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  1. Dylan Tsichlas

    YES BROTHER!! So happy for you guys. Hope some day I will see it!

  2. Tater Gaming

    Woo, that's some super sandy mix

  3. bballr4567

    Throw her down!!! I've been following the LCN for a long time (even when I didn't have a yard) so to see you two working together is awesome! Looks amazing!

  4. luke kempf

    Hey Cleetus, I love the channel and watch almost every video. Amazing progress on the Freedom Factory, but can't help but notice how much help and donated time and material you have received. When are you going to do something for charity/ give back? You have done very well for yourself and deserve it all, but share the wealth man. I never hear you mention anything about donations or charity work. Just my opinion.

  5. Shawn Gatlin

    Omg love it that is awesome

  6. Bill R

    Look’s amazing brother!!!

  7. Grant wakefield

    This is insane, you are insane, hell yeah

  8. ngh

    Amazing all the sponsors you guys have on board as well as willing to help out! Should make the Freedom Factory an awesome track with awesome events!!!

  9. Speed3 Jesse

    I can't afford the freedom 500 I got laid off of work :(

  10. Daniel Carter

    is Al a pro SODomist?

  11. David Wright

    Live stream is working for me 👍👍👍👍

  12. ferdis7

    Florida man owns the most beautiful track i've ever seen

  13. dominick mckenzie

    Freedom factory revival part 2??? 👀👀

  14. ZoltanTroll

    How long until RG convinces cleeter to mill the main oval? I give it less than a year

  15. Michael Jason Bourne

    Absolutely insane. Wow 🤩



  17. Sweaty Welder

    you are a Fuggin Mad Man!!!!!ANd thats why I Love YOU!!!!!Keep UP the good work and put your DAD in the videos more cuz some day he will be gone!

  18. FUNNYBOY12375

    Sould paint the fredom factory logo in the burn out pad

  19. Kriztian Stevens

    I love how positive Cleetus is. Always telling everyone how good they are or hard they work. Makes people go the extra mile!

  20. Breeki Gopnik

    You’re one of the only EEselrs I can think of that actually got down and dirty with the crew to do the gritty stuff. Great job, Garrett.

  21. Jenner B

    20:20 dude has the same lunch box I have

  22. blakedmc1989RaveHD

    pretty cool to be able to get tha OG of tha place to check it out, btw are ya gunna bring him back to see how tha track is now?

  23. Darrell Andrews

    Holy COW!!! Bethel farms from my very own hometown, dag nabbit, my homies are helpin ole Cleetus and the Freedom Factory!!

  24. FUNNYBOY12375

    Sould buy a used fire truck or water truck from a surpluse auction

  25. Jared Farney

    That is amazing how different everything looks!

  26. Darrell Headrick

    I just purchased and I can't wait to watch!

  27. will brown

    Oh you need to keep the chops n' stache brother

  28. MatthewShashy

    need a good sprinkler system.

  29. Tim Lincoln

    Got to do a before and after side by side... when you first bought it to now

  30. knuf024


  31. Robert Dailey

    You guys together are bad ass! This is the first time I seen you guys race together, and you need to do this more often Kyle needs to get out there!

  32. sqwoodle

    Next major capital install: irrigation system lol

  33. Rodcognito 00

    I'm so proud of everyone making this happen in record time

  34. Tommy M

    At this point I’m missing seeing Cleetus get shiftfaced ...especially on that 1-2

  35. Jason

    Hell yah brother you guys killed it probably raised the property value by 1 mill 😂😂

  36. Mr Potential

    Just watched Matt's video. Now I'm watching yours

  37. Team Cummings Outdoors

    That man is a business man you can just tell by the way he can tell you everything in 30 seconds. If you dont love what you.. you get it

  38. dominick253

    I wonder why they don't use rolls anymore? I seen one guy and a skid steer do a whole house in no time with the rolls. Squares seem a little tedious.

  39. Jared Love

    I love how two things I love and two youtubers i follow come together into one video

  40. Tyler Jordan

    Next video: Cleetus: Guys we're tearing up the oval

  41. antonio sierra

    First driver to go on the grass with there car buys lunch

  42. Greg Adams

    Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!

  43. Jason Bolinsky

    I feel like o Leroy should get the first black stripes on the burn out pad. That's a great accomplishment from the start to now. Can't wait for the race. It's gonna be epic. 🤟

  44. CheckUrHead _

    Oh. Lawn grass. Danggit.

  45. Cody Storkman

    You could put a 9-hole putt-putt course throughout the infield!

  46. Aaron Noble

    Alan Hayne is awesome! I have watched his videos for years!

  47. cole reed

    Is it just me or does cleetus look like joe exotic in the beginning of this video lol

  48. Baseline Garage

    As a concrete guy.... holy shit😂 big money moves

  49. Christopher Lovett

    Most awesome can't wait to see it in person..


    Allen is the man woohoooo. I cannot believe you guys got together amazing what can happen nowadays. He said thats the greenest grass I've ever seen

  51. Hinds15

    Only cleetus could have pulled this off.

