good when he says something nice.

    1. Ask to seduce Miss

      I need to stop watching these videos. I want to dye my hair a fun color!!!

  62. Andrea R

    My mom will only let me dye my hair if you do it 😭🤣. I'm broke tho so that wont be happening.

  63. LiviArt

    1:42 How do I take notes with my finger?...

  64. Periş Demirci

    in turkey every a lot of women who get white her due to age they color it red with henna and it looks amazing. but they have to redo it very often

  65. FreakyFeline88

    Is Jojo , Jojo without the bow bow? No no - Iconic 😂 👌

  66. Alyssa Rose

    My hands get so freaking tired when I do my hair. Also, lately, the back of my hair is super oily. Just the halo/circle section that he shows in the first tutorial. It’s a really nasty texture. Help.

  67. Louis Tom

    Wow this is awesome I mean this made my day

  68. Fiery Toaster


  69. Ella Blocke

    Can we just ask brad where he got his necklaces from bc they r drippy asf

  70. Jasmine

    I was in the middle of cutting 4 inches off my hair at home by myself when this video came out. I remember completely ignoring the update just to fuck up my hair😂😂😂 but this really not bad, its straight at least

  71. KLMac

    Phil Lester quarantine haircut: eesel.info/video/video/ZWd6kHyXmHp7irc.html

  72. Vanna Purdy

    Fantastic video.

  73. Nicholas

    Wait. A crown is now a fashion accessory? Where do you even buy a crown, exactly?

  74. Emma Poley

    This made me SO anxious!!!! I can't handle this.

  75. Jenny Curran

    Anybody have a bleach recommendation? I'm going to use 20 volume developer because I have pretty light hair but really want the blue dye I'll be adding to POP. I've touched up my platinum roots before but that was years ago and with BW2 and 40 volume (so young, so naive). I'm a dirty blonde/light brunette now once I let it all grow out. I was wondering if there is a better type of bleach I should be using. Thanks guys! Stay beautiful:)<3

  76. Izuku Midoriya


  77. Art by Ree Also know as Ree

    You should react to Gabbie Hanna dye her hair green

  78. Sam Beckbessinger

    Brad, you sweet angel. My boyfriend followed this tutorial and my hair looks AMAZING and I feel like an actual human person again rather than a quarantine-gnome. You're doing the lord's work, babe.

  79. Kara Foxx

    These remind me of my love hate relationship with bangs. Every hairstylist does them different but yet never thick enough I want BANGS not a forehead mustache

  80. j buehler

    I am here,but you cant see me UwU

  81. Trinity Phar

    just found out I've been watching you for over a year and I haven't subscribed... I am now

  82. Lynn Devlin

    It's a BROOMSTICK! 🤩

  83. Nics

    I actually dyed my hair ash blonde with 2 box dye. The first dye it did not really showed the color, so I waited a day and proceeded to the 2nd box. After that, my hair still turned up the same, like no fall out, or dryness. My hair is not even virgin. I think it still depends on how 'gentle' (I guess?) you are on your hair? Hahaha

  84. SaphireLittle

    Thank GOD mondo doesn’t do videos like this anymore I mean yeah it’s cool but this aint reality tv it EEsel lol do your thang but I’m just sayin

  85. Tadeja Walker

    brad just called my 13 year old self sexy 💀

  86. Bloorp Bloorp

    Please react to Phil Lester's new video :)

  87. Sally Sparrow

    Brad, you have to react to Phil Lester cutting his own hair. Seriously, is a really good video 😂

  88. Salomé Donoso


  89. Gaming with Adopt Me playz !

    Hey Brad you lookin sexy if your under age forget I said that

  90. Mad Max


  91. Oddi Miseinen

    Now we need Brad reacting to male quarantine haircuts! (Btw Amazing Phil made one on youtube)

  92. Chloe Pentz

    First part when you first enter the video got me confused🤣🤣lmao

  93. Amber R.

    react to amazing phil cutting his hair

  94. Ana Haridian

    I loved you saying balayaaaaaage hahahahahaha <3

  95. Kelly Wilder

    How do you do this on long hair? Like waist length? Like I feel like this wouldn’t work on long hair?

  96. BeyondxDescription


  97. Trinity Bailey

    So I was like 10 minutes into the video and thought about how I would look in bangs and then an ad popped up on the side of my screen for flawless cover all lace front wigs.

  98. Jeana JLA Lindo

    i have curly hair :( and no straightening tools/no intentions to straighten my hair what about me?

  99. Dana Stirling

    when he brought out the level i died lol

  100. Karen Barahona

    my hair stylist got mad at me because i used coconut oil on my hair! she said it leaves a film or something and makes the hair waxy and it may react against the bleach