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  1. Hasan Nazir

    are we not gonna mention how the music at 15:00 is just darude sandstorm???

  2. Shiro Shiro

    *can we just appreciate the fact that without the editing* *they would look like insane people*

  3. Biz Kit

    *Ok dude is just all you do is complain?*

  4. Comet Gaming

    I have reflux and this was not good for my lungs I was laughing so hard

  5. Carrie Gray

    You know it’s suppose to be 14 inch bicep xD no length

  6. PooPoo PeePee

    i wish i could like it twice

  7. clocwerk cooper

    The pencil also wears down and gets smaller in fact the pencil goes down faster

  8. Veronika Rosen

    “my my boo boo”

  9. Kimberly J

    "Rich man that knocks over my stuff THATS MY TYPE THATS MY TYPE" 10/10 best song ever

  10. Jaime Oshea

    SOOOOO you guys remember the whole talk show thing (i forgot her name) this is gonna be like that they start of good then we shed the light on there trure form PURE EVIL so danny im warning you if you want this to go down you better stop let the poor lady spred her peace and love around the world she is trying to do some good in this HARD PAINFULL WORLD so just ~LET IT GOOOO~ be like her and just say hey i dont like this one video can you improve your content please im also doing this at 12:42am so dont waist my time i could be in bed sleeping but NO i wanted to HELP the lady your harassing so look danny i realy like your content i songs so please stop online bullying this tiktok MOM she has a family and kids just lay off man and she dose kinda look like scarlett johanson (i dont know if i spelt that right)so please lay off.-one of your fans

  11. FedoraGames

    They are the Ghostbusters ripoff nobody expected..

  12. Austin white

    My name is literally Austin and I live in Austin Texas

  13. JarkDeShark

    You think your rich buddy. I take the bus yeah the BUS to school get on my level.

  14. Nova

    Nice vid


    Danny and Laura are cleaning out their attic: Laura holds up bunny hole puncher Laura: Danny... Danny: I can explain I'll talk to you in a bit

  16. Just A Random Peep

    19:18 BARS 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Godzilla fan

    12:26 is so funny

  18. Osvaldo Silva Vazquez

    Have they heard of air pods for the first video 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  19. clocwerk cooper


  20. ♡☆candy yuki☆♡

    6:13 guys i think danny predict the future.....

  21. Interesting Channel Name

    Bruh rio is not fucking magnificent at all, murders everyday, street gang violence even involves young kids nowadays, there’s a surprising amount of be heading videos and execution videos with Brazilian gang members doing the wet work

  22. cheezbugaw

    It’s almost one am and I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Brayden Thomas

    I’m a gamer 🦾🎮

  24. Soda Ramen

    I went from that trashy Danielle Cohn song to this, and I’m honestly surprised by how good of a vibe it is.

  25. Nicole

    Who else is watching this while the world is ending because you are bored in quarantine 2020 😂💀

  26. ConclusionConfusion

    Seriously the best laugh I've had in a long time! Thanks for the laughs in terrible times <3

  27. Bodhi Perz


  28. Lillie Ladae

    I used to love this movie....😗

  29. Amara Romero

    i think it means that his wife is pregnant. ties in with the baby thing, "that yummy" is a baby.

  30. Pan 8


  31. Shawn Orr

    This video is just a couple of straight guy white guy straight guys who are looking only for girl butts. Got it.

  32. Jo Fortenberry

    Are you a boy or a girl? Im a greg

  33. Keaton Todd

    Don’t make mistakes and your parents never die? ✏️

  34. lυиα мσσи

    don’t get slapped by legal!!!

  35. Bounty T

    13:03 you think it's for 10 or 11 year olds I'm 11 and that's cringy so his targeted audience is like 4

  36. Dallaz

    Why don’t they just change the password?

  37. Sn0wbearYT

    Me: turns on a morgs video to laugh at My ears: *blows up*

  38. Sevde A

    Oh no, Danny :( your shirt :( why :(

  39. Abby India

    Danny and Laura are cleaning out their attic Laura picks up bunny hole puncher Laura: Danny... Danny: I can explain I'll talk to you in a bit

  40. c4tma4sk

    i watch the videos till the end for the watching time to go up <3

  41. Alexis Maguire

    Fetch with Ruff Ruffman but with adults.

  42. Aries varney

    Its really not that hard to do shit with nails 😂

  43. A person

    7:37 he legit looks like a dopey knock off...

  44. Bri_4710

    I subscribed, my notifications are on, I’m gReG now. Fear me. Jk

  45. Joey does life Well

    ...the, secret, bird, house... What happens if you’re kids walk in when the birds are.. “doing it”

  46. JustBeingCelinda

    My favourite part is how absolutely disgusted he is by seeing his girlfriend changing into her pyjamas

  47. M C A

    I hate Troy/Paul's voice It makes me so uncomfortable

  48. benjamin20075

    Why. Didn’t. She. Call for help. With the phone. She is using very poorly. As. A. Flashlight.