  52. Michael Avery

    Looks awesome Cleeter! I can smell the freedom from Texas!

  53. Andrew Delashaw

    Almost a quarter million bucks of concrete is no joke. 1100 yd^3 is a ton of concrete. Also, it is screed, not skreet.


    So if I buy it is it on EEsel or a website? I'm about to buy

  55. James Lathrop

    Looking good now you have to stop people from ripping it up lol

  56. Russell Sperry

    Only people that don’t understand fair competition would ask that question.

  57. Michael Bartlett

    That is insane 😲

  58. BMAWG1968

    Oh lordy, he's slowly turning into a giraffe version of Joe Dirt!

  59. Patrick Small

    Dude two worlds collide!!! Epic!!!

  60. Tom Eibl

    With this much timelapse you can do the most epic ,,build in 10 minutes'' video, brother

  61. James G

    Dudes it’s fucking beautiful! Great things can happen through strange times! Keep pushing!!!!

  62. Jake K

    You should make a special card for the people who worked on the track and helped with everything so that they can get free admission to races!

  63. Raymond Gouin

    👌 amazing job shout out to the people that made it happen.. bald eagles n twin turbskies for life.. #freedomfactory

  64. Will Moto704

    Next time on do it for dale : hey guys RJ made me do the entire track! It truly looks amazing! YEEYEE! Track looks good Cleet ! Its turning aroung nicely man!

  65. xan kenlock

    You should get side borders for the company’s that helped you

  66. Netto Ferreira


  67. jedipresence

    You should host a monster truck show if you cant figure out what to do with the rest of those crown vics after this ;D

  68. Juan _resendiz

    Wouldn’t you need a sprinkler system for that grass

  69. John Armstrong

    Bruce Wilson’s firetruck looks so natural in the infield there.


    8:15 - watching the grass grow in your Minecraft world

  71. Alexis Pinero

    The Track Look Amazing Now!

  72. ThePeopleVerse

    My experience is from North Carolina to Florida has the best well water.

  73. Richard Larner

    So awesome how far it’s all come in a week!! You rock man. I can’t wait until youtube has there own awards show and you take home you tuber of the year! You deserve it brother

  74. Grim Reaper

    $100 says James is the first person to drive through the grass during the FREEDOM 500 😆

  75. Awesome Gamer2207

    Social distancing at its finest

  76. nicholas betters

    Wish I can buy it can’t afford it

  77. Axeman Fishing

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude, it looks SICK AS FXXX. What a great community you have behind you, just amazing!

  78. Kuromime Blackforest

    What a coward. Pulling this stunt but never finished this project. Makes me wanna puke.... If your a coward. Dont ride it. Just finish the damm thing. Hanging like threads like this is a bullshit

  79. Jerry Plaza

    15:15 the girl in the background 🤣

  80. Cole Edit's

    Get a bob cat attachment box broom

  81. William Moody

    Congratulations. Freedom Factory looks great.

  82. Frank Flores

    Cleetus that grass looks so dam good! I can not wait for all this worlds drama to stop. I want to go see the New FF track!

  83. ThePeopleVerse

    I bet every subscriber is sending good vibes your way for this to all pan out just the way you want it. Also, take the dirt out to your house for the "Freedom Home Dirt Track". Free is Free.

  84. TheJohn636

    working for me cant wait

  85. Spraggy 187

    love the transformation of the track ! its insane!!!!!!

  86. Kyle P

    I hope you guys put up a giant flag pole and hang a giant American flag from it!

  87. Mike Byrd

    Looks wicked!!!

  88. James Costello

    I have to say it. Green side up!

  89. Jacob Shotts

    It’s the lawn care nut!

  90. Diana White

    I’ve never done “pay per view”. How is it done? Can you view it on regular Tv or internet or? Thank you

  91. ThePeopleVerse

    Dammit Son!! Live the life!

  92. Ian S

    Apparently sod isnt in rolls anymore, but postage stamp sized squares.

  93. 00 NUTT

    Hey I hope u took the extra did and put it around the ticket booth!!!! Make that entrance look pimp!!!

  94. Aaron Thompson

    Could Cleetus bring NASCAR Short Track racing to Florida!?!?! 😮😎 HELL YEAH BROTHER!!! Regardless, congratulations on another HUGE milestone! Oh and Leroy needs to break in the burn out pad!!!! #FFTheHouseLeroyBuilt!

  95. Jon Mayhew

    I'm waiting for friday to pay full price cause fuck it it deserves 15

  96. Wyatt Peterson

    Someone here stream the race on EEsel.

  97. Dwaine Williams

    Looking pretty sick! Be cool to get some freedom factory logo's on the grass. Still killing it brother....

  98. ChemiiOneLegacy

    Cleetus you are restoring my faith in racing :)

  99. The Car Crusher

    Well folks its not quite Leroy in 2020. Not twin-turbo or 7 second in the 1/4

  100. Kyle Marsh

    the pad doesnt need expansion joints?