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  1. Heleve Joergon

    I miss Christopher Hitchens during times as this. He died too early, the man could have saved the fucking world if Government officials would listen.

  2. Fishmanfu

    I disagree with John Oliver on a lot of points but he is spot on with Coronavirus

  3. Nithun Sridhar

    Wait.... So the economy is something separate from the people. The people are the fucking economy you dingus! How is this man alive? He must think countries are living creature that have autonomy! People are the country you moron!

  4. Spark ley

    America is basically a dystopian future Land (like in the book: "Brave new world") where money and consumption is the new God.

  5. Tim Wood

    16:05 I'm there too. For F sake. This man has 0 ability to see outside of his own interests ONLY

  6. Yés W.

    29 seconds of video and I already LIKED it. 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  7. A G

    I can’t listen to this bc there’s no laughing....

  8. Cody Wilkins

    Behold The One!

  9. John Nycto

    Yes it's a war and we're getting our asses kicked!

  10. Kenna

    Well, fuck.

  11. Alfredo Castro

    "I'm broke as shit" 🤣🤣🤣🐯👑

  12. Leslie

    Why aren't college students, post grads, etc being offered student loan forgiveness and free tuition to volunteer as medical helpers, assistants and therapists. Many could be trained enough to seriously help by summer. Students could train in simple procedures and basic patient care and finish spring term before taking leave until the crisis is over. Is this already being done? If so, why isn't it in the news and being followed? Where are our AmeriCorps partipants?

  13. N P

    THANK YOU for calling out modi.

  14. FiEnD749

    John Colorado's Governor Jared Polis said people should just get sick for the economy too and then stated he wished someone would just spit in his mouth so he can get sick and move on.

  15. EmRe Photography



    I find it funny that the companies say "oh these guys that somehow got on TV don't represent our company policy!" it's like how colleges think of fraternities. They don't care what they do til one of them is on the news for hazing a couple of students. But the difference is they aren't ignoring it but encouraging it!!!

  17. naonao7949

    I am Chinese and this is not the most ridiculous story I’ve heard. Use more imagination and work harder! You can do it!

  18. Flauros

    We kept our jobs, but we lost our lives. 'Merica!

  19. T Reitzel32

    Sorry John people don’t fuck horses

  20. Monkeystein Studios

    fucking love this guy. Started with the Bugle podcast so many years ago, and he just keeps getting better. So much logic, heart and humor.

  21. Spark ley

    America is a sick country where money is more valued then human life. The persons that can afford to stay at home wants the people that cant stay at home to work only because they fear they lose some cash...

  22. Mohamad Parhizkar

    It's fun watching it in 2020

  23. John Gae

    0:21 They really are killing us now

  24. mac wallace

    let me guess, back in england again?

  25. mac wallace

    something with free market, something with corona virus. something with elections. we don't have that over here. not on that scale.

  26. Robert Wright

    You know I've been practicing social distancing for decades!

  27. Alfredo Castro

    When John Oliver is a better News Sources than Governors,Senators President,Republicans,Democrats. I swear people are idiots going outside buying in bulk this will only increase the spread .John Oliver Thank You👏👏👏 your the own source that keeps us Inform.

  28. Cody Wilkins

    Trump Is Fucked.

    1. Cody Wilkins


    2. Cody Wilkins

      We Are Groot

  29. Sudhir Desai

    Could they perhaps invite themselves, the "Coronoservatives" to a Corona Party, so they could test their faith and sacrifice themselves for the economy?

  30. subpoprec

    I love draft dodger Trump burns.

  31. Das Prakash

    Has China ended the lock down and started normal working ? Coz I just saw news from my homeplace show it recovered fast and now started normal working.... Also China has started signing billion dollars business deals on producing masks and necessities .... Also China started business acquisitions and merger of major companies since around world since economy took a hit this month. Also the news talked about a book written by two China general's in 1999 called unrestrictedwarfare and high casualties in America in ratio to other.

  32. Aqmic Palace

    remember that John's wife is a nurse

  33. robotpanda77

    It is possible that not everything is Trump's fault guys.

  34. Wayne S.

    America is going to be a completely different place when this is over. Imagine the former USSR.

  35. Mark Verley

    Donal Trump is a despicable piece of shit who is void of a conscience, integrity and intelligence. He is only focused and cares about being re elected. The fuck heads that voted for him lack the discerment to realize that this man does not care about them or the USA. I guess common sense aint that common.

