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  1. Yanick Lange

    Other way around? Who wants an mx5 in auto?

  2. Aman Gurung

    Is that fix you by cold play at the end of the episode

  3. airogames x:DD

    If BMW was sold my dad wouldn't had a BMW e30

  4. Basic Autos

    After roasting do you have any suggestions of how upgrading those cars ? Thank you.

  5. m h

    I don't believe it🤥🤥

  6. Seim Old DickHead

    Why does it go sideways so much? Audi haldex quattro usually understeers

  7. kutsal nalcı

    UK : BMW E39 150£ Turkey : BMW E39 80,000 TL Turkey average - minimum wage - salary = 2,300 TL TURKEY POVERTY LINE : 7,942 TL I HATE THIS FUCKING COUNTRY BRO , THIS IS NOT FAIR .

  8. The David

    This is starting to remind me more and more like top gear. But I mean in a good way, the funny parts of top gear, like you were in the house and the others were just in the car waiting. It's good comedy and great fun. You guys are really likeable characters, I really really hope you guys keep this up, its absolutely amazing!

  9. Asda man

    If you ever feel useless just remember that someone out there is making indicating lights for BMWs

  10. KyleW

    This guy works at the repair shop I go to

  11. mares 178

    In Germany we say DÖNER FERRARI to BMW cars.

  12. boscoarodrigues


  13. tommy greeneyes

    Bored douchbag nothing more to see here folks

  14. Dan Sanchez

    Looks like a MR2

  15. Geo Sebastian

    Call it Cilian or Murphy or Thomas or Peaky because it smokes so much. And also it because it looks and sounds aggressive, yet classy.

  16. Wade

    I can't even get to the ring... I can't even imagine crashing there I'M POOR

  17. Rado Kromka

    PRIUS REPELLENT I´m fucking done xDDDD

  18. Vroom速い

    Plot twist alex never went back for the kid

  19. Danny Denham

    What’s with the mx5 obsession... I mean Iv had one and raced them in the brscc, but come on mate .. it’s a kids car

  20. Laurence Cursaro

    Why would you think a golf with a audi badge is a sports car

  21. Dark Lord Popo

    2015: nope 2016: nope 2017: nope 2018: nope 2019: nope 2020: EEsel algorithm: hey there you....

  22. tommy greeneyes

    Renualt is almost as bad pegeot only thing that saves there name really is that sport limited 4 door not sure if its that horrid megan look alittle like a clio. and rabbits over there its called renualt 5 lol from the 70s. But pegeot has some old school badass rallys like 106 and so on even the rare dx versions. So my rant is about most models its just a couple that keeps them alive and the fact that all of france has no choice to keep buying bizzare renualt vehicles. Ever open the hood and try to repair something its all backwards and a pain in the ass much like the french. Just try and repair a renualt megan and tell me how much fun you had breaking your heads to figure out u just lost money on it and you will park this waste of metal near the rover brand cars in your lot. Lesson learned on my meat hope you heed the warnings lol

  23. tech guy

    I have a Alfa Romeo 2 of them


    Doesn’t look like u.s spec type r

  25. Danny Rocha

    Poor E- 10 millimeter

  26. tj jimi

    5:36 . Is he on crack?

  27. Richard Mai

    So first year owners don't need to worry too much since the 2021 is only a slight bump in power.

  28. Nick Krikorian

    depends on manafactuer

  29. LXY

    Can someone link me those sporty boomer sunglasses on amazon???

  30. Car Guy

    blue Tim reminds me of Nolan from donut media

  31. Haroon Khan

    Chrisfix's dad just got rid of his jaguar and Chris bought him his dream car

  32. tom thompson

    cheaper than loosing your licence

  33. Sascha Blumenstiel

    That drivethrough scene made me sweat just watching it

  34. Niepi

    Thing ain't legal because the speedometer is not working.

  35. Nicolas R

    Yes! :)

  36. Robert Brown

    Fake. BMW's don't come with indicators. I've never seen a BMW driver indicate in my life.

  37. Ask to seduce Miss

    3:38 That is both true, and hillarious :)

  38. Niepi

    This car is epic. Not very powerful but VERY reliable and a sweet running engine. The diesel has some oil sump/pump problems. It gets clogged. Thats all, but it's vital to keep it in mind.

  39. Jeffrey Eng

    you don't want to keep watching you just stop and look...

  40. Cicero the jester

    1:20 listen to the engine 😵

  41. dudewithcar 01

    "it’s just a car" *makes me even more angry than a teacher scratching with her nails on a blackboard*

  42. Peli Mies

    Awkward.. well, it is the true ’finnish experience’ when ever socializing with a native finn. Did you know, that we laughed, when due to corona virus, the social distancing was set to 2 meters? - no effect at all on people, who have used to stand on bus stops at least 6 meters apart.

  43. kenneth crossley

    You can have all the power you want, but with shite suspension and handling, there is a limit, look at Swiftune mini, harrasing huge yank motors at Goodwood

  44. Walter Knox

    are all drive through on the passenger side in the UK? in the US they are all on the driver side.

  45. deathdealer997

    The fast food thing isn't really fair when it's an american car in a uk drive thru

  46. Lucas Sääf


  47. Jess Hamer

    Never too much hp

  48. Viper TheLegend

    Alex, that pestle and mortar looks an awful lot like my one which went missing...

  49. Sam Coss

    You rally enes to act Luke a stupid?

