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  1. Em Leo

    Does anyone else feel like Quinn is minney Rooney in season 5 Rooney was tying to change for Stephenie now Quinn is trying to change for the Cheerleaders!!

  2. Braelyn Stelly

    This goes with dirt season 2 episode 8

  3. Boo Beans Blues

    I feel so bad for Scott

  4. Fahmo Ali


  5. RealRidgidMidget

    Annie: *her song plays as theme* Also Annie: not in this play

  6. Duck Ava

    who has watched chicken girls and TK is making fun of this song.

  7. Em Leo

    Wes is so sweet he always is there for Ryme and believes in her even if she does not do the same for him he said “They can’t stay mad at you for long” .Quinn needs to stop working out and changing her self just so she can impress other people they need to just hang out and talk about there problems with each other and be the actual Chicken Girl.The way that Ellie treated Ryme in the library was observed and a full.Does anyone else miss the moments when it was dance team and every one was there for each other I miss the OG Chicken Girls a lot.They need to go back to helping each other and not changing there self.My heart broke when Harmony said “My friend ship goal was the Chicken Girls”I miss the real Chicken girls!!!

  8. Lia Nowix

    Awww! I just noticed Cassie says “welcome to milwood random guy” and (🚨 SPOILER 🚨) right before they kiss in s3 she says “well, welcome to milwood”

  9. Cookiebunch M

    Hold up....In 9:23 aren’t those girls you tubers?

  10. Selima Nikocevic

    I love you guys

  11. thung bik

    random dude to Avani: hey babe me: Avani, you know there is a dude named Anthony RIGHT

  12. Te Waikura Walker


  13. Brynnie ALDC

    Astrid in 2019: Goodbye 2019 you will not be missed. 2020: You sure bout that?😂

  14. ally backer

    hasn't ezra and thyme already met

    1. ally backer

      on chicken girls

  15. Cassie


  16. Shanumi Dos

    celest is up to no good 😡😡😡

  17. Dixie Stars

    Who else thinks txnami was cute

  18. Kate Rose Skagias

    I miss Hannie who’s watching this 2020 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. JayJay Games And Fun


  20. Scarlett Flores

    Back up is that really Coco

  21. Keshika Saravanan

    Is it just me or does Delia sound like Devenity Perkins...

  22. Nancy Alarcon


  23. Dom Dahbomb

    at 2 hours 3 minutes and 32 seconds the girl at the end on the left is weiring a wigggggggggggggggg

  24. Em Leo

    Brat TV I think that Quinn should stop trying to lose weight and Ryme should spend more time with the Chicken Girls and Wes

  25. Zcool Gamer

    I don't get it I like this video and I made it get 10,000 likes. That makes me feel honorable.

  26. DisneyPiePie

    Is it just me who cried when Chloe got taken away??

  27. sophie neva

    Why the heck did Daniel break up with Sabrina and say some stupid stuff about how they could not be together then he gets with Celeste right after this show can be stupid sometimes but I love it!!

  28. Kaylee Johnson

    41:12 is me and my siblings

  29. Cailyn Griffith


  30. sophie neva

    I do NOT like how Luke's character has gone he was so nice and now he's rude and turns on literally everyone geez this show is crazy!!

  31. Lumina Hazellyn

    Ty: I should start my own dodgeball league next year in Provincetown *ball hits Ty* Luna: Or not....pfftt... *continues to sip water* 😂😂😂😂 tht got me laughing

  32. Akoua Zomasitsi

    Why is birdie acting so serious about the competition doesn't matter if you win or not😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😀😀😀

  33. Laniyah Gaynor

    I thought Ellie didn’t have a phone!lol well this series is amazing anyway!love the great work you are a real inspiration

  34. sophie neva

    Can Sabrina just find a good man for god's sake!?

  35. Freddy Romero

    I love this program on the ropes. And Ryan Garcia= the flash, is doing a good work.

  36. Angie Lucero

    anyone in 2020?

  37. Fantasyland Friends

    In the begging it made me cry

  38. thung bik

    wait, brat is a blink ?!

  39. samba318

    Is the entire cast of dance moms on Brat TV, Nia S, Makenzie Z, Kalani H.

  40. Mara Plays

    How dare Brody lie to Zoe

  41. Akoua Zomasitsi

    When you nvist just breathe and do it😍😍😍😍😁😁😁😁💖

  42. Chena Mitchell

    Thanks for the likes guys💛💛

  43. Chena Mitchell

    Thanks for liking guys

  44. Kohana Lama

    Me legit only here cuz of Taylor😀😂

  45. Ryndle

    Why do I feel like the vibe of this series looks like a kid's favorite cartoon?

