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  1. Rohan Ghaffari

    Fun fact : tom nook actually gives 90% of his money to the orphans and is not greedy at all But there was a time that REDD stole his whole money Source : old animal crossing games (the card game and ... )

  2. Haiqal Razahar

    Have you seen Pewds island? It looks like japan.

  3. mr marc. king

    This video makes me want to watch his whole channel over Everything over them 4,000 videos

  4. Level_ Genius

    Also I am making a replica of this game in Minecraft so please reply to me and tell me what I should do should I put command block or no? Yes I am good with a Couple commands

  5. Anonymous User

    Before I watched I couldn't tell if it was meme time of animal crossing

  6. Carson Dowding

    I have Minecraft dungeons

  7. Emily Angela

    14:41 did she just say q-q-quarantine? 😖

  8. AlexRb C.

    To all the haters, I have a powerful statement k, ready 1,2 “I know you are but what is he

  9. phridae

    21:24 you're welcome

  10. wolfy star

    OK so I added a comment for you to read but it's really long I will tell you what video it's from

  11. Hana Honk

    THE MUSEUM INCLINE THING WAS SO FRUSTRATING!! What I ended up doing was two inclines leading up to the museum, one space apart, so that it was five spaces total. Still not perfect, but what can you do

  12. Roblox Pro12


  13. Ted McVarion

    Is that a JoJo reference at 20:00?

  14. Ettore Caracci

    i have the game it’s really nice 👍 and fun

  15. DragonFire623games __

    The number didn’t work I tried it

  16. A_Spoonful_ Of_Milk

    10:45 did anyone catch that lmao 😂

  17. Golden Nyte - BS

    Thumbnail and Title : “I hate her” Me : “We already knew that”

  18. Jamie Chou

    LOL my house is in the exact same location as jack’s 😂😂

  19. Remoteliss

    If every fifth day, starting on day 20 a sea dragon came out into the dunes and snatched one of the reaper leviathans, that would be awesome

  20. edennormous

    7:40 its tower sheep

  21. Yva L

    In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer you're able to move stuff halfway between squares, so you'd be able to centre the steps in front of the museum even thought they're 2 wide and the museum entrance is 3 wide, and I'm so gutted they didn't bring it back for New Horizons

  22. Cherry Wave

    Now you have to react to this video

  23. Ionut Faur


  24. XD Bart YT Gamer

    32:35 Can you handle that you tiny little shit?

  25. Glen Innes

    6 years later and you're still using that picture you used for turbo dismount :)

  26. TheCynx

    No Through Road is a real movie

  27. Sup brothers And sisters

    who else noticed the ghost in the backround at 10:45

  28. wolfy star

    William is purple guy)( Mr afton or springtrap) the girl talking to you is Elizabeth William's kid but he has two over kids called Michael and Chris, Chris is the youngest who is the kid in the nightmare fnaf Michael is the nightgared for sister localashon. Elizabeth wanted to see circus baby but William did not let her so she disobeyed William and went to see her but in that time circus baby killed Elizabeth in side of her and Elizabeth's spirit is trapped in side baby so she is circus baby. And then there is one over purson in the family clara she drove of a chlif that killed her and William put her in to a sute the was blorra Chris died from a prank that Michael and is friends pulled on him where goldfready or some over animtronic killed him aka the bight of 87 and Michael died from Elizabeth (baby) gideing him to the scooper room there baby activated it and scooped his insides out and then a A half complete animtronic that William started to billed when in the hole in him and he lives in him and William died after geting sronded in the ghost of the 6 children he killed and hid in a springtrap sote that was a bad idea because the springlocks killed him when he murged with the sout God this is the longest comment I wrote. I need help. Just so you know

  29. Dude1264

    is'int this a reupload?