  36. Jeffrey Bozko

    Funny how all these Billionairs become so silent in times like these, not even offering any help, fucking rats.

  37. shrawan choudhary

    Looking for comments from India , anybody else!

  38. Jay Richardson

    Glen Beck literally just described what American capitalism already does,

  39. Joseph Embry


  40. Timothy Liang

    Wait what, one hospital needs refrigerator trucks because 1300 people so far have died nation wide meaning probably 11 or 12 people died in that 1 hospital? This whole covid thing is complete BS and a form of government people control. This reeks of the missing wmds.

    1. Anastasia Schenkel

      So far we've had 3, 890 deaths and 208 of those died yesterday in NY. Those bodies aren't going anywhere until the paperwork is done, I'm sure there will be extra pages. Then they have to wait for a funeral home to come get them. It takes a minute....

  41. ThatFolf

    Ask any furry, it’s zootopia

  42. Nick DaRose

    the "trust me"s came from the heart

  43. Kathy B

    General Electric has been making ventilators for years but now is laying off hundreds employees willing to make them. Why didn't Trump have the Defense Production Act include more companies, not just General Motors? Why didn't Trump use the Act to provide funds for GE to convert more factories into ventilator production centers (which workers claim can easily be done)?

  44. T McG

    Fuck John Oliver and fuck Andrew Cuomo. "Of course we didn't -- that's the whole point," Cuomo said. "The hospitals don't need them yet. The hospitals aren't at their apex. The hospitals have enough ventilators today, but their numbers are going up." "So the point is, 'well they're in a stockpile, you must not need them' is just ignorant -- of course you don't need them today!" Cuomo continued. "You need them when you hit the apex, which is 30,000. We're not there yet." A fucking death cult?? Look no further Oliver's homeys.

  45. Ella Boo

    Without the background noises, John sounds like an audio book recording.

  46. Koalaism Unbound

    should of kept the foreigners out. Chinese robots

  47. Jeffrey Bozko

    it's officially the american corona virus now, karma for Trump lol.

  48. C H C

    Wear a mask when going shopping.

  49. Enok Holm

    is 2:59 a hidden cigarette Advertise :)

  50. Bobby Reynolds

    Paula Reid from CBS News asked Trump a legitimate question, but instead of answering it he ended up bridling, going on some rant about how "some people" supposedly want this crisis to worsen in order to trash his image! I wish John would say it right to the President's face: "NO ONE IS THINKING OF YOU!"

  51. Michael Winn

    The truth is that Trump wears a wig. Not an ordinary wig, though. It's attached to a plate that can be unscrewed from the top of his head to ladle out the shit when it rises to high.

  52. Valerie Mitchell

    This is the angriest I've seen John get in quite a while.

  53. Tony A

    I watch John and I can't stop shaking my head - I laughed, I cried, pure awesome - thanks for helping us through all of this....

  54. steve McQueen


  55. NickTheGreatAndPowerful

    Republicans: I'm pro life. Also Republicans: Who gives a sh*t if you die? Go back to work!

  56. johnmburt1960

    Know what we could do to invigorate the economy after we can safely end the lockdown? 1) Medicare for All. 2) Free college. 3) Lower the retirement age to 60 immediately, to 55 by 2030. 4) $15 minimum wage. 5) A complete upgrade of the interstate highway system to First World standards. 6) High-speed rail from San Diego to Seattle, from Atlanta to Boston, from New York to Chicago. 7) Municipal wi-fi in every town. 8) Mandatory domestic production of essential security supplies such as perishable medicines. 9) Domestic stockpiles of essential supplies such as durable medicines, dry food and ammunition. 10) Doubling or quadrupling of the number of Peace Corps volunteers overseas, both to ensure employment and to improve our image as something other than a bunch of idiots. There, that's my Top Ten List.

  57. steve McQueen


  58. Clystron426

    Doom (2016)... Fuck you, 2016!

  59. Ceiling Bees

    In these dark days I’m here watching this video to remember we can do great things

  60. fexbio

    There's should be such a thing as bad faith litigation. It's a good mechanism to discourage this type of idiocy. Its basically this: if your lawsuit is found to have a different purpose than solving a legitimate litige, you are fined, lose the case and get the bill for all the costs plus the plaintiff's lawyer fees.

  61. cloudburst

    I'm watching this again 3 hours later cause I was blazed earlier and it sounded like you were talking in fish

  62. Colt Kesselring

    Everybody in this thread better goddamn vote.

