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  2. Anthonee A

    Anyone else really going to buy one before they die 🙋🏻‍♂️

  3. Blue

    Hey,what about a drag race with the 300hp vw t-roc?

  4. Omar Delawar

    One is a ricers dream. One is rich Japanese mans dream.


    Nissan GTR vs Proton Wira Please 😂😂

  6. Athens Lee

    I prefer Lamborghini

  7. It4chi

    Rip rim

  8. Mischa Vladimir

    I'd take this over the tesla any day.

  9. Vade Retro

    Lamborghini's dead. Cars look terrible and get owned by most other supercars. So sad - an Italian.

  10. goofy t n u c

    What a waste of time need a 4 wheel drive lambo

  11. Kavisha Chandraratne

    Omg that edit 4:39 😂

  12. Emilio Rdr

    Just wait a few months for the jaguar depreciation and this car will be worth 3 peanuts 😂😂😂

  13. kimtjahhh

    We have to wait a few months For the rs6 preformance... then it is a fair race

  14. shabani mawona

    This is starting to feel like the beginning of the end for an internal combustion engine. So sad to see the Lambo lose. Tesla might have won the race but the Lambo won our hearts.

  15. I kno OO7

    Damn lambo struggling for traction

  16. Bravotaco

    The thing with electric cars once they reach a close to top speed they kinda stop going faster so conventional cars will catch up to them

  17. Tiiger

    Tesla Roadster will destroy all production cars. Piss and moan, but the end is near.

  18. J G

    I didnt realise you were key workers!

  19. Jimmy Khoury

    Yes but you can clearly see that the lambo will catch up to you easily if you give it a few more meters so the lambo is technically faster

  20. Nik Gnashers

    The winner is obviously a year old BMW M140i auto. Not sure why a 'flat bottomed' steering wheel is considered a good thing ? I hate them, just like i hate flat bottomed women.

  21. Fergus Moonshine

    Electric cars will never have the same mass appeal as a thunderously loud V12 Lamborghini.

  22. Tanvir H Uday

    Don't even wanna think Tesla a car. It reminds my childhood when I used to play with those battery & motor driven toys. No matter how fast Tesla is, it's never a genuine car.

  23. panda play z

    The blue car wins

  24. Zares91

    I can't wait until Tesla start producing the Roadster and Matt can actually race all these supercars that are claiming "petrol is better" while beating (barely) a family sedan or an SUV. When electric power is added to a supercar design, all these lamborghinis, Mclarens and the lot are going to eat mud.

  25. Jyoshna Reddy

    Toyota got momentum because of Isuzu so mercedes lost the fight against Toyota

  26. claudio97287

    Vs lancia hf integrale 1.8 16v made in Italy :-)

  27. Ahnaf Quader

    Holy hell what a car

  28. shabuddin saifi

    Lamborgani is the best


    Isn't safety the most important thing? If that's the case Tesla wins hands down. Also I am curios to see the triple motor plaid model S against any other supercar.

  30. Edwin Muhwati

    Yannies lambo looks dope though 😍

  31. Surya Rahman

    🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 china Cars 🤔🤔🤔🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣...Bad cars 🤣😂

  32. Godwin .T.j

    Who likes the front of cayenne turbo s e hybrid ,than this coupe one ?

  33. 徳地宏紀

    I want to be on a Japanese channel.

  34. Usman Hameed

    Happy birthday to the channel it is 4 years old !

  35. Snakho Bhengu

    The TTRS boged a bit at the start

  36. vibhav parashar

    It is just like Indian nissan kicks

  37. Zz Pp

    Lol BMW dominate the competition, BMW king

  38. Rakuba’s Family

    Do the race again but with a M135i

  39. MrWalker1000

    which one will last the longest audi or bmw?

  40. Blue face

  41. Adi Aldea


  42. Bmw lover

    BMW mad loin

  43. Abdulkhaliq Almartan

    In the end lamborghini won

  44. Sonu Sannu

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 f *****

  45. charlasmj sumoy

    Why don't you make this RACE with the RIMAC?

  46. Bmw lover

    Fuck the BMW what the fuck happened with BMW BMW needs high alterations

  47. Katlego Teddy Mohale

    Does Yiani own these cars?

