Jeremy Clarkson's, Richard Hammond's and James May's home of epic motoring and pulse-racing adventure.

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  1. TooManySteamGames

    Oh it's one big ad.

  2. Terry Burnett

    This has got to be an April fools joke!

  3. B. A

    *its so black that it runs faster*

  4. Mat Simpson

    Meanwhile at James Mays house, [Fax machine starts] Your car Has been STOLEN!

  5. Aston Martin

    I have seen so many EEsel videos of Mustangs crashing just going straight.They appear to be death traps.Think I'll buy one for my mother in law. 😂😂

  6. MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    Sometimes a classic can be better then a newer model and that goes with anything. I think some people will learn that has they get older i know i have.

  7. Athos74oR3M

    Just me, or does May’s Alpine sound really crap?

  8. Spritemon 98

    I'm surprised hammond was a smoker

  9. Conor Carroll

    Just saying if he gotten in his wife car, we know what’s next.

  10. Aaron Sallee

    Really ought to do a time lapse of this project

  11. vince settineri

    Great video!

  12. Matthew Pointon

    Clickbait shit. Poor effort guys

  13. Skylin Megas

    Stolen car fears ? Try owning a motorcycle. Triple that fear ..

  14. Nicola Caminha

    Toyota rocks !!!

  15. Frozen Retro !

    Anything except giving money eh clarky

  16. CFDtrader


  17. 진대근

    포드 주식이 거져더라..

  18. Alexander Abuhoff

    look at JRGarage lamborghini gallardo twin turbo (UGR)

  19. BG Hoody

    Interesting to see these guys take time out of their busy schedule of arresting people for "hate crime" postings on twitter. Or does that have its own department?

  20. Nikola Nikolov

    Our Audi Q7 (2007) got stolen in 2012. 7 year old me loved riding in that thing. Most gut wrenching was that my mom had bought and kept Gran Turismo 5 and a PS3 for my birthday in the boot, and she’d spent half of her monthly salary on it. Bulgarian Police didn’t do jack sh*t. Thanks, corrupted police!

  21. Stanley Chung

    The wife is so not impressed. Story of my life though.

  22. The Flying Farmer

    They must’ve found his TV.

  23. Travis Terrell

    Yeah, this is useful if you pay the monthly fee for a tracker...AND live in an area of the U.K. where the police actually take it seriously. If you both of those conditions are not meet, good luck. In many parts of the U.S., even if the vehicle can be tracked, there's a you often still can't convince the police to track it down.

  24. Ping Pong

    Twats till can't admit Schumacher was the best.... Schumacher used to make this twat look silly all the time.

  25. Susan Henderson

    Disappointed you and the Essex police would waste valuable time and resources on a PR stunt instead of actually doing what they should be doing. Bit of a click bait tittle really. We all know in reality this would never happen like this.

  26. TheMeakster

    Unsubed. I can't stand sycophants.

  27. Werevertumoto

    They managed to make a boring video with James May's blue alpine...

  28. Northern Carguy

    That is a 1967 Mustang...NOT a 68..

  29. Jose Padilla

    I envy James may. In the USA I can’t buy an alpine but it’s literally my dream car. WHY DOESN’T RENAULT SELL IT HERE! WHY!!🤬🤬🤬

  30. certaintngs2000

    Wow the police in England are so great?.......'WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH'

  31. Gus Duff


  32. TheMeakster

    Just because they can do this doesn't mean they will. Police are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. For the most part if you got a nice car you're better of using a private company to track your vehicle and call for police backup if it's on private land. For most people the next time you see your car it'll be burnt out or wrapped around a lamp-post. I was chased around a housing estate by a thug on a stolen scooter recently. They were throwing rocks at me. One went through the rear window another hit the bonnet. The police did nothing apart from telling me off for having tried to chase them down. In spite of the fact that the entire estate was covered by CCTV and the youth obviously had local knowledge, the police told me they wouldn't do anything, not even look at the footage in spite of an exact time frame of when they should look out for the event. Fvck em, I hope they all catch Covid 19.

    1. TheMeakster

      Just to add I give this vid a big thumbs down for sucking up to our totally useless police force.

  33. GodKing804

    Expectation: James may's car going round the racetrack Reality: GTA recovery simulation

  34. Charles Reed

    6:02 James May saying Tracker Alert.....

  35. Corey Pattison

    I love that the one man in the show that caught the most flack was the most manly man. James wouldn't let the fire go out.

  36. Aneegha Angus

    Loving Hammonds wife’s commentary 😂

  37. Shannon O'Connell

    Excellent work, that Alpine is so perfect!

  38. Corey Pattison

    Jeremy strikes me as a very soft man. Good thing he has money to hire things done.

  39. lukeBishopp

    Why do so many women have a yeti's ball bag on their keys 😂

  40. brandon nair

    Hey Richard.... I was going through most of the grand tour clips and you guys always talk about how fast the hypercars are becoming... But why don't you guys ever test a koeinigsegg?

  41. Maxwell pants

    James May: S T A N D E R D

  42. Jay Carr

    Kinda wondering if this needs a "paid promotion" on it.

  43. Jason

    Am I the only gay boy who loves cars ?

  44. Kheng chansina Black color.forever


  45. Nicholas Mills

    Jordan Maron/Captain sparkles should have been in this.

  46. GilaRobin

    Clearly a virgin

  47. Gareth Coppell

    It's not the voltage that kills you, it's the ampage.

  48. Kakka 10

    I didn’t no he’s that Mach short ..

  49. Jim Bob

    This is all the uk police are good for these days. Playing "track my car".

  50. Saml01

    Wait a tick. Is that a tribble on her key chain?

