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  1. draconic flame

    why are u mean to the cats????

  2. Blue Phoenix888

    Felix, those lava walkers can be saddled like pigs

  3. Emmanuel


  4. Samantha Mendoza

    Everyone who plays mincraft : the new mob is sow cute in the nether Pewdiepie: everything that walks on lava DIES

  5. d j

    Ummmmmm can we talk abt how Felix just hung a black sheep?

  6. Marsh Crawmer

    Bruh nice OCP fuzzy

  7. Kevin Mika

    is mayonnaise related to instruments!

  8. CHOW CHI HOI [4D06]周致愷

    ur stupid pewds u need netherite and a smithing table not nether brick

  9. FizzWindz

    When Pewds sounds more like a Ghast than a Ghast 13:48

  10. OMG Networks

    When you figure out that pewds still haven't found any natural occuring fossil in overworld.

  11. xBlackDragonx73

    Netherite/Ancient Debris spawns in chunks you haven't been at.

  12. Ismael b


  13. Swanky

    “I’ve been trained in the Viking arts of kungfu!” Says while firing a very futuristic pistol.

  14. Carrie Leung

    Pewdiepie pixelings has Sven

  15. TikiMario

    I am epic now i got the thing

  16. rosenberry

    It seems like there r no pro gamers in jubilee videos, cuz none of them play Skyrim, Diablo, life is strange+ life is strange before the storm, dead by daylight ect. It seems like they’re all fake

  17. Mantra

    Do a video with tobuscus please!

  18. TaEq Tirenx

    Petition for pewdiepie to resummon the ender dragon

  19. Panlook


  20. van johnson

    I'm named van

  21. נדב עוזיאל

    כאן ישראלי

  22. Bearded Dolphin

    10:43 brazil is cool and strange why am i here?

  23. Orson Mantelli-Rogers


  24. Alyssa Macias

    0:20 🥺❤️

  25. Unforgotten's 98

    Where's ur Ikea Ship?

  26. Sharon Bean


  27. Secret User

    11:17 me when watching anime

  28. Shadow StrikeS

    Let me share a story If anyone knows the game where 1 person says a word then the next person and so on. Here is what my year 6 class came up with: Alabama is dead dinosaur That’s all I remembered

  29. Toby en de kuffols

    Pewdiepie: you mean nothing to me Piglin: ok boomer

  30. Nicholas Fehl

    If I comment on a video, would my comment always appear at the top for me? Because I commented something on iDubbbz's video and I can no longer find it. I tried editing it, and it said "you were unable to edit this comment". So, I just discarded my changes. But now the comment is nowhere to be seen, so I'm guessing he deleted it immediately?

  31. EverythingTech

    Why is it 480p

  32. Wonderland_War Gaming

    Switch to dislikes everyone...

  33. Lil Cartelito b

    Pews used to clap alot

  34. Sloop

    i like felix’s yellow submarine beat box cover

  35. Jack Bíliný

    Felix how to holocaust 2020 :)

  36. Clenz_Ruled

    Pewdiepie:*sees nether brick*. Also pewdiepie:NETHERITE

  37. iiDizzy

    Damn.. this is a year old.. that’s crazy.

  38. Mohammed Affan

    8:50 pewd not realising he got bricks

  39. Joskadel

    I guess I'm a Philippinean now.

  40. Polvilandy Zola


  41. Waterbacon 24016

    Nether brick

  42. Tman Weeden

    I’m wearing a shirt with a piece of cheese taking a picture saying say people

  43. Grant Nuttman

    You can smelt gold ingorts and get ancient debrees

  44. Mawin Boonnantakul

    you have to go under lava to get the nether right (I can't spell)

  45. Polvilandy Zola

    Very good Man.more onde subscribe😀😀😀

  46. Sam Warren

    Yes book review.

  47. Paul Irwin

    Pewdiepie: *kills all striders* Also Pewdiepie: *Goes up to baby hogling* can I ride you?

  48. Dylan Droll

    Lmao leafy made a video and great vids as always pewds

  49. Lyxmi

    Petition to mass breed sheep and use their wool to completely rebuild the meatball

  50. OmniXhydro _

    Felix has gone off the deep end here😂

  51. Khulud Syeda

    Pewds I'm waiting for your uploads soo patiently everyday cause I'm enjoying this soo much Thank you pewds for making me laugh and for posting consistently I hope you have a good day💕💕

  52. Allison Holmes Collis


  53. AJThePerson

    notice how the castles are seen less often and broken down I think the ancient ruins are ruins of the castle and the spawn near castles.

  54. SSM64

    15:09 just pause and look at the items


    9 04 lol

  56. hannah george

    *tunnel opens* im intrigued video ends :0

  57. Felix Sean Mark Fischbach

    Sad Striders 1 like to dis video=1 Strider save

  58. Your mom

    Pewds with nether brick is the new keemstar with diamonds

  59. WeAre Bored

    “mwah” - pewdepie

  60. Nelson Abel

    Idubbbz is not really a simp I think that idubbbz is still a massive legend

  61. CallMeCoral

    Felix playing Minecraft single handedly destroyed shit nite for quite a while

  62. Hannah-Violet Granger-Weasley

    Jack Black: talking about minecraft and mozart Felix: slowly looking confused.

  63. Charbel Raii

    I'm a damn lightskin and turned out to be more racist nigga out there

  64. Master Feng shui

    Why pewdiepie its hurt my feelings im from Malaysia

  65. JaCøB GøMeZ


  66. lil gibby

    S I m p

  67. Goat King

    The student of MUMBO JUMBO!!!

  68. Anirvin Kotaru

    Kill Deep and Alabama and brainwash Sven


    Don’t kill death striders! 🤣 You can put the saddle to them and you can ride on them

  70. Lizie134 Monte

    I think pewds has been in the game to long he’s turning insane

  71. lolxdfolt

    Vice is a siiiiiiiimp

  72. Lui Shirosagi

    I dont want to watch the last episode in which Lee died because my emotional hormones cant handle that Again.

  73. Zeus Labiste


  74. Joshua Navarrosa

    I laugh a lot when you saying ayron. 🤣🤣🤣 Lol

  75. Chase Melvin

    Why you treat Alabama, who is a freak of nature and shouldn’t exist, better than you treat Sven

  76. JerhonJames Carlos

    WHY YOU HARASS SVEN THE CAT?YOU NAMED HIM SVEM THE CAT RWMEMBER?YOU HAVE SMALL PP AND RUDE TO SVEN THE CAT! Edit:The one that is in Lava u suppose to ride them using saddle and fungus on stick or someting

  77. Commander Attom

    Least viewed pewdiepie video

  78. Kamackey

    Makriplier is ripp off of pewdiepie felix shellburg and should go to jail with jacksetiiceye irish man

  79. Nikolai Pelikan

    Leafy? Leafy what? Is she a tree?

  80. SanResu


  81. party torchwick

    Hipity hopity you try to kill me your my property. Pretty catchy i can make another song with this Thanks for the idea for a new song There for i will get tuber simulator subscribe and give you a shout-out on my YT channel Great job 👍👏

  82. Cole Meinecke

    pewdiepie is 2 minutes in and hes immediatly like IS THAT A CAN OF BEANS!

  83. Denislav Karnolski

    Read data entries in your pda!!!!! if you don't read them you can't finish the game This isn't anything like Minecraft

  84. dankey dolphin

    This whole comment section is unoriginal as hell 😂😂


    Pewdiepie needs to go back to cursing Swedish