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  1. Eric Msemwa

    Is that a deer or a gecko 😁

  2. I was to cringy

    2:38 me after watching an hour of this channel

  3. SingStar10

    Us: Worrying about thing that we shouldn't be 2 legged doggo: Living his best life in spite of what hes been through.

  4. Zexo_Snowy

    0:58 bettle juice xD

  5. muhammad abdullah

    Can we just mention the fact that that dad was a legend for planning his kids to go school.

  6. kahlesstiberius

    That window cleaning thing came out in the 80's, just sayin'!

  7. Luvin Itall

    my 13 yr old son and I love watching your videos - you mention that you just hope that they bring people a little happiness and joy … Mission Achieved :) Keep up the good work - we love your stuff :)


    2:22 "incredible view"?it's the space,what do you spect to see?

  9. Dirty Burger

    I just wanna stick a vacuum to that walruses eye

  10. slay namjoon

    1:15 di mo kami maloloko dinosaur yan!!

  11. DarkFlame

    That bush dude is having a great time.

  12. Chip the Dino

    Cool y trucks a snowmobile how do I get them off now

  13. Ryan Alexander Huffman

    10:04 I think the scientists are wrong and that the bird is just vibing

  14. SixthCents

    even whales have job :')

  15. Karen Nattura

    That's what a 3000 mummy sound like. *a google voice.*

  16. miko foin

    Nobody: The kids in the back of the classroom: 0:04

  17. Triborn

    Must be related to dolphins...

  18. PinBall Wizard

    Nobody: The Seal: *_Modern Problems, Require Modern Solutions_*

  19. Crafting Table

    0:32 both the cat and the man looks funny

  20. Reel Leaf

    Everybody Gangsta until the dolphin start speaking Russian

  21. Mystic Star

    Ok so is no one gonna talk about the second one? I feel really bad for him ;-;

  22. Arolema Prarath

    Seal: You dare enter my property!

  23. Don Oakes

    That was an Australian Bush fire which is only a small example as to why our bush fires are so bad.

  24. Arnob Khan

    When are you going to reveal your face

    1. miko foin

      The walrus’s eyes gave me the butterflies in the stomach

  25. grumpymonk

    If it makes you feel better my ginnypig died on my birth day

  26. SmileGamez

    when an elephant is better at picking up trash than most humans

  27. Dalton Asproth

    1:39 fuck!!!! Corona is from the sun! Aaaaaaaahhhhh stay out of the sun

  28. Mythical Zero

    I love how this dude doesn’t click-bait

  29. Jishnu Rajeev

    2:33 that needs a vehicle with 4 wheel drive

  30. Phong Thai

    OK i need some VietCong joke here.

  31. C U T E W O L F Y

    You can call the seal : The sneezing shealm

  32. Mythical Zero

    1:27 Imagine the glass shaders 💀

  33. GaMe CubE

    1:46 that bush is a paid actor

  34. WhyDoTheyCallMeDrum _

    Sadly the dog throwing the lamp is fake

  35. Mandar Bakshi

    That's a dolphin

  36. SixthCents

    did the dad just risked their daughter's life just for the sake of freaking april fools? God.. Humans are increasing their level of stupidity day by day because of the lockdown I guess..

  37. i need a life

    I unfortunately am always late to these videos because EEsel won't give me notifications

  38. M I L K T A E

    the flapjack octopus made me bust an uwu

  39. Meme Overlord


  40. DrexTheDragon

    beluga translation from russian to english: im gonna need you to state your identity, where your from, and what country you live in

  41. Alisha John

    Your video covers everything , so cool😎😎😎

  42. Karla_playz Cat Gamings

    Don't burn or kill the cat please :(

  43. evandro rafaela

    the seal didn't have a glove to formaly slap him with so the octopus was the only option

  44. Yinan Zhang

    The taking is like everything that turns you off at sex

  45. Gyubin (Alexis) Na

    plot twist: the whales were going to eat the penguin for dinner

  46. ADistraction_ _

    0:40 RIP dog :c

  47. idk I don't want to put my name here

    Was that naruto on the figet spinner

  48. ღ Tygerlily ღ


  49. Boosted Doge

    Oh god the second clip, it felt like getting kicked in the stomach

  50. Itsme Sonny

    3:02 He gonna hit the ground hard

  51. ZeusCedric

    how does the cat drink?