  30. MasterStranger1 ❷⓿❶❾

    Jack is in denial

  31. Papa Pumpkin


  32. Micah Ogle

    Fight bountyhunters kill Apex and get to mega

  33. Brittany williams

    My island looks like a mess and I love it

  34. Jjacob8600

    Jack: STAY HOME >:( ITS NOT LIKE YOU GOT ANYTHING TO DO Also Jack: has drums and doesn't use them at all

  35. Markkus

    wait the epidemic part is really...

  36. dardasaxr

    Jack: "There better not be a shower scene like in beyond two souls." Game: *Hold my camera*

  37. Video Tron99

    once he pointed the uneven museum on the map i couldn't stop looking or thinking about it

  38. Leon Deacon

    He is a starving homeless artist

  39. Wolfer

    T-Bakes sounds like a rapper/youtuber

  40. Immie Bee

    I had the same issue with the path to my museum! I just made circle path to my entrance. It made it look 👌🏻.✨

  41. Dirty Heck

    This should be a movie in the style of the blaire witch project

  42. Parkour Cat420

    What does Jack live stream on??

  43. Borna FP

    Shari is the best stop this madness

  44. Annie P

    I love how you hate Shari :)

  45. Susan Oder

    Isn't it insest kissing your dead relative?

  46. BradenF17

    Finally, a title dedicated to the universal hatred of the foul beast known as Shari

  47. Brady Sommer

    Let's kill Shari Its time to say goodbye Let's kill Shari We will stab her in the eye. Let's burn Shari She is really mean Let's burn Shari We will use the gasoline. Let's............... Kill................. Shari! Let's............... Kill................. Shari! Shari's...........Life..................Is over!

  48. Wild skeleton Gaming

    Literally not even ten seconds into the vid Sean laughs😂

  49. bombermanking 2004

    This game reminds me of hungry shark world

  50. wow_help uwu

    And traffic cones is why TN is called the big orange state because there every where you fricking go😂

  51. Pubg Perzy

    Next time if you want to give K.K a song request I would do metal or rock.

  52. Charles Chadsey

    Bon Bons house T_T🐰🐻

  53. Avacodoman587

    Turnips destroy the entire animal crossing economy

  54. Lolly Lord

    You should do a stream one day that you start at 5:30pm and do stuff and at 6:00pm we can see kk sing in a stream plz do that


    Heyo! Im BACK! jkjk i love this fucking gammmmmmmeeeee

  56. Procrastination Queen

    Omg, I had heard of this game before and I knew it was popular, but I’ve never actually played it myself or watched any let’s plays of this, so I had no idea that it was a Danish game! (Those names at the end are _so_ Danish 😂) that’s pretty cool 😄💜 Btw. I came here from your Little Nightmares let’s play, and it’s so strange seeing you be so quiet. It’s actually kinda cute how a lot of EEselrs started out being way more subdued in the beginning, but then grew progressively more comfortable with being in front of the camera! Love your videos Sean 😁

  57. Jimmie the Joker

    23:04 Look at the time 😏🚬🌲

  58. Level_ Genius

    Me and my brother play this game on his Xbox

  59. PixelWall

    Sean: If you get really up set that some one else is better then you at something you should take a brake. Also Sean: HAH PORE!!!

  60. Kayden Harris

    jacksepticeye play roblox and make a sires on it and it a game with lots of other games in it and play the game phatom forces in roblox

  61. uwu kibbles 156

    When jack said I dont believe in ghost and then a ghost appeared behind him I got a bit spooked

  62. Nicole Angel Court

    Some people like Shari. I am not some people. Shari is number 1 enemy of the state; she must be stopped.

  63. MrKit K4t

    29:36 I can imagine everyone just striking a jojo pose rn

  64. ItsAPurpleThing

    Has anyone told Sean that there's another way to get rid of villagers? Amiibo stuff. Or at least that's what I heard.