  50. DoubleM55

    That's why I laughed on my friend when he drove in an old Merc like this, bragging how "good deal" he got. After he tired to pass inspecion for registration, it failed. Independent mechanic's diagnosis: - Front shocks, rear shocks, front brakes, rear brakes and all 4 bearings. - Steering rack, power steering pump - AC compressor - Injectors (new or rebuilt) (It's a diesel CDI). - Head gasket! (Engine oil in coolant). - Valve cover gaskets - Rear diff seals, like in this one - Water pump and cooling fan. - Oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and usual stuff. - Electric power window motor (driver's side). All in all he spent around $4000 on a car he drove for 6 months, and then had to dump it on scrap yard for old steel. Got around $500 for it :D So yeah, "good deal" from an old merc? Forget it. Better to buy a 4 yo hyundai and drive it to the grave another 8 years for the same money. (I'm doing that).

  51. Tadeas Rasejev

    Buy like 10 as cheap as possible smartphones download google maps on all of them. Turn on the google maps and go through the place where you want to drive very slow like 10km/h few times. By this you reduce amount of people on this road. Or you can click in waze that the road is closed that will reduce the amount of people too :)

  52. VisionEmu

    You know you're cheap when you have 3 million subscribers and can't gift a £200 Skoda Octavia

  53. Unacceptable Unacceptable

    Take the engine cover off

  54. OneG36

    2:52 denied haha ^^

  55. ad33b 969

    When I saw Colin in the car, I was like how is this car still in one piece and has not turned into a rocket or something.

  56. Be_a_Nick

    This is a KTM X-Bow!

  57. Sniper Thief

    17:08 "By order of the Peaky fookin Blinders"

  58. 1nsanejochem

    Ship it abroad, this thing will join the million mile club in many places. As long as hot and dry, new condensor will up the price in that case.

  59. Codey Ward

    I know someone called Miles, he is also high

  60. ford agriculture

    Perfect place for quarantine

  61. Juan Rodriguez

    Good job Ethan

  62. Dark Shark Studios

    When you are in a manual car you get more control over the car instead of the automatic.

  63. Carabbit

    Best Manual Wagon (BMW)

  64. sabrik21


  65. sabrik21


  66. sabrik21


  67. sabrik21


  68. sabrik21


  69. sabrik21


  70. sabrik21


  71. sabrik21


  72. Huseyin

    I want to call it Turkish Taxi mileage ahahhahahaha

  73. Roshanara Islam

    Why does everyone hate mercs there actually nice cars

  74. Florian Erwerth

    Or: Be stupid

  75. Mark Gwinnell

    Hard to start when cold? We had issues with it not starting when it was warm/hot when it was low on compression? (RX8 Rotary) A nightmare of a car !

  76. Joshua Davis

    3:49 Man looking like Seb Vettel in that shot

  77. Insert Name Here

    *Jimmy Broadband wants to know your location*

  78. Ethan Djeric

    Wait, you have to use the handbrake while driving during the test in the UK?? here it is only used when you park, even during a test....

  79. Mr T Bayley

    I have 2 of these!!!

  80. Mr T Bayley

    only 99 of these left

  81. Huseyin

    Meanwhile Corona was spreading on that auction venue lool

  82. Adam Smith

    That Volvo is the worst thing I've ever seen.

  83. Moises Sequera

    Why would anyone spend a night there alone? Was your girlfriend the one filming? I hope so.

  84. Stefan50326

    I think, that track is good for our economy. Damaged cars, working people at the track and companies building replacement parts...

  85. Alper ÜZÜM

    U cant buy this 4 wheels for 150pounds in Turkey... i cant say more im gonna go for crying

  86. BigDuke6ixx

    Nice of the local Mazda dealers to help...not. That's put me off the brand.

  87. Joey Murphy

    I took my 2007 matrix on much rougher terrain than that, and neither my drive nor yours is considered offroading.

  88. Garbin’s Garage

    gut it and track it

    1. Ask to seduce Miss

      It's a M57D25, the M51's are pre-chamber injection engines from the tds models 😛

  89. RDKRL

    Do they really teach that #1 shit somewhere? holy fuck thats retarded.

  90. J U R

    Flashing your lights is more of a social thing here. You flash others when: - You allow them to go in front of you (when pulling out of an exit or when at a road-narrowing) - Their is something wrong with their car (broken brake light, bumper hanging loose etc) - They don't have any lights on during nighttime - They left on their high beams while coming towards you and blinding you - Their is a police check or speed camera ahead - Saying thanks for someone letting you merge Honestly, they should teach you these things during driving lessons. A friend of mine drove around with a broken tail light for weeks until I was in the car with him and saw other drivers flashing him constantly. I told him to pull over and check the car lights. He went "oh is THAT why everyone kept flashing me?"

  91. JDM PC Gaming

    Brilliant video and challenge! You 3 guys are awesome and I love watching the car buying process, more of these challenges please! :D

  92. Forza Horizon 4 Gamer

    Today, this vid hit 4 years

  93. Tokyo Drlft

    999k VIEWS? WHAT

  94. Carlos Cerati

    I totally need my scooter to go faster. I'm a double amputee and I would totally let you upgrade mine lol.

  95. Jacob Smith

    Isn’t that the H1 Body which is a Humvee?

  96. Graham

    Feeding the wheel is so dangerous, I have no idea why they teach it. It's simply too slow, and secondly it requires too much thought which should be focussed on the reason for steering itself.

  97. TouchTheRazor

    People who hate this car, obviously have never driven it, I've owned mine since I was still going to school, my first real car, and to this day, not even a little thought has gone into my head about getting rid of it, she always puts a smile on my face when I see her and makes me laugh with joy when I drive her. Even one f my friends deadass hated the car, but once he had a little spin around the block it became his new dream car XD funny how that stuff works.

  98. Turbo

    I would love to fahrt there all day as a tourist

  99. Steven Morris

    It's bliss. Wife gives me one every morning to wake me up.

  100. Alfie Rigby

    Right now it has A lorry on it