I review technology from the inside with smartphone durability tests and teardown videos! Mixed with other projects and things I enjoy. Like drones & fixing random things.
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If you want me to make a video tear-down on a product, feel free to send it. But there is no guarantee of a video unless agreed upon beforehand via email.
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    what the heck...when i hear her voice im thinking abou jerry have a girl voice?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Scott B

    We now all know Cambry “likes a big one”, thumbs up for that 👌😂👍👍

  3. Victoria McG


  4. Savage Koala

    This is a nice April fools prank

  5. Chris

    Zack's manicurist has really exceeded expectations... @3:20 "I'm not nervous, you're nervous" absolutely spot on for all of us watching these tare down videos 😂

  6. RFMGotheo1249

    I'm really surprised that Cambri did the teardown Edit: Cambry

  7. Roberto Lomana

    April fool's day


    Today on CambryRigEverything....

  9. desepairnei

    1:15 it's like middle finger 😁

  10. suhail khan

    I'm shocked i was like what happened to Jerry 😂

  11. NeuralEngine 78

    Does she works on making Dbrand videos? Voice is so soothing 💯

  12. Andredx

    the best april fool in history I love you ♥ ️ Jerry be careful Cambry steals your job

  13. Dafi Hale

    Poor iphone

  14. Mark D

    Can't stop laughing, this video is simply amazing! Thumbs up for this!

  15. Griselda Bonilla

    That symbol comes from zelda and it is called the try force

  16. Abdelhalim MAHMOUD

    Quarantine effect..

  17. Nonoj Elzia

    How dare u samsung! The screen doesnt scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7!

  18. Carlos Alvarez

    clever boy. well i love the surprise,... Very nice,.... and btw lovely job Canbry.

  19. Burque505paintball

    I seriously love your videos!! So informative and awesome and I love how you and your beautiful wife are so close! Definitely an awesome couple!

  20. w σ l f ɢ a и ɢ형

    Why does zack sound like Girlfriend reviews.

  21. ayesh adel

    1:54 now i understand why Zack is bald No offense to Camrby it's just a joke

  22. Aplesawce-_-

    Accidentally on purpose

  23. Em Dzei

    A new star has been born! Thank you for the video.

  24. dee key

    the part she talked about the screw damn got me repeating it.... that is the best surprise mehn ..!

  25. clinto56

    Zack! You're fired!!!

  26. parsa redline

    Omg this hurts😑

  27. Mattia Inillemra

    Hahhaha this Is hilarious! Great job Cambry! Well done! 🤪

  28. William Smith

    Can we just take a moment to realize that humanity has made light to have the ability to melt shit?

  29. Ahmed Abdou

    Nice limited edition :)

  30. Zyo


  31. abdallah shaheen

    This is the down side of stay_home for Jerry 😂😂 I bet you that it took more than half a day to only shoot this video 😆

  32. Zaihan Zainal


  33. Ahmed Ahmed

    well , she chose the hardest phone to take apart 😂

  34. AniMAYA

    way to go Cambry... genius Zak

  35. Anon

    The inside of this phone is worse than an iPhone...

  36. Danny Blackstock


  37. Horst Winterscheid

    Way more entertaining than Jerry 😅

  38. The HS0

    Best April 1st Video Ever

  39. Fernán Pérez

    Hey Jerry you are gonna loose a lot of followers if you keep letting her make your videos.

  40. Faiyaz Zaman

    5:30 Zack whispering "like a little lego" in the background is gold 😂

  41. David E

    I love science fiction, but this trucks' shape is the most unappealing aspect of it's design; it lacks elegance. Especially the roof.

  42. Braydon Fisher

    This, This was amazing!

  43. adriancat herencial

    WHY DESTROY All phones Phones when he buy: NOOOO

  44. Yogi Bullseye

    indonesia : kamu lebih cocok jadi pengetes kekuatan smartphone nya dari pada membongkar nya . biar lah suami mu yg membongkar nya ... 🙏😅

  45. XLostGamer

    Best April joke

  46. Shaffan Mumtaz

    4:33 dammn that was smooth

  47. MA C

    4:37 So the screw is screwing each other 🤔

  48. Tomáš N.

    It's very rare to hear a female voice when it comes to tech (pls no Linus jokes, he's a nice guy). It feels a bit wierd as I'm not used to it but I liked it.

  49. Fernán Pérez

    Didn't like this video. Female voice doesn't go with JerryzrigEverything.

  50. Moua Xiong

    Love it.

  51. B

    I legitimately enjoyed this

  52. stereofused

    And I thought I was in the wrong channel. Lol

  53. Chijioke Godwin Odu

    Oh I absolutely loved that video

  54. CynicalDriver

    This was brilliant in so many ways. April Fool's, adorable, successful. Jerry Wins Everything.

