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  1. YT_DesertRose 2019

    PlayStation when will you make a PS4 Celebration Pack for fortnite

  2. Bape gotenks

    How was this game so underrated??

  3. Possibly Retarded

    Rip Papa Nier

  4. Muhamad Haziq


  5. シANDROMEDA スホゞ

    Koga+sup= Corvus

  6. CBET

    Woow this looks like PS5 graphics)) PS4 next gen

  7. anime is good

    How much is it gonna be

  8. Sebastian Ramos

    we as a community should make a game mode where people play the game like they played the campaign, very careful aiming everything with heartbeat sensors, but no camping

  9. J Will

    Gameplay much???

  10. Juicy Jew

    Everyone joking about john wick but habe you seen the scene in the new hellboy movie with the house? It just reminds me of that

  11. Yung Donut

    Easily the best cod since bo1

  12. plasma-spirit 07

    When is new games becoming free monthly?

  13. GamingCanBeFun

    He messed up in his speech. Im surprised no one caught it. 17:10 - 17:20. He said "simple, uuuuuh similar". 😬

  14. Qwerty Bastard

    Wifu potential seems kind of low.

  15. Magnum Opus

    2020 is a awesome year for gaming! Final fantasy 7 remake, persona 5 Royal, cyberpunk 2077 and all the greats that's dropping. So glad I'm an awesome saver of money cause I'm gonna be spending quite a bit.

  16. Bryson Tucker

    Still doesnt look like this tho

  17. CityHunter 970

    Can y'all just port this game to ps4? Please

  18. Christopher SG

    available only digital?

  19. Aria Pour


  20. ZeroBionic

    Why am i watching this??? I haven't even finished the 3rd game yet...

  21. ma70er

    Nice! The Kazama pair will finally be complete.

  22. King Overseas

    No wonder you felt you had to share this with us! If this is the standard one can expect from the OST then I am very much looking forward to the main game, way, WAY more than I already was.

  23. DamageXcaling

    Naoki Oikawa-sama

  24. NineS

    Let’s make this successful so Drakengard 3 can get the same treatment.

  25. Donovan Pitt

    Does anybody know what the trailer music is?

  26. WLINX11

    I totally love this song!!!

  27. Aussie Muffin

    even now this trailer gives me goosebumps

  28. Sultan Nasser

    I’ve not had the chance to play uncharted, so I’m glad to have it now.


    I got mud runner and all it was was missions I couldn’t even do free roam

  30. Mrj Va Muriz

    If this game was released in 1900, this would be a masterpiece

  31. Dekukun V.

    Is SMITE still a thing?

  32. Binh Quach

    lol i did not want to see that

  33. Golden Meastreo

    Does it support the G29?? Guys can anyone answer

  34. cralo

    i dont care xbox is better

  35. Traplolihunter

    Hey remember that part where they buffed gigas



  37. Alex Bou hadir

    58 days left

  38. FishyPlays

    I can't sleep now cuz I'm to exited

  39. NoVa DaRkK

    Oh it’s available at April 7th it says at the end of the video

  40. Sokratis Anagnostopoulos

    I literally bought the game for like 4 euros which equals to a coffee with a sandwich in my place and it is amazing so far

  41. KJDJ

    Who knew the guy was the new champion

  42. amine med

    sony you the best🖒👏

  43. Czaderblader

    Come on, better upgrade (issue the patch) Driveclub! After you disconnected the servers it notifies about it every race start!!!!! It's extremely unprofessional!

  44. budz

    Still waiting for fallout 4

  45. Hau Games

    I love this game 😁

  46. Zorin

    0:50 well there's the 7th

  47. He He

    Leaked May 2020: Uncharted the lost legacy and sonic games.

  48. Carlos Gomes

    this is real, this is getting real!

  49. Pichuribs

    visitem o canal no youtube Pichuribs curtam se escrevam e compartilhem.

  50. Pelu 24

    Está en oferta! :D

  51. Azuyal Aka Good

    Can't wait for mine

  52. Brian Brown

    Looks like code vein. Honestly if these games looked like the openings I enjoy them a lot better.