    1. Anastasia Schenkel

      @ksw33n3y so your asking Trump or Trump? I'm voting for the hamster.

    2. ksw33n3y

      For who? The corporate backed senile conservative with a rape allegation and no real policy to enforce except whatever benefits him and his wealthy donors or Trump?

  63. Matthew Truitt

    This show is creepy. Watched this with the lights out and had to stop to turn on all the lights. The nightmares will still come. That voice

  64. delara Karkani

    the little hamster is so so so so adorable and smart. thanks John

  65. Rudy

    Who wouldn't love to have the economy open by Easter?

  66. Bob C

    The simple fact, which has been proven true through all of Trump's failures, is that trumpies/conservatives just don't believe there is a problem. Remember, they pay attention to "alternative facts."

  67. John Mooney

    Glenn Beck for governor KOG

  68. Bettina Zatuchni

    Until I heard the buffoon talk 🤢🤮🤮he is incapable of handling this crisis . Too many needless deaths ...their blood is on Trump’s hands!! As a physician on the front lines , seeing patients , I say to Trump “WTF” !!!!

  69. Helgali

    Brazil is suffering from the same problem. Bad leadership. Thank goodness for the governors. This could be even worse.


    India doesn't need your highly propaganda and miss leading opinion...!

  71. Kathy B

    If those elderly conservatives want to go out and try to jump start the economy on their own, have at it. If they croak, things will go much better in November. They just better not impose their stupidity on sane people.

  72. JHOT 247

    john oliver should really get some balls if he's gonna run a show rather than read from a script in which he's given, it's a fact that the tap water not to mention tons of other foods and products have endocrine disruptors and all sorts of chemicals, it's there because it's supposed to be there, a study that's been done and the only people who laugh at that are the ones who aren't educated, and if you're too dumb or too lazy to actually read, simply observe your environment, have you seen the amount of homosexuals and transgenders in the past 10 years? it's actually if a bomb went off that's how blatant it is, my problem is with these hosts who are basically traders, any asshole who sits there and shovels you lies is a real piece of shit and that borders on treason, stop promoting the agenda and start informing americans, stop being cowards

  73. Christopher Kirby

    I guess the hair dyer wasn't essential.

    1. Christopher Kirby

      So, I spoke too early...

  74. iantazelaar

    Skipped every orange man bad dead horse beating and made it through this 20 min video in under 5 mins.

    1. ksw33n3y

      iantazelaar “i can’t handle any criticism of the president” God damn you’re a fucking sensitive snowflakes. Shit, I critiqued obama all the time. Everyone did. But you guys are always crying about every transgression. Stop projecting and accept valid criticism, dude. Fuck.

  75. Jonas Davies

    OMG the "not even remotely the point magazine" also contains Hitler: Nice to his dogs and Is there a gender wage gap in child labor?

  76. kidzOne

    Use Turmaric

  77. Patrick hatch alm

    Well if he hadnt been distracted by the bogus impeachment crap he had been able to focus more on this reall issue. Used to like your show but this is pathetic Borders were shut down from kina in jan and then from europe. You havent seen whats been done in the background pushing of the fda aprovals. Get a fucking batshit grip of yourself

    1. ksw33n3y

      So you’re sayings Trump can’t focus on more than one thing? Oh and that impeachment made him cut the CDC funding and not replace the pandemic team in 2018? When are you guys gonna stop blaming others for your fuck ups? You sound like those SJWs ya’ll bitch about so much. Everyone makes mistakes, dude. Even tdump. Get your head out his asshole.

  78. Ethan May

    Millions of people already are broke and hungry John. We have to live with the virus and move on. 7,500 Americans die every day

  79. Raezzor Daze

    How the fuck are you gonna sit there and talk about sickness, debt and poverty and keep a straight face as a conservative?

  80. Leo Mount

    Damn this aged well.

  81. Roselie Kane

    Just do the math....if you can, that is. There are 332,000,000 people in the US. Give or take a few. Approximately 70% - 80% of the populace will get infected. Of these, 20% to 25% will require hospitalization. Of those hospitalized approximately 50% will require ventilation. Ventilators that we do not have, mind you. And it's not like hospital beds and medical staff are unlimited. Good news is there are plenty of refrigerated tractor trailors that will not be transporting frozen produce.