  55. ayman Azan

    Honestly she should just take over

  56. Avishek karmakar

    Once in a while we would like to watch you to take a part any phone... You are better than the bold gye. But one honest opinion you should try a podcast. Your voice is just perfect...

  57. Marcos Bonilla

    All good and all. But I feel a fist bump was mandatory at the end. Still dumbs up tho

  58. Avoumen

    We want more of Cambry

  59. pipis dicelana2x

    pakai tangan kanan boz quh..

  60. Shank Adams


  61. Shaffan Mumtaz

    Bro i was shocked when I heard Cambry's voice.

  62. Ettoize

    She's cute and funny. The first couple of seconds into the video I thought "Oh, please don't suck...", but I actually enjoyed it a lot!

  63. spartan7071

    Love it!

  64. sourabh parsi

    Honestly this is soo good... Tough competition..

  65. Eric Shurts

    That..... was.... awesome!!! Great work! Zack now has competition! You did a great job with every step. I had the highest confidence that it would work fine when put back together.

  66. Zak

    3:52 naice naice that's whole lot of a great idea

  67. nXcape

    Did Jerry and Cambry swap bodies?🤣🤣 Also; "So that a screw can screw into the screw"? 🤣🤣🤣

  68. 200 YouTube Subscribers

    Huh, wheres Jerry himself?


    Me: where is jerry Jerry: I tested positive for coronavirus Jerry's wife: I will take over his place for now

  70. Chris Chris

    *I'm sure I saw a loose microphone antenna!*

  71. Aaron Lyimo

    I want Jerry back, I feel very uneasy watching this 😂

  72. Adam Cornish

    I normally hate any new commentators or host but in this case I was oddly at ease with my new favorite host.

  73. NaSe Xenon

    7:44 How does she have 3 hands?

  74. Krisna Setyadi

    Kesuen... Lueh pro jeri

  75. Sourabh Singh

    jerry is jerry no one can replace him.....

  76. Armin Arnautović

    Mad respect for you Zack :)

  77. Sr Coala Maneiro

    Brasileiro aqui porra, entendi quase nada mas cliquei no vídeo porque tinha (not clickbait) kk

  78. Levi Wilsoon

    Is he sick his voice changed 😆😆😆😆

  79. abdallah shaheen

    xD This is HILARIOUS, i loved that Zac is shooting the video beside her and whispering where to put the back cover. You are a nice couple <3

  80. Renato Picinini

    1:55 now I can see its not Zack, I see HAIR lol!!!! Ps.: Im also bald. Poor girl started on one of the most bizarre phones we have ever seen, she did pretty well and I love her sence of humor. SHE GOTTA DO MOAR ! Take care u2 , with <3 from Brazil.

  81. Chronoz4

    That diamond is hugeeee!

  82. Johannes Davidsen

    Strange 🤣🤩

  83. Santiago Prats

    Yes, Zach I love you bro. But is time for you to retire. At the moment she mentioned the blow dryer I new this will be my favorite video in this channel.

  84. jov moscoso

    this is fun haha

  85. Muhammed Saif

    Voice plays an important role in speech. Heard it many times, realized today. 🤭🤭

  86. Cameron GSX

    You know what, i loved watching this.

  87. Ahmed Taleb

    Cambry is awsom and a very nise person but this is not for her .... its nice to do it from time to time but whatching zack's hands and hearing zack's vois is something else .... sorry cambry stell ... you are very nise peron ... love you both guys.... perfect couple.

  88. Shivam Dewal

    Zack...shez a Pro...🙂

  89. AAXUB

    Jerry : Glass is Glass and Glass breaks Cambry : Screw can screw into the screw 😅 -- It is great in any video that we come out with a benefit or a physical law (I hope this won't be the last time for Cambry's teardowns)

  90. DJTech

    Now I want BOTH Zack and Cambry's voices for Google Assistant.

  91. Yanny Chan


  92. Random Guy

    agree a few aggressive persuasion, we can finally see the insides 😈

  93. Mohamed Anis NOURA


  94. Alan Essam

    Hope you can walk again, stay strong both of you. ❤️

  95. Daimean Naidu

    LEGO! That's why I'm here <3

  96. 姚泉成Ridwan Yeow

    WUT?? ~~ Jenny 2020

  97. Cutrepon

    2:06 Wait, what?

  98. Χρήστος Μπαμπού

    _These are essentially screws, with a screw hole inside the screw, so that a screw can screw into the screw._ Me: Yes. *Also me: laughs hysterically for no reason*

  99. J Will

    She definitely has got the verbiage and camera angles down... but can she tell me why my job wants me to return back to work during a Pandemic? Huh Jerry?

  100. Dustin LaBorde

    Good job!