  49. Wolf Runners

    your lips are really pink, it looks like you're wearing lipstick & now I can't unsee it

  50. Alex Kerley

    How did the second head speak without lungs?...

  51. Yovry

    "Guy's my bones are gettin squishy" XD

  52. Big-Gay Tinny-PP

    6:06 EEsel "Our missrepresentation of creators, ignoring copyright laws and wide spread demonetization will blot out the sun." Danny "Then we will make videos about you in the shade." IGN Rates this joke .05 out of ten

  53. Penny Moon

    The thing is, has she never taken a bath? Or like washed her hands? Or like spilt water on herself?

  54. Just Lamps

    "I'm gonna wake up now papa" Thanks for burning that into my brain.

  55. Durpy

    2:29 *is gone*

  56. Ë M M Ä .S

    We always say, what’s up Greg But we never ask How’s Greg 😔

  57. Chewykiller101

    When I see slime on a video on a channel I subscribed to that I thought had no slime in the channel and then I unsubscribe on that same channel

  58. Anthony Bury

    F in the chat for Greg

  59. Strangerthingsisbae

    *This video is everyone's brain while being in quarantine and you cant say its not*

  60. Game Master

    I subscribed and rang the bell

  61. Game Master

    I subscribed and rang the bell

  62. Katelynn IDK

    Bro it a good movie you can make any movie look that bad by just pointing out all the bad parts that's exactly what you did scales is a good movie

    1. Tsukari Kaoru

      Lmao okay It's really not but okay

  63. Shakira Reveles

    It sucked.

  64. Madeleine Parizal

    Jack Grazer made a bad decision

  65. Caitlin B

    Is no one else perplexed to why there are soooo many human mermaids in that town, it's almost like the Red Hat Society or whatever... this movie is soo weird on so many levels...

  66. Shelby Trix

    5:04 ........ umm ghost much?

  67. Chicago Contreras

    Help let me go is soooo chacey

  68. Kotton Kitten

    Just Found out today that greg is one person, AND a family. What is this? The Jane Paradox?

  69. no no


    1. no no

      if u know u know

  70. Madeleine Parizal

    this movie sucks

  71. Itz Blue

    Me knowing that she turns into a mermaid when she gets into the water: Also me- did she even shower?

  72. Shadow Vortex

    8:37 I looks like a she’s going to have “fun” with the paper clip

  73. kuyufiko c

    23:48 *wah?*

  74. Keaton Todd

    I thought when siren dehydrated the weirdo there’d be like a skeleton or something, don’t say 65% if you make it look like 100% is water

  75. sgtmattkind

    lol...6.1k downvotes? i didn't know babies knew how to press buttons lol

  76. Holly Stevens

    Is that kalani from dance moms lmao

  77. Yeeter Mcskeeter

    Well the Titanic was legendary. It was truly a marvel at the time.

  78. Brett Da Pro

    Y would he even say his location if he is getting chased by a killer

  79. pixela gurl

    Danny: I'm a bad boi Me knowing this is normal: how much tea do I have left in me mug

  80. Bitchy

    I'm sorry, but I do love the aesthetics of Bobby's videos. It's nice.

  81. Ordnajela Zeugirdor

    the papa has been replaced video is still down

  82. Icarus

    4:03 is it me or does he look like Dirty Dom?

  83. Sophia Ramirez

    The morse code said "Sub to Danny Gonzalez"

  84. Isilee Mane

    My my boo boo

  85. Sabra Thomas-Gray

    "he's clearly British" Australians: cry silently

  86. Tinae Crescent

    When u said “Alexa remind me to never be a chef” my Alexa turned on and it’s 2 am 😭

  87. [AnonymousGacha]

    Nobody noticed the main love interests name went from willy to William.

  88. Sn0wbearYT


  89. Joy Tutherworld

    Everyone is talking about how Danny is gonna get slapped by legal while I’m tryna finger out how he clicked that he is not a robot and didn’t have to point out all the pictures with road signs. 😂

  90. Felix Thomas

    Stair porn


    It's simple I see Danny I click

  92. Aris Rios

    Don’t come for the music😂😂First off dancing girls by the wiggies and shooting star by the 5 ovations were iconic and don’t get me started on all I wanna do is sing🅿️

  93. Jelly Beans

    I love how he says "don't do this" then says: "For this channel you'll need..."

  94. Meow meow peow peow

    9:45 I like how he says “I can’t lift my arm” and proceeds to to so.

  95. Billy Murphy

    This is unironically better than Justin’s song

  96. Scarlet Euerby

    someone actually gave my sister the bird house one for xmas😂

  97. Daria Pustovoytova

    U look like Gabe from the office

  98. busygalaxy YT

    if your copying jacksfilms your doing it wrong no sponsor

  99. Breanna Sandoval

    Danny in one of his last videos: were the fastest growing channel on EEsel! me: *goes to search bar and looks up who is the fastest growing channel on EEsel.* me: huh, that should say Danny Gonzalez. WHYY ISN'T IT DANNY GONZALEZ!!!!

  100. Meme Lab

    Danny is slowly turning into pyrocynical