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  1. General William

    This song gives me huge GTA V vibes

  2. Jason Jones

    Am not even mad at Bella hadid

  3. Urška

    This song would be perfect for an episode of black mirror, like San Junipero.

  4. Lilian Riveros


  5. patriziaperu

    mooi hoor

  6. Right Nut

    *"the city is cold and empty"* if it wasn't beacouse of that one virus.

  7. Right Nut

    *When someone opens the lights in my room in the morning :*

  8. christian coti

    when lil uzi said”yeah” to me i heard “pierre “🤣😭



  10. Andrea Yurowski

    Alll time Favorite...look what you done!!!!! YESSSSSSSSS

  11. Katherine Cano

    This gave me the Michael Jackson vibesss WTH good work the weekend it’s the the best 👍🏻🥴🤯🤩

  12. luc

    Is that song about lsd? Because I'm on acid rn and it feels like the song is explaining lsd pretty good.

  13. Anthony Chavez

    GTA5 vibes


    Anyone watching this in 2020?❤

  15. Deqzys

    why did this song just turn to one of my favs?

  16. Tiffany Madera

    What 90s song is he sampling in this beat?! I have the rhythm in my head but I can’t think of the lyrics! It’s a girl who sings it...

  17. Sudrip Dhar

    Give this song , a Grammy.....plzzz❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏

  18. Ali Qazilbash


  19. xxxghoastxxx 22

    Idk why it gives me stranger things vibes

  20. BK Fressh

    Working at 311 while the city is shut down Damn I can't wait to party....smh

  21. Indra StorMGZX

    Nada me detiene hasta que me este desangrando,hasta que me desangre quiero hacer lo mismo que abel sacando a esa persona de mi mente hasta que me desangre me siento muy identificado con esta canción para olvidar personas que has llegado a amar a distancia aun sin que sea algo [email protected] pero aun así les agarraste cariño y aun asi sigues y yo siento que en este tiempo que vivo hoy en día me estoy desangrando para olvidar a esa persona hasta desangrarme porque es difícil sacarla de mi mente aun así ya no amare así ya no amare como antes ya ni lo intentare me desangrarse hasta no sentir nada porque me estoy desangrando esta musica es cruda pero me gusta es la canción es muy identificada con las drogas y una chica porque al amar asi es como una droga pero ya no creo ni en el amor ni en nada solo estoy tan paralizado de tanto dolor porque me estoy desangrando ya no volveré a tocar el cielo mas.

  22. RW Rosez

    RIP Buck teeth 😔😔💔

  23. Beatriz Fontes

    Adriana nem é gente, é anjo

  24. GogetaV Vegeta

    Weeknd releasing so many dope tracks but nothing tops this one

  25. Team JM-RC

    I love this it starts like false alarm ♡

  26. Asif Khan

    Focusing weekend😍...not the models

  27. Виктория Vi

    так вот кто был первый зараженный коронавирусом ))))

  28. Yulia Sakharyuk

    ** Who listen this song more 5 times in an hour? **

  29. Eternal孤独感

    Was it always The Weeknd I thought it was the weekend

  30. Rainboow69

    Soundtrack to GTA 6 ?

  31. Barbara Sorgenfrei

    How does she keep getting that sweater back

  32. Женя Парапов

    Отличный трек

  33. Howard Bear-Daniels

    100 million plus views already. I remember like it was released a week ago but it's not.

  34. Piotr Rutkowski

    This is unbelievabele this is what you do after hours isn't it? You like the fear in the eyes of your victim who is about to be killed and their blood is about to be drunk by you ! You will rot soon in hell yourself !

  35. Barbara Sorgenfrei

    I'd let the weekend stab me if thats what he wanted

  36. Mateo Avila

    Nice video

  37. soft mashups

    first watching batman be like:

  38. Uru Player

    Cuando te das cuenta que es una cancion para o dedicada la cocaina el men no siente la cara de lo duro que esta jajaja Abrazo desde uruguay para los hermanos en cuarentena

  39. Neox_ Shadow


  40. Collin Mckay

    Stay lit. The guy seems to only put out good music.