  51. Raja Aabi

    Richard wife reminds me of Charlotte Tilbury

  52. / Konivore \

    Jeremy clarkson is the definition of a man who's driven so many top of the line cars, nothing new is that exciting anymore.

  53. Raja Aabi

    Meanwhile the only project I'm doing in my home is eating😂😂 Can't wait to see the two cars finished

  54. George-Louis Diwan

    The classic one is 10 times nicer

  55. Alan Chan

    James May: "Does it mean they have solved all the other crimes?"

  56. Mike flynn

    A Ford Galaxie?

  57. Richard Wright

    Looks like the new one did teach the classic a trick. “Don’t let an idiot drive it” (your words not mine)

  58. Elle Sea

    I get that this is a puff piece, but at least it straight up shows how this stuff is supposed to work, rather than the usual nonsense from marketing bods who don't know what words mean.

  59. Umesh Rajapakse

    Why does that key-tag look like it was on someone's head before?

  60. SR

    Funny how much effort they'll go to when someone important gets their car "stolen". Had someone vandalise my motorbike, police van parked on the corner next to it. Called the police to ask them to check the CCTV, said they wouldn't even bother unless I was going to take the person to court for damages. No sympathy for any of them. Or then again Facebook clip of a car deliberately running down padestrians at Newcastle City centre, said they couldn't find the cra and yet on oubkic traffic cakes there's no where the car could go without being seen or followed :l

  61. Muzalli Sam

    here is a weird story about vehicle theft. got my 125cc moped nicked by some low life. went to the police and reported it. of course the norm the police would say that it is impossible to find the bikes.most probably it has been parted for spare parts. 2 weeks after the theft me and my mates spotted the bike being ridden by a youth in my neighborhood stop the bugger and beat the shit out of him then asked him where did he got the bike. brought him to the police station and the investigating officer says that it's better you drop the case and sell the bike. so that lowlife got off with a beating of his life and i have to sell my bike. thats the sum of vehicle theft crime solving in my country.

  62. nomi udo

    Is this a commercial?

  63. Suvo More

    Good one Ed...they are just cars after all. Can you do one on their girlfriends/wives

  64. The Stig

    How did Mindy park it if it doesn’t turn left or right?

  65. darek brandt

    How long did he look for two blokes he's taller than??

  66. Bruce Scott

    Darling? Is it the 70s again?

  67. Brian R

    Why hide the reg of a traff car?

  68. Timothy E F Hill

    I don’t want too see this idiot I would rather see James May!

  69. Old Street Doc

    Eternally better than ‘Gerbil’, Mr Hamster. Eternally better. 😉

  70. The Tormentor

    Or as James would say, "the rozzers tracked down my Alpine A110"

  71. Frank Blackcrow

    That Ferrari.. it's nice on the outside, but are those the right seats, as we cant see all of the inside, it might be crap to sit in, considering that the seats might be a bit too high with the all in one head rest, the sets don't look era for the car... and the seats have race type seat belts.. needing to be strapped in to a seat.. does that person use it as a race car competing against other racers on the track ?... and that it also has the passenger side with those same seat belts.. more to possibly have, so the passenger cant escape the drivers pick up lines.

  72. Zoner Red County

    I will just say one thing - priorities.

  73. Richard Bui

    according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Forty-two percent of stolenvehicles are never recovered

  74. Hunter Robertson

    When you forza horizon 4 in real life

  75. Common Avionics

    Haha, no.

  76. hangm4n

    2:10 end of an achievement hunter video

  77. A A

    That’s not a real world police work environment, what are the donuts 🍩

  78. Bruce Lee

    People think he is doing this to make himself look good but hes doing it to try and get other people to help out.

  79. Lindley Ross

    I"m legitimately upset that I didn't see that ending coming. I was completely ready for him to get in the 2015 and rip a burnout. Good job lol.

  80. John Schooling. Jr

    I want that picture. Three of my heroes whipped in a bunch. Right on my wall please!!!

  81. raidaru

    May's mistook his cam with a potato

  82. Josh Schneider

    It better be it's five decades newer.

  83. Salty Slappy

    they can track his car but they still havent found Mays television from several years back

  84. Dan B.

    Keerist that was a yawn.

  85. Humboldt Oregonian

    Jeremy Clarkson said in the late 90s that the Skyline was an ugly car. Its nice to know other people are in disagreement. Motorworld was a grate show....

  86. ben ross

    is that Hammond's red tractor ?

  87. Tech101

    Land rover have gone to shit. The spirit of the defender has been lost. It's just another crappy low quality range rover.

  88. YoungManDub

    Can't stop laughing whenever I see UK cops with all that tactical gear.... And no pistol 😂 so they're glorified security guards...

  89. Salman Sardar

    Now on HPI check this car will come as a stolen recovered vehicle 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. Michael Sutton

    Police officers not carry guns in the UK?

  91. Madushan Rathnayake

    Nice to see you again

  92. Mk Col

    In these tough times why not come to jesus. So that you can save your family from this epidemic 😷. I pray each night that God may be with with you all who believe in his name. Jeremy clarkson the LEAST person i thought god would work through.

  93. IronReece13

    kind of think Oliver would make a good place for a tesla electric motor

  94. Steven Gadd


  95. Jarod_BaroN

    Dude she has super stable hands what the..

  96. gnarshread

    I'm sorry but this is a joke.

  97. John Hodorovych

    Hammond, that was good call NOT responding with, 'well, I've got a bad leg' when Mindy said she had a bad shoulder.

  98. arshaQ

    I camed here from overwatch’s hamster

  99. Vintage Bikes Aus

    What if your car is old and is unregistered? How do they track it?.

  100. Pangolin

    The real question is - have they found the guy that nicked the lead off James' roof?