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  1. Messi10

    It’s the new Cookie Monster it’s the cookie dough monster

  2. I Sub To Anyone

    Today, this is what we need.

  3. S


  4. Kaden Nguyen

    The Sour Pickle Ball can be described as, Santa

  5. Adina Cook

    ABe iSn't ON A pEnnIE!!!!

  6. Kian Mooney

    this makes me hangry

  7. unicorn squad

    5:44 it's a peach lol

  8. Salad Hair

    So can glass putty can shatter into a million pieces?

  9. Theogullunge Playz

    What's Whisky?

  10. Lydia Holman

    “doctors probably have birthdays too” Jamie 2018 (I’m guessing this is when the vid was made)

  11. BlueHunter_TheRex

    4:56 Ah yes And the floor is made out of floor

  12. adiel glez


  13. BlahBlahBlah

    “I’m killing it” gets celery last round

  14. Sophia Kight

    Still a bop

  15. ray cuillerier

    make this hit 69 like's ples

  16. L G

    I think it’s a self portrait like some theorists think, because if u look at Da Vinci’s Jesus painting, the face is almost identical. So, I think he just painted a female face, which happens to look like himself. Many artists seem to draw or paint features similar to their own, maybe unconsciously? But if u look at his Jesus portrait, Mona Lisa is just a female version. PROBLEM SOLVED!! Where’s my million dollars for saving further research?! 🌝🌿🌼💛😺👍🏻🙏😊

  17. Celia's Gacha

    the comments: *erIccccc yAaaSS* *kObe cRi CRi*

  18. Jay Sonawane

    with the candy takeout noodles they should make candy chopsticks

  19. StarStruck140 :D

    All of the guys: (Dieing) Nina: (Just chilling) Joey: (Pointing at Nina) I'm worried about you. 😂😂😂

  20. lonely bean

    me:”can I work here?...???..” My parents: “Let me guess you want to eat all the candy and help with the gummies???” Me: “well duhhh!!.”

  21. Bethany Robertson

    How do you make it go up and down the 19

  22. StarStruck140 :D

    Ben: I can't taste it. *2 seconds later* (Running, jumping around and yelping) 😂😂😂

  23. Elio The kiddo

    "THis ONe IS SUPeR PIcKeLEy! " - Eric 2018

  24. Gokage

    5:57 OMG rookie of the year reference

  25. *- *

    Kyles voice tho..

  26. Olivia Asaro

    What if you ate the whole bar at once

  27. nasreen waqar

    Imagine if Eric was here

  28. Elijah Mckinnon

    do a giant sour gummy bear

  29. Vhh Cghgfy

    chicken poopie nugget dog meat cat face velociraptor toe cheeseburger

  30. Galaxy unicorn Forever

    What if when he had the sledgehammer he actually hit Danny

  31. H D

    Kyle is a bit to calm btw he kind of have a sad voice, but he’s not sad...

  32. Olivia Asaro

    Weird angle geezzzzz lol I love this 😂

  33. StarStruck140 :D

    6:37 I think Jon is giving birth...

  34. Ashton Voreck

    If you don’t want to get so drunk that you explode use water

  35. blazin_robloxian7

    What happened to April Fool's?

  36. Lunacute Games

    Yeah Boi 0:28


    12:51 Roasted!

  38. deathboi82 l0lZ

    12 not 11

  39. Trent Gonzales

    Long gun? 😂😂 It’s a rifle.

  40. Zeek the Geek

    Has your mother never to told you to not play with your food?

  41. Dat Meme Boi .w.

    Wow I didn’t know that a birthday cupcake flavored cookie tastes like a cupcake

  42. Adrian Bell

    1:20 *hErE wE gO aGaIn*

  43. Quốc Bảo Võ

    Remember to use your PG5 before play

  44. Zmations ,

    10:57 my age on prom night

  45. The Dog Cute

    2 "axes"= Nintento S Soo... this axe is CRAP

  46. Ayman Azraf

    Jamie is really mean

  47. Maria Serrano

    Here 👵 gramma

  48. Paollka Thomas

    Italians watching this video: FIRST PIZZA AND NOW SPAGHETTI WHAT?!??!?!