  41. Its Lesionz

    0:42 when bae says her parent's arent home 0:30 when u about to smash but dont want that covid 19

  42. Залина М

    Өте ұнады!👍💫 рахмет! КЗ бар болса лайк!😜👍

  43. Kevin Tapia M.

    Algún latino jajaja me da curiosidad que significa su sangre en la cara en el video y en los conciertos, significará dolor? Cosas malas? Tristesa

  44. ZAMI7R

    The best song 🎵

  45. Piotr Rutkowski

    Mmmm Yummy is the blood of the young and the innocent, isn't it? Yes you are running out of time, yes the city's cold and empty cause you are waitin in line to be executed for the crimes against humanity or you can choose to have a trial and your public reputation will be destroyed forever on the pretext of being infected with the Coronavirus, you pedophiles assasinators, and adrenochrome addicts you masonic morons ! Your time is up ... just wait in patience

  46. Жамирза Джанаралиев


  47. Pointless Videos


  48. Marcel Zager

    The melody reminds me of Tears in Heaven

  49. L G

    I Feel It Coming its abut doomsday? )

  50. sylvain catenne


  51. Brun0Mtv

    GTA VI

  52. KLOSE FF

    Música foda

  53. Ankush Shah

    WRESTLEMANIA 36........

  54. Evan Greenspan

    Man I really feel Abel in this. A man that achieved everything he probably ever dreamed of, but is still suffering in anguish and he doesn’t even know what it is exactly that’s causing his anguish. Maybe regrets, loneliness, or someone he hurt in the past. No matter what he does, he still just can’t escape the monsters in his head. He’s increasingly being pushed over the edge until he finally gives in and becomes “possessed” by his demons.

  55. Ahmed Barnes

    Rod Stewart flow.... If you know, you know.

  56. Александр Михайлович

    Bravo, nice music. Unfortunately I am not what I believe I am.

  57. SmallBodyNick

    Imagine if this was on Stranger Things Soundtrack 🧐

  58. Isabella Rodrigues


  59. Michelle Nduku

    In your eyes 😍😍😍

  60. Xander_4213

    Quien está aquí por Luzu? O soy el único 😞

  61. Attarfa Danish Cahyaputra

    imagine if this song was created in the 80's

  62. Brenda GMZ

    Odio que en 2018 no canto esa canción cuando vino a mexico. Era la canción más deseada a escuchar al menos yo. Ja. Le ppido al cielo regrese y me la cante ahora si 😍

  63. jm argarin

    looks like he ate someone, zombie

  64. Megananda Nanda

    back to 80's..

  65. Алдынай Куулар

    Логично попробовать сломать нокио 33

  66. Jose Zepeda

    Free epilepsy test 😂

  67. Alicia Villalba

    2:23 flashee Luis Miguel ?

  68. Isai R

    that’s an albino cockroach at the end

  69. IR7

    The weeknd are the best 🔥🔥🔥

  70. Virus Angel

    Stranger Things Vibes

  71. iwantmoney10

    Quarantine got me revisiting all these classics

  72. Lynnstagram 013

    This is verry good

  73. Honoka __chan __HONOKA

    There are no words perfect💞💞💞

  74. Reggie Biu

    I love LA

  75. Michal Holub


  76. Peri_ Williams

    This is badass 😻

  77. Supreme Filip

    This song makes me wanna dance in the middle of the street.

  78. Mr Roblox

    This song will always be classic

  79. Lipe

    Isso é surreal....

  80. Imthedart 3

    Did he actually kill / choke / bag the real weekend or nah cause I’m still trying to wonder if he killed the old version of the weekend and then weekend came so different check his other music videos like blinding light at the begging he’s laughing with blood on his face and teeth it’s weird I like the old version of the weekend not the newer version

  81. Abrar

    I wanna marry this song

  82. Alyssa Eure

    i think it is a good song and go follow on tik tok alyssathatone

  83. Bruno Ramos

    Essa música No GTA 6 ia ser Muito Loka!

  84. Sachindra Bhattacharya

    watching this too late now in 2020, I can't believe I missed out on such greatness. Two legends on one stage.

  85. Michael Dias

    Good news everyone. This song is chosen for WWE WRESTLEMANIA 36. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  86. Flow Alx

  87. Cesar Garcia

    Its Bopping

  88. Kittikattiiz

    GTA vice city vibes???????

  89. Pietro Corletto

    Came here after GTA 6 fake teaser 😂

  90. HighTierFrost 2

    GUYS! I know who killed The Weeknd it was Monday

  91. T Ameen

    Weird but I’m pretty sure I get the message of this video. Dance with your fears! Don’t run from them!

  92. Lee Aguilar

    Is it just me or did anyone else hear the word covid 19 during 3:20 through 3:30

  93. Penji booce

    Micheal Jackson vibbezz

  94. adam bell

    Smile....... you officially found one of those moments!

  95. plazma sonderex

    The way they did the whole thing is great!!!

  96. Janish Paal

    Love uu abel

  97. Willy Rhyudent

    Our StarBoy never disappointed us. ☺

  98. Izgi örs

    This behind scenes made too me addictive!... any my minute do not passing without you... ❤️🔥

  99. sonia6082

    Instant classic..FAV one in the album for sure.

  100. Ricardo Beyzaga