  65. uwu kibbles 156

    When jack said I dont believe in ghost and then a ghost appeared behind him I got a bit spooked

  66. Jamie Schuurmans

    18:28-18:31 my main goal when i start playing Animal Crossing New Horizons: *get the racecar bed!*

  67. MagicIsReal xoxo

    Seán: No new people Me: ... It's because you can't have more than 10 villagers in your island at a time

  68. Kathleen Harper

    My turnips never go above 121

  69. Tom Nook

    I forgot your debt number there's to much to keep track

  70. davalin Jones

    kkslider sounded like a part of traitors reqium

  71. Leon Soltin

    Jack 2013: "The channel has hit 17 thousand subscribers - which is unbelievable" Jack 2020: 24 million subs

  72. XxSuper_ KillerxX

    15:36 it looks like a damn barcode 😆

  73. Weird Guy Kun

    Jack: *I could just abuse my position as a youtuber with a large audience and have people come over and send me stuff* Ethan: .......

  74. Nobo Nobo

    Who remembers when jack played we happy few and didn’t finish it, who else would love him to finish it? Use me as a jack please finish we happy few, if he wants to of course.

  75. ನಮ್ಮ ಅಜ್ಜಿಯ ಕಥೆಗಳು

    Petition for Sean to make this a complete series.

  76. Paisley Owen

    that was soo aggressive lmao

  77. Skye McCloud

    The only fix I can think of for the museum is to have dual sets of inclines separated by 1 or 3 spaces. If you use the 3 space separation then you can plant trees or place decor up the middle.

  78. Ella Spies

    Jack-Pink lighting! Me-Ha a reference to Grease lighting. My mom-*Knocks down door* Is that a reference to grease lighting? Me-Yes Mother-*Sings Grease lighting*

  79. Levi Ackerman

    PH logo in intro lmao im so confused

  80. MJ Incorporation

    I’d hate to sound like I’m begging, but does anyone have any turnip prices above 100? I’ll leave a tip

  81. Avery Wisnoski

    When Kenny died I cryed the rest of the video R.I.P Kenny 😭😭😭

  82. Javier Aguilar

    How is Arthur 14 but he has a deep ass voice

  83. MEE6


  84. sarah howell

    tomrorrow is my brothers birthday

  85. Jassy Wassy

    I forgot to turn down my volume.......... my eardrums are gone

  86. Paper_crane 00

    The museum will never be cantered 😔

  87. Hi :3

    I doesn’t appear to go SWIMMINGLY for Shari :3

  88. Zendekka

    You should make series called “Oh toss boy”

  89. God

    anyone watching this in quarantine ? 😭

  90. Gloria López

    You could make a little plaza surrounding the museum and then connect that plaza to the bridge with a 2 block wide path. It might not be centered to the entrance of the museum but maybe it wouldn't look that asymmetrical and it would make it more subtle. I haven't tried it myself (I'm on the "ha ha, poor" group) but it's just an idea!

  91. Marie Jacqueline


  92. Leon Kun

    At the end of the video sean said keep your lights on and don't look to the dark corners? Well shit my lights are off, i sleep on the sofa there's a lot of dark corners inside this living room and i'm loving it

  93. HazmatFireHero


  94. A_Spoonful_ Of_Milk

    Me: *eating sour patch kids* *spider video* Me: *sour patch kids feel like spider in mouth and almost throws up*

  95. Jason Guo

    Ring the bell. Hail Praetor Toss.

  96. Krystal Domanski

    the cookie was from alice in wonderland lmao

  97. Jason Cohen

    When the space program is done are you gonna send Shari to venues

  98. Jjacob8600

    0:43 damn jacc n i c e n i p p l e s

  99. Nathan Han

    Jack: I could just abuse my position as a youtuber with a large audience and just start having people come over and send me stuff and everything, but I don't really wanna do that. Ethan: (opens up his island to his stream viewers and tells them to give him bells and gifts and stuff in a single file line then sneeze/bows on the people) Today is the day, WHERE PAPA GET'S WHAT HE NEEDS. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  100. Waffle Unicorn

    Sean being annoyed with animal crossing for 25 minutes