    1. ksw33n3y

      If only there was so way we could have started preparing back at the end of December instead of dilly dally around for 2 months....

  82. David Lee

    Can we Contain Covid-19 without Locking-down the Economy?

  83. Mary Woll

    And now republicans are the slavers

  84. dragonicmonkey7

    I love watching this script get played to no audience because he still pauses for the laughter he's not getting.

  85. jihane

    I’m shocked !! for fuck’s sake how did Americans elect did sorry excuse of a human trash !!! you can’t do any worse then this you fucking idiot of a president !!! as a nurse in Morocco im so sorry for health professionals in the united state and some people in the us ...sorry to say but the level of stupidity and cluelessness is outrageous !!!! it’s sad to see it in politicians !!! Not every thing revolves around you and your economy , in fact the best way to get back to a stable economic state is to listen , again fucking listen to what health professionals are saying !! when you live in a country that want to constantly stay on top and keep the stock market going even at the expense of it’s own citizens and a president who worries more about the polls then actually doing his job and help the people who are doing their best in the frontlines i always taught that America was a great country after all that’s what the media says all the time projecting a non stop propaganda but that’s completely false I’m glade I’m not in the us the system is just way too cruel and being an idiot seems to be the trend there anyone can be a president or a governor even if their performance is so humiliating and just shockingly idiotic !! I hope the us will get through this 😔 as always good work john 👏🏻

  86. Aluzky

    Now we don't need Thanos. XD World need less humans. Just a few days of humans "shunting" down has improved nature so much by reducing pollution. Imagine if earth had a few billion humans less :D I know it suck that people die, but it suck more if earth becomes more overpopulated and it dies along with 100% of humanity. Thanos is right, we need less humans.

  87. Lucian Fox


  88. Cecil Gordon

    I posted this link on facebook. It was removed

  89. David Musial

    If you get sick do like I did think 4000 mg of vitamin C every 15 minutes for an hour or until symptoms subside then take vitamin C as needed afterwards

  90. Robbie Black

    I enjoy just hearing your voice although I miss the audience laughter.

  91. Gabe Good

    8.1k down vote trump retards who should be placed in one place locked in and left on their own

  92. gusmonster59

    3-D print ventilators. Come on people with printers, get it on! And shame on the companies/people who are using this to make themselves richer. And Biff is an idiot. A complete and total idiot.

  93. M S

    U.S. could face 200,000 coronavirus deaths, millions of cases, Fauci warns...that is .05% of the US population.

  94. Ulrich Esser

    Well Beck arse hole, of you go. I'll send you the razor blades, shit stain.

  95. bluegold21

    Guns and masochistic bears in media are a brilliant way of promoting guns and masochistic bears. Is there something wrong here!?

  96. DyingToLiveForJesus

    Isaiah 55:6-7 NIV Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. [7] Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts. Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them, and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

  97. kpop halmeoni

    At this very moment trump is practicing his signature for all those checks from the treasury..Never, ever wonder why trumps grand daddy was kicked out of germany.

  98. murse83

    I like most of your stuff. But the truth is humans are social creatures. They touch and hug. Obviously it should always be consensual. But from a mental health perspective, people go batty (both men and women) when they are not sure what they can or can't do. The truth is the problem is communication. People need to openly freely communicate with each other about how they feel or what they think. We need to get away from the puritan values as they are extremely destructive on peoples.

    1. murse83

      A lot of the things he is saying are bad is based off if Puritan values and fear of sexuality.

    2. murse83

      It is clear John Oliver doesn't have much of a concept of psychology, sociology, and anthropology. Maybe he should take some courses.

    3. murse83

      Also, the failure to see that people CAN be manipulated for personal and often are needs to be thought abouts. Just look at the tourist videos of foreigners in india. There are a whole lot more selfish people in society then you are giving credit for. What we need is a culture change.

  99. Ronin 84

    Fake news. This is a giant political hoax!

  100. twicebitten thasme

    Should we have expected more from a lying, narcissistic demagogue? Or the sycophants who swear he isn't the worst thing since syphilis? This country has been going to shit for years and trump is the boil on top of that steaming pile. Remove him and not remove the traitors like mcconnell, barr or the others does nothing because the steaming pile remains! We need a leader. Sadly, we haven't been offered any from anywhere...except maybe putin or winnie. We need to stop the adoration of the rich and start finding the best QUALIFIED. Until that happens, we have nothing. Great video, as always. Thank you!