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  1. DomPlayz YT

    Polska najlepsa 🇵🇱

  2. Alfredo. III Ancog


  3. Cloonsy

    If you are being chased by American police, start blasting this. It will give you enough adrenaline to escape from the spetsnaz

  4. xgn3pic K

    what happened

  5. Nuri Player

    What if instead of advanced gopnik workout do a easy gopnik workout video a.k.a. for those fat western spies. By the way i'm happy that you're all better now. Stay cheeki breeki.

  6. GamerGacha Z

    Tambay Tambayan lol in the Philippines

  7. Dapperfield

    Ah blyat, who gave him 0% alcohol western vodka?

  8. Kolby Smallwood

    Boris, what are your pc specs

  9. Julio Sunga

    that waffle iron looks like it can be used as additional protection for the t72 tank if bolted on.

  10. Chad Gaming

    10:08 Ahahaha

  11. the real tovaritch

    The dark ones be like: ИДИ НАХУЙ БЛЯТ!

  12. Adam's World

    i love this guy!! got me laughing for hours!!!XD

  13. Adelia Tessya

    Nice tank

  14. Chris john Genova

    Soka bilat

  15. Zero Two


  16. God emperor Of mankind

    redit account u/coalminingforcoal follow me or bad

  17. Ilnar Usmanov

    Well comrades, Adidas is us

  18. soviet IS-7 heavy tank

    0:13 my FAVORITE Boris of ALL

  19. jehan gunatilake

    soviets make the best food

  20. Do Kim Kevin

    I genuinely believe Boris is depressed, but he copes with it by making videos for people to enjoy. Thank you Boris.

  21. God emperor Of mankind

    i get

  22. Fat Nugget


  23. akapesic

    Im called Artemije which is Artyom in Serbia.

  24. God emperor Of mankind

    quarainted inn house

  25. Simply Angelo

    Slav bois of the philipines

  26. Akhilesh Sonawane

    True. Pizza is not food

  27. welkx _theplayer

    Boris ushatka maker

  28. Elmega GES [Valkyrine]

    If Boris' PO Box is going to reopen in the future, I know what to send... (semua rasa Indomie, termasuk yang Hype Abis lmao)

  29. Akhilesh Sonawane

    Western sugar water. TRUE😆

  30. Haider Agha

    Ok now some hotdog bun with the sausage

  31. ZENSZU 《51》

    How about homeless? Like on the streets

  32. Billy Plays

    I was learning Russian. And then Vadim stole my phone blyat Also, I think Vadim made the recipe

  33. Nadia Piździec

    Koronawirus XDD

  34. Aayush Bangera

    this blin teaches me more in 11 min than a fucking 5hr video

  35. Tran Nhan

    Oh Blyat i have to get myself one of those Psee bizdez !!! Oh Cyka to Mother Russia

  36. Toastmaker221

    3:01 is western spy full heel not on ground

  37. Comrade Clone

    You and Anatoli are real life Roman and niko

  38. SLITOK _

    Ненавижу fuckin масло

  39. Aidan Calderon

    This why no one fucks with the russians

  40. Webior

    Как хорошо что есть субтитры

  41. Mashed Potato

    Do more Doom

  42. H.Hoang N.v

    Is that Russian or English?? :))

  43. Something X

    nNnNnNnN /n/

  44. Neenee Castillo

    Ngl first video I watched and I watched it at 11 at night it’s kinda scary

  45. ImBread


  46. Laylaviathan

    I had never thought of that before, that's very honorable of you Boris

  47. James Johnson

    I'm a month into quarantine and I'm already watching a Russian dude make Cheese

  48. vladgun

    Ai loved you video's Boris AI loved

  49. Doctor Nyan Nyan

    Vadim, blyat! Stop with the drilling!

  50. that war thunder fan

    My dad made this but with 70% less sour cream

  51. Thomas Fogarty

    Hey Boris, здравствуйте from Australia, Sydney. I just made this today, used Russian Standard for the vodka, was fucking amazing. Cheers.

  52. Electric Energy

    Who sued you and over what comrade

  53. Joseph Stalin

    I like how he played korobeiniki at the contest in this vid.