  52. Bizom Cristea Vasile

    the fish are protecting the man

  53. Dragon King

    I can predict the future. Don’t believe me? I predict in the next video he will start with saying “Hello everyone This is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet”

  54. Johan Ferdian Juno Rizkinanda

    They're should not be in cage.

  55. Keanu X

    Wait this was uploaded 2 days ago

  56. ꧁ ღ Nesquick ღ ꧂

    R.i.p cupcake. 😕💜



  58. MetaGiga

    4:58 is that a JoJo reference?

  59. Liam Velasco

    The woman was Karen.

  60. Digital Dylan

    Cupcake will forever be missed.

  61. Dragon King

    When someone tries to hurt my feelings 1:17

  62. Digital Dylan

    *nom nom nom*

  63. rajeev kumar

    I think rhino is masturbating

  64. Clyde Thangkhiew

    The moon got me SHOOOOKKK 🌕

  65. Chill Raiser

    Does the squirl pie have sauce?

  66. Xaiano

    England used to rule 1/4 of the globe. Beat that, termites.

  67. Dragon King

    1:28 don’t worry guy’s it’s fake

  68. シシLxmon_girl


  69. KZCify Gaming

    Human Mom: Let's eat, kids Crab mom: Let's eat kids

  70. DaCoolNoob '

    Holy the crab has a big poop

  71. Homie :D

    who else thought the pizza comercial was an actual ad 💀

  72. littleme goes crazy

    0:41 I feel bad for that dog that fell down.

  73. Use Code Errors

    Hey guys Gappen giksjdjdise day

  74. Elijah Arkin Tecson

    0:23 *J U M P S C A R E*

  75. S Eller

    When the robots take over 7:36

  76. Ezpresill

    People saying nice handwritting takes to much time is somewhat false, it depends on you and for how long you've been writting that way, for me I have the same handwritting but smaller and less neat, so I don't have a problem with my notes. We also have this thing where the teacher presends the notes in a private group connected to our class so when it comes to the lesson we're already done and just highlight certain parts. If you want nice handwritting, I suggest practicing with a timer.

  77. XxSuperSteveGaminxX

    Is that my cat? I think it is 2:10

  78. Xcraft Starx

    Polar bear-hey dud- Man-hiSSsSsS Polar bear-I just wanted to say hi ;<

  79. SZETO LONG YAT 191053

    Do you now Ryan

  80. oreo artisy snowleopard

    That last video is making me believe we are one inch away from domesticating Squirrels, I swear.

  81. John Alarcon

    I had a cat like that, she always put drool on me when she did the exact same thing

  82. Kathamrita Naskar

    Its a bunch of jello

  83. Penguin Minari


  84. JCab

    Cloud seeding = stronger hurricane season

  85. Teo Shirli


  86. Rempuia 9*6Renth

    Who else saw corona 8:51

  87. Duck

    0:19 current state of the world

  88. Notesteotic Scorpion

    Random Mattress event

  89. Richard Alexander

    Song names at 2:38 and 2:58 ?

  90. Xevatiion

    Theres something called sludge

  91. Viralium

    How exactly do they fit that whole thing in a single can?

  92. Ella Sproule


  93. c4rELess

    Where is that restaurant. I want to know plz

  94. Giovanni Carrillo

    Me the cat at the end of the video from my loved youtuber

    1. Giovanni Carrillo

      Please give me a like and a heart daily dose of internet plz ☺️🥰 you the best u make my day when you make a new vid I watch you all day and pass video’s hop you have a great life and please make face rival 😊

  95. Galaxy Cat


  96. Celestehelloo C


  97. ViperProYT

    Who else looking at the thumbnail thought it was a dolphin

  98. Noah Mueller

    "this cat hates it's own reflection" Same bro