  48. Benny Chappoe

    Elon Musk is building electric bullet family sized cars that keep up with the most credible exotic cars ever made

  49. Greenbeast 45amg

    Audi S3 FL has 310bhp,not 300 🤔

  50. Xx Yasser xX

    Your videos are so much higher quality now

  51. Leon Debus

    Do that again but 1/2 mile

  52. Karlos Project

    Ini yang versi bahasa indonesia belum ada ya subtitlenya


    Slightly mod the nsx..... no comparison

  54. RG

    I own a 2018 A3 35 tfsi, and i'm incredible impressed with the fuel economy. Went from diesel to petrol, and what a huge difference. The new petrol engines are very impressive.

  55. Brett Putman

    Great video. It is insane that you can even compete with that Lamborghini with a car that costs a fraction of the price. You can't fight progress.

  56. game3vids

    Love the fact that y’all have started doing the drag races at least 2 times to give another chance to the cars!

  57. First Last

    Just wait until the roadster comes out

  58. Matt Ryan

    It's a laferrari mixed with a McLaren

  59. Shklyaev Trading

    Best car reviewer and drag racer

  60. Selector D

    I'd love to see a 488 verses that Lamborghini sv


    how are you still making car videos..

  62. น้องมายมิ้น TV

    toyota 2.4 not 2.8

  63. Kadeng Lakpa


  64. Plump Cat

    The Roadster is going to kill someone

  65. Hamza Wazir

    Taycan vs Tesla! Make it happen!

  66. Jayant Dhole

    When Yani is in the video, i enjoy it

  67. Arman Adabi

    Ford ranger is a nice car

  68. Agim Krasniqi

    I love both of you guys, love the videos keep up the good work 💪🏻

  69. Sergio Ayon

    Not fair, you have a Ford 2.0 littler turbocharged vs a 2.4 natural aspirated engine, and then you also have the Amarok V6???. It would had been fair it you would have chosen the V6 Tacoma!!!.

  70. Jason the man

    Tesla unmatchable.

  71. Ahmad Shahzad

    I would rather walk then drive/ride in one of those.

  72. Random Stuff

    1300 torque wtf

  73. Asj Cjcjdk

    Lambo over priced vw!!

  74. Thabiso Maleka

    RS3 Sedan RS4 Wagon RS5 Coupe

  75. gjmob

    I'm not going to listen to someone that has Aspergers tell me that they can't detect viruses.

  76. fastasfox

    I don't care if you could beat the star ship enterprise in the tesla...the fact that it looks like a first generation Ford Mondeo means........sorry but I'm out.

  77. B C

    Audi 🤘🏽

  78. SucksToBePauloPlayz

    get mat an rs6

  79. Snakho Bhengu

    M8 is trash and AMG GT63s is amazing

  80. Expat

    Lambos are for guys with BIG wallets and little giblets. Teslas are for guys with smarter wallets and happy girlfriends!

  81. Og petrovic

    mat is a clown

  82. Charmaine Botha

    Race cybertrack vs Ford F150 raptor

  83. Anthony Oueiss

    Mclaren 720s vs that tesla!

  84. Gerald Manv

    Lol BMW fanboys 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾

  85. مقاطع اسلاميات ❤️😍

  86. George Bonta

    Ya but the Lamb will get you the attention from all the gold diggers and bimbos while the Tesla will get you only the gold diggers.

  87. SucksToBePauloPlayz

    the glovebox has gaaps

  88. Troll Profi

    First thing about the cars it's the look. Having some Tesla it's like having the ugliest wife alive because she is a great cook. No thanks . I don't wanna marry McDonald's no matter how hungry i am.

  89. The Big Rider

    You see sometimes people doing electric swap on some old cars 🤦‍♂️ but you never heard a V6 engines swap in an electric cars 🤷‍♂️ therefore when you see your V12 can't beat an electric car 🤯.

  90. Kai Xiang

    Great review well done 👍

  91. muraaja ram


  92. Kabelo Matjila


  93. JIB23

    This comparison is stupid and a waste of time

  94. sai vishnu

    Those cars look cleeeaaaaaan

  95. ahmed


  96. Debasish Sahu

    5:57 🤣

  97. Utkirbek Turdiyev

    Matt got paid for this review from Mercedes. He didn't talk about how reliable would be for long run(just been really curious because its still Mercedes)

  98. T’s Life

    They just need the styling and the Tesla would be first choice !

  99. m0ney dee

    Can’t believe he’s racing against a guy named Laurel

  100. Tomasz erix

    Ten angol w Tesli z tym uśmiechem wygląda jak woskowa lala🤣🤣🤣