  49. Galaxy Plays

    2016: nah 2017: nope 2018: absolutely not 2019: no way! 2020: hey! U wanna see this video? The yt community: ;-;

  50. Jonathan Schneider

    These people ate 38,224 calories

  51. The real Sonic the Heghog

    I could do that for $100

  52. Galaxy Plays

    Am i the only one who did this with a normal swing?

  53. Roblox Neonz

    Flashback to throwing up pickles

  54. The wolf xox


  55. Fchris 8


  56. fani papag

    Recommendations know what they are doing now with the cotonavirus!

  57. Jamie Polon

    Grass and spoiled milk

  58. Lorena Torres

    Give a like if you ordered something from or comment if ur a fan of Vat19 like me!!!😄😄😅😅

  59. Noah Davis

    make a 10lb gummy worm

  60. Oskar Šefer

    No yes no

  61. Dennis Huang

    Who here when this is 12 years ago and not seen this

  62. Igre Tron

    jami is a carot

  63. Kuba Bey

    Make a salty gummy worm

  64. xXLiviGachaLifeXx Ok

    Gummy apple

  65. Trollsome

    Do gummy brains make you smarter?

  66. xXLiviGachaLifeXx Ok

    Gummy glasses

  67. xXLiviGachaLifeXx Ok

    Or edible lights

  68. xXLiviGachaLifeXx Ok

    Edible led lights?

  69. Malorie Badillo

    😂i loved it when Adam came out of nowhere😂❤

  70. Trollsome

    Plot twist: This gummy skull is poison

  71. StarStruck140 :D

    Jon: Can you do simple math? What's 3×6? Ben: 90 Jon: Okay, It's working

  72. StarStruck140 :D

    "Mostly because I want to see Ben... in pain." ~Jon 2019

  73. Soggy Pancake

    making out with the worm.

  74. Justnehal


  75. Six Straws

    1:10 Every ones reaction:🤮 Octopus's reaction: Run

  76. Zoey McKnight

    I was smiling when Joey abused the chicken

  77. Zachary Woodworth

    me-buys sheet storm 2020 ¨nope¨

  78. TDotNY

    Brian has sex, with his really dumb girlfriend

  79. Isabella S

    Are any of these candies Gluten Free ( celiac friendly? )

  80. Amina Khan

    Ewwwww what’s the thumbnail

  81. M A D M A X


  82. Luke Precioso

    Noooo how dare you hurt my fav drink GINGER ALE

  83. Kristina Nickel

    Ew... But cool

  84. Robert Gonzalez

    How do you get it out

  85. Adam Dinsmore

    The cereal is supposed to be soggy bruh

  86. supreme mario collectors

    Will you ever make army style KNIGHTS

  87. Melissa Zavala

    Can I have all the giant gummy

  88. AndexSands

    he...he turned himself into a pickle, hilarious

  89. Yafang Wu

    I didn't think it was funny guess I passed....

  90. Amee Soni

    GUYS I LOVED YOUR STUFF AT when i had searched on google thanks guys i'll keep supporting you guys

  91. Macale Jericho Villafuerte 15

    *legend is born **0:00*

  92. Zavanna Sheppeard

    I LOVE this game it’s so awesome ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍❤️ and I love you guys you are amazing

  93. TheRealOatmeal

    Since when do Italians speak French?

  94. Hailey Van Brunt

    You should make a mega giant gummy worm

  95. ???

    Hey yo vat19 do a gummy watermelon eating competition

  96. Enrique Girao

    These are the kind of items you suddenly make in your mind while on the toilet.

  97. Andi

    Their channel is just a advertisement

  98. Cooler than cold Ice Cold

    I dont know if it was sprayed in here before I moved in my apartment aka the school or after but its smells like skunk from Kentucky I was station there and a guy let his self get sprayed same smell I was cleaning up daily distracted from things wasting money and cleaners too and it messed up the padding had to come out plus the washer overflowed the apartment and strengthen the smell on the padding a stupid waste of time oh and then came covid virus 19 to add to the bs jan feb march and april

  99. Samantha Blaw

    Very clickbait

  100. duy anh ngo vi

    Its bunny . yes ! Its Bunny