  46. Malina Yung

    That’s avani from tik tok !!!!

  47. JADA Atherley

    Am I the only 1 who is watching this is quarantine

  48. Chena Mitchell

    I love this movie so much it's so funny it is great to watch during this corona bissness😂😹 😂😂😂😍😂😂😂its just to funny I love it

    1. Chena Mitchell

      It's great

  49. Sophia Klaschus


  50. Jordan Heath


  51. Mariah Johnson


  52. Emmy Tube

    i had Mono


    Melvin needs serious help!

  54. Nana Yaw Appiah

    I just came cuz I saw May from dnicky,Ricky Ricky and dawn

  55. wassup fam

    Ellie was soo rude to ryme like chill

  56. Nafisha Begum


  57. Shanumi Dos

    jonnys so mean and luke is nice

  58. Sunkissed_Eden

    Idk y but Henry creeps me out...😬🤷🏽‍♀️

  59. Zoe Baribeau

    When Ellie sings in the first episode why is everyone’s locker opened

  60. Laura Gayhart

    Is that Coco Quinn

  61. Hagiratu bah

    Who else was wondering where Esra is in this season ? 🙄🧐 :)

  62. Svetlana Calloway

    Billy reminds me of billy from stranger things

  63. Clxadiia

    I'm still waiting for episode 6 or season 2.

  64. Lara Boustany

    Are they all the same age?

  65. Edwin Diaz Hernadez

    Yea she does look like piper Rockelle

  66. Jordan Heath

    Lol is this full episodes

  67. Gluumyyy HeEhEe

    Who tf names their child rhyme?

  68. Indi

    Is Sabrina kalani hiliker from dance moms or am I trippin !?

  69. Laura Gayhart

    Is Lil Huddy in this he is a tik toker

  70. J Navarro

    Is that txunamy and sophie i no them they have yputube video familia diam9nd and piper rockelle

  71. Kakashi Hatake

    I don’t understand anything 😂😂😂

  72. Alexa Danielle

    no one, absolutely no one, the boys in every scene: OMG THAT DOOR IS SOOO CUTE

  73. Victoria Strachan

    Ok is anyone else annoyed by the fact that Rhyme has dated soooooo many guys but still says NO MORE GUYS! I miss TK😫😫😫

  74. Cassie

    Do people even know why Romeo and Juliet were together or the "meant to be" goal? It wasn't even real love, Juliet was a rebound that Romeo didn't even care about. Juliet loved Romeo. Romeo just liked her. He killed himself, simply because there was no one else for him. Juliet killed herself because she wasn't in a clear mind state...but she loved him. Their "love" was too unrealistic and random.

  75. Marisol Benito

    Cant wait for Avani

  76. Clxadiia


  77. FresaAshleystudios

    whos watching this at 2020 while were in quarantine!?!?

  78. Kaya Mathew

    "you're such a drama queen, Hayley" I would NEVER EVER say that to any of my sisters or brothers

  79. Kaya Mathew

    Y'all know the drill 1. Tim 2. Kayla 3. Roonie 4. Birdie 5. Rhyme 6. TK 7. Quinn 8. Ellie 9. Hayley 0. Henry

  80. Maria Guerra

    Txu I'm sorry about March pom

  81. Maria Guerra


  82. Maria Guerra


  83. Clxadiia

    I actually cried lol

  84. Ana Compton

    You can not stop it there that was a total cliffhanger.

  85. Sydney Daniel

    But is Jenna the main character now!?!?! Or is it Cassie ???!!!

  86. Lexi Walker

    Is it just me who thinks Ezra and rhyme are soooo cute together 🥺🥰

  87. gracie

    I think it’s KAROLINE nvm IDK

  88. Moonx star

    in the dance thing they said there were 5 spots how did they end up with 6

  89. Taylor Bechelli

    im all boss cheer but i like the stingrays outfits more. sorry not sorry <3

  90. Clxadiia

    Why does Ben and Lexi looks like siblings lol

  91. Ezequiel Saavedra

    Speed Ryan speed!

  92. Maiya Winters

    Ellie is like yeah right bucko

  93. Mikenzi Lux

    Really tk left came back then left again really

  94. The Bend Family

    Little Txumany🤣😂😅