  54. Josh Jackson

    Anyone else notice that the label on the vodka at 3:33 was kalashnikov

  55. Joblessknight 76

    Make a metro exodus video no one going to know if the game is make a noise is if it's Boris

  56. Zenzen Gaming

    Where meat come from Of course WESTERN SPY FARM

  57. Friedrich der große von Preußen

    Boris, i need the prem leoa1a1

  58. MikeFlameDragon

    Did Boris move?

  59. Cheryl Jeffali

    Whats scarier the fact that u know borisis cat is gunna hunt u down or him wasting the toilet paper COUGHtoilet paper

  60. Jayvyn Jones

    Boris mortal kombat x has a babushka

  61. It's AJ

    Boris is that your birthplace?

  62. Derek981

    I have watched this three times today

  63. ananta wijaya

    Anatoli blyat 🤣🤣🤣

  64. Joaquin Reyna

    HAHAHAHA I love this! Thanks for the recipe and the laughs!

  65. kompot DBF

    what if vadim was actually making the brain scorcher in his house the entire time?

  66. IBM Speed_Paintz

    Boris's birth date (not year) is one day after minee

  67. Ericson Mello 87

    Muito engraçado cara ,hahahah

  68. A.I.D.RAPTOR 001

    Your Gas oven was taken by the Germans for obvious reasons.

  69. FlegSlav //TestPatterner

    Poll: Yes - 98% Remove - 1% Communism is true democracy.

  70. KyogreRider

    S E M E C Z K I E

  71. Wramill

    Me at home 1:24

  72. Awesome Austin527

    5:42 Lol fun region of the world

  73. Gabe Ienciu

    My grandma just died, and the comedic Slavicness of Boris has aided me in coming out of being sad

  74. Travis Bass

    They look like potato!

  75. Isaac Hatch


  76. ChromaticTurtle

    I alrdy know how to make a cumpot

  77. Lucky Swordsmen

    If you are affrade Tell your self what is life living in fear I say I'd rather die than be afraid

  78. Lenny Lynner

    I slav my Ford Ecosport Now its Fordias Slavcosport

  79. Sabin Baral

    Boris- java My- c/c++ Your??

  80. AbibazZz

    Чёт не очень

  81. Travis Bass

    “...not picture of guy with face!”

  82. Icecream Soup

    Still one of the best Boris video intros, blyat. Hope you are safe, comrade.

  83. Salåmandrøn the Gryphøníc

    The Slavic squat is caused because the genetically have more flexible ankles

  84. \\le kats whispers//

    Here’s a way 1: take it out the thinging thing 2: crush up the noodles 3: put noodles on some paper 4: put seasoning on noodles 5: roll it up 6: lite that blunt up 7: p u f f

  85. Ryder aka YouBetcha

    should've showed off your CS:GO skills

  86. dakota rush

    I’m jammin to this and cooking bacon

  87. Slav Sir

    Quick question slav superstar Boris, what is kvass?

  88. RagiestPolishGamer

    Learn Russian while quarantined

  89. Ian

    nononono cats dont eat grass...? right ?

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    Now I'm watching this video during quarantine Tq Boris

  91. housekilla457

    Slav password is Ch33k1br33k1

  92. Kate DeGonia

    7:36-7:38 is the BEST BORIS LAUGHING EVER 😂💜

  93. Amir Suhopoljac

    Ayde bolan rakia ye puno dobro nemoj tako da pricas, and i speak english too

  94. MTF Epsilon - 11

    Tiny dust mite

  95. bucihc

    @LifeOfBoris why have you not done review of Doom Eternal yet?!?


    Blyat, good video


      And hi komrade kat

  97. Mitchell King

    2 years late but Boris thank you so much for working to keep your content accessible! Thank you comrade! Accessibility is a huge deal. You rock dude! Iz blyatiful!

  98. Shadow Man

    always чheers me up, thanks mate!

  99. Jihad Hamad

    you should try making some american hamburgers boris

  100. L G

    how did you get pneumonia in the middle of SUMMER. Boris, you need more GARLIC.