  53. Azuyal Aka Good

    Cait wait for mine

  54. we are now earth

    How do they not have a built-in flashlight

  55. N1ce Dreams

    Wow this game is overpriced, the dlc cost more than the game. That's gonna be a pass.

  56. touchmepickles

    How do you mute players on Xbox One?

  57. Данил казак

    Странно, но красиво

  58. Isaias Pereira

    Seiya mitooooo!!! 💪🕶🇧🇷

  59. Данил казак


  60. Ted429 Gaming

    Trash PlayStation 💩

  61. Kcsmudiraj Robotic


  62. Theeradech Thasakhon

    Lol Iam playing number 3 right now, so this make my day

  63. Nathaniel Fernandez


  64. Arthur Pinto

    @Girlfriend Reviews ! Make a Days Gone video please !!!

  65. Gatoman 60

    PS Now abril?

  66. Damien Scott

    That’s my playah potna from Master of Disguise 👌🤓😂🤣

  67. Fiend Nihilo

    The end and the beginning is here.

  68. night hawk

    Whats the name of the song???

  69. Giordan Mangiliman

    Thinking if I should preorder the collectors edition so soon. We don't even have the exact release date yet. Hmmmm. 🤔

    1. Shiori

      Already preordered . Nisa collectors are always limited ahaha. I am unable to get cs III LE so i ll be getting this

  70. Anderson Vladimir García Olivares

    Estoy muy Orgulloso, mexico 😍

  71. Loading

    Nothing interesting

  72. SKULLX Cracker

    Guys i have a question do this ps plus games expire or not ?

  73. SKULLX Cracker

    Hey i have a question do this ps plus games expires

  74. god

    man when my ps sub expired and i thought i had some free games to play. i was wrong, those fckers were disabled until i renew the sub so technically these games aren’t free. sooner or later sony will run out of freebies

  75. Angel Ponce

    This game also might even win a game reward for best hack and slash game of 2020 lol in my opinion

  76. Jeremy Yu

    I'm excited for this game. It's like if Solid Snake was a samurai ninja

  77. Angel Ponce

    Me sees this trailer for 20 seconds: Me:stop it I'm satisfied enough take all my money and for dlc also take all my money

  78. Michael C. Main

    Another Mitsurugi...wonderful.

  79. lonecourierjoeyV2

    I do wish we got the favela outfit for ghost (or the loose ends one) but i appriciate the stealth scuba look

  80. trashy umbrella


  81. Phil Knew

    I'm done for today...gonna play through the whole TLoH series again now so Imma be ready for 4 on release.

  82. pablo chiarelli

    It would be better the online for free during the quarantine

  83. jose viscarra

    Alguien de 2025?

  84. PhAnToMdAnCeR XXVIII

    I hope they won't mix more Greek and Norse mythology...... It gives me weird feelings

  85. solisium

    Matchmaking doesn’t work. Almost 7 minutes and still nothing

  86. Brandonbarrantesm Barrantes

    Alguien en 2020?

  87. luciano perea

    Japanese dialogues are better.

  88. Plus Ultra

    Where dark souls trilogy in ps?

  89. Kaba the Ugly Cat

    When you can't beat the enemies in your arc so you need help from previous protagonists. ESTELLE <3

  90. Person Clark

    I thought it said baby yoda...

  91. Хочу домой

    Hello, I would like to suggest that you give away one of the two games of South Park and middle-earth: shadows of war next month.

  92. Lords kratos


  93. Chyswar

    Meh the grahics is not better than most anime android games.

  94. Alejandro Velasquez

    ¿ nathan ?

  95. JT


  96. jazzyjoe 23

    3:00 her true Ellie form is shown here! Tell me that’s not ellie😂

  97. alex rockzz

    I want PS4 for free can't afford give me but I'll make review plss

  98. alex rockzz

    I want PS4 for free can't afford give me but I'll make review plss

    1. alex rockzz

      @King Knight is best Knight student thou

    2. King Knight is best Knight

      Work for it.

  99. Daniel

    Can't wait to see someone speed run this with a donkey Konga Drum set

  100. cuddlypanda 928

    I wanted to watch the trailer and